1. “My political ideal is democracy. Let every person be respected as an individual and no person be idolized.” -Dr. Albert Einstein, 1930

    1. @Chopper “I’m sure it’s unbiased journalism’
      ofc it’s not, you silly, silly, person.
      the committee isn’t journalism, it’s an investigation.

    2. In 1868 Andrew Johnson got himself written into history for eternity as the 1st US President to be impeached.
      In 1998 William Jefferson Clinton got himself written into history for eternity as the 2nd US President to be impeached.
      In 2019 Donald John Trump got himself written into history for eternity as the 3rd US President to be impeached.
      In 2021 Donald John Trump got himself written into history for eternity once again, this time as the as the 1st US President to be impeached twice.
      A tremendously bigly lasting legacy to leave behind for the history books 😂

    3. President Reject Trump: “How come everybody keep calling me orange, it makes absolutely no sense.”
      “I’m NOT orange.”
      “I’m peach.” 🍑

    4. Person Woman Man Camera TV
      My oh my, so mom was right all the time.
      I am evidently a stable genius.
      And I get extra points because I got it in the correct order.
      This is tremendously bigly, I have definitely deserved a tiny little snack right now.
      I’m gonna order myself two dozen hamberders 🍔with a gallon of fresh lukewarm covfefe 💩on the side 🎃

  2. Whole world knows this story now – not just the USA. What an awful way to be remembered by history – stupid, evil, selfish – obsessed by his own power!!! One of the most amazing events in history and he will be without doubt be remembered as one of the worst villains in history!!!!

    1. @Michael C Let’s go low and work our way up

      Do you think adultery is a moral crime? You know like having an affair with pornstars while married

  3. Ever notice that when Trump is photographed with his face in repose, he looks absolutely malevolent? Very creepy!

  4. I loved how the committee showed the infamous photo of Josh Hawley with his fist raised in solidarity with the crowd……..and then running from them in a hallway.😄😄😄

    1. @BILLY According to the Lincoln Project, it took him an hour to film that 3-minute speech. They’re trying to get the out-take film and I’m sure they will use it well!

  5. But but what’s in it for meeeeee 😫 Trumps response to everything. American Lives threatened or lost, America’s Democracy and Constitution are inconsequential to his personal gain.

  6. I wish these panelists would interrupt each other a little more often so we can’t hear ANY points someone wants to make.

    1. Trumps legacy was and will always be as one of the best presidents of America due to the outstanding economy we had under him, the best border protection, and not trying to take our rights away.

    2. @Red Skywalker Every accusation from a Trumper is a confession of their own guilt.
      *Every* time.
      *No* exceptions.
      Now, go work on your trolling technique. First, you have to worm your way into some sort of superior moral high ground. Which is why Trumper Trollers always fail. They wouldn’t know a moral if it bit their face off.

  7. I remember a story about a father taking his young son to watch Nixon leave DC on Air Force One after his resignation.
    The father, a Nixon supporter, told his son that this was a proud moment for America.
    Because our peaceful transfer of power is what makes the U.S. great.
    I think of that story with every inauguration. As disappointed as I was when Trump won, especially with the stories of Russian interference, I also felt proud of our democracy. In our peaceful transfer of power.
    I’ll still think of that story with future inaugurations but I’ll probably just feel sad.
    I can’t believe that the guy with a comb over and a reality TV show did this to us.

  8. Amazing that the panel here talk about how “everyone knew what Donald Trump was”. Didn’t those panelists and journalists also know? I don’t think they ever came to grips with the concept that he’s a psychopath and, to him, that behavious is “normal”. It’s not depravity from the perspective of watching a psychopath; it’s simply how their minds operate and what we all should expect of him. And use as an example of why one shouldn’t vote for a psychopath.

  9. playing Bannon’s confession at the end was smart, he described Trump’s whole criminal plan in 3 sentences. Better than having him actually testify.

    1. Yes, and he’s another one of those self obsessed with his own importance,
      He is beyond disgusting

  10. Enough already!!! None of it matters unless the main perpetrator is held accountable, now! If the head of DOJ won’t do it he needs to be replaced with someone who will.

  11. “. . . but of depravity.” – isn’t that the keynote of the entire Trump administration?

  12. “Any other group” is correct. He once said:
    “Once the looting starts, the shooting starts”.

  13. How can we the citizens even allow this dictator to run again? If he isn’t prosecuted for his crimes…he will want to run again. That scares me that he seems to be able to get away with anything. Please hold him liable for all his crimes….

  14. One of the many elephants in the room, understandably overlooked: Don Jr, when asked by what he meant when he texted Meadows “have to go to the mattresses”, he said (to the effect of) “We have to do something if we want to win….”. This says to me there was indeed a plan to win and Don Jr knew about it. Win the election or win the insurrection? I say the plan was to win the insurrection.

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