“Not My Fault” Says MP Mikael Phillips – September 1 2020

"Not My Fault" Says MP Mikael Phillips - September 1 2020 1


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11 Comments on "“Not My Fault” Says MP Mikael Phillips – September 1 2020"

  1. Don’t believe this. After 4 years the folks in the area just hearing this… sound just like his father sleepy. Decades old and if PNP been winning that seat all now you can’t get the ppl water?

  2. And the people are just hearing this a day are 2 before the elections. Poor. That’s how the PNP works

  3. This guy is filled with crap coming from his mouth. If he is the member of parliament for the area, how comes he has no power to pressure the government for what his constituency needs?? Damion Young is correct to say he’s ineffective. He’s always quick to lash out at the government to the point where he doesn’t even realize that he’s not working.

  4. Politicians are turning politics into a Dynasty type thing where you step down and gove the kingship to your first Son. Not a good look at all.

  5. Telijah Richards | September 2, 2020 at 3:01 PM | Reply

    The only bag ago pack a Fi yuh. Try harder cuz u cah win him.

  6. If you’re a politician and you have not fixed the problem, whom then to be blamed? If he has not fixed the problem since the last election, what if the PNP is not elected but he is, this means he will not get the issue recertified and it would mean that this man just wasted time getting paid for doing nothing?

    Pure excuses this ineffective guy is giving. Just throw him out. Him wutless like the leader of his party, him pupa.

    As the MP, he is in the capacity unlike the mayor to get the people water. It’s his responsibility and obviously, he failed because he didn’t try. He’s over his head in politics that he could’t deliver.

    • This one long paragraph sir shut up they are the same none of them don’t better when one party in power and start something when the next party win it stop so stop the nonsense

    • LOL.

      You either have no sense or you’re a minion.

      “Shut up!?” If you don’t like my opinion, tough luck sucker. Get a brain. Better yet, understand English before you response. Work on your run on as sentences if you want to be taken seriously. That was more than a paragraph. And, if you are a party loyalists you’re a fool. People are supposed to use their best judgment. Why keep voting for the same people who get nothing done? Country over party, you nitwit.

      You don’t sound intelligent at all. Ignorant.

  7. Like Father… like son…Its in the PNP DNA to blame others for their incompetence

  8. Jamaican is Jamaican so I don’t what all of them talking about

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