1. Trump needs to arrest Jagdeo and Iafram Ali with his long list of criminal charges just to be fair!

  1. Harmon responds,,, Victims of Oppression , , Raciest remarks ,,Not good for Multi Ethnic Country,,,, Forgot that 15000* Indians ,,, AFC,,, supporters help APNU in 2015,,,Moses now comes the Sacrificial Alter ,,,,,,,!

  2. Granger and APNU rigging cabal has nowhere to go. They love it in Guyana where they are “massa.”
    We are not dealing here with normal people with moral values and fear of condemnation but an entity of dark forces enabling men to lustful greed and power at the behest of the weak and poor.

  3. Not only visas to be sanctions for all this crooks theives their money and assets too .This crooks are saying they don’t care for visa and don’t want to travel.

  4. Anytime there’s oil involved it’s always a blessing and a curse. I firmly believe they’re forces at work here above the political parties but a deep rooted global interest in the resources of Guyana.

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