1. “There are five dangerous faults which may affect a general: (1) Recklessness, which leads to destruction; (2) cowardice, which leads to capture; (3) a hasty temper, which can be provoked by insults; (4) a delicacy of honor which is sensitive to shame; (5) over-solicitude for his men, which exposes him to worry and trouble.”
    ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

    1. No soldier should have to suffer and die just so Biden and Putin can get rich on an unnecessary war. “But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition” (1st Timothy 6:9, KJV). Even so, come, Lord Jesus! Establish the Kingdom in Jerusalem, and keep the world safe from Democracy!

    2. @Republicans that didn’t vote for trump You’re fortune telling I am afraid. We’ll know what’s going to happen when it happens.

    1. @Randy Boone dude what? Have u even seen china’s response? They hate us and basically scoffed in our faces. Tf are you talking about? No one respects America

    2. Explain the large donation of American weapons and aircraft to the Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan.Can you explain why the US forces fled in fear from Afghan terrorist?

  2. UN should start a surrender corps, there can go into conflicts and soldiers can surrender to them and be secured under international laws for POW’s.

    1. The Ukrainians have already said they will send any captured or surrendered soldier back home.

    2. We would need to protect those soldiers for your life. Putin will kill a Journalist. So you know he’d be going have these guys. Wouldn’t put it past him to go after their family.

  3. “You can train an army, you can equip an army, what you can’t give an army is the fighting spirit of the individual soldier”

    They didn’t train or equip them either.

    1. Explain the large donation of American weapons and aircraft to the Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan. Can you explain why the US forces fled in fear from Afghan terrorist?

  4. They seemed pretty motivated to repeatedly hit a theatre that had the Russian word for ‘children’ in large letters outside.

    1. Still waiting to see evidence of dead bodies from the theatre, not a single photo so far. Only a statement from Ukrainian officials that by a miracle people were able to get out alive from the ruins of the theater. What a cheap propaganda.

    2. @shtBlock Has to be Right. Why else would you bother to respond? Muscovite troll. You are losing.

    3. Putin’s army has shown their ineptitude at taking on the Ukrainian army, so now they’re attacking civilians.
      It’s a cowardly admission of their own incompetence.

  5. That can be fixed when he negotiates a 5 or 10 day ceasefire so he can refuel, rearm and replenish his troops to try and finish the job. We cannot let that happen.

    1. I’m not sure they have materiel to re-arm with .Fuels no problem but they were already eating half rotten MREs

    2. @Lawrence Iverson That’s why Putin is begging China for help. It all depends on Xi and whether the CCP were lying when they said that they supported Ukraine’s sovereignty and global stability.

    3. Nah. Can’t rearm them with fighting spirit to kill their Slavic brothers and sisters. It is they who will be finished by Ukrainians fighting for their own soil, on their own soil, be it a month or year from now.

    4. None of that matters if the Russian troops are not motivated. Because there are two types of leadership. The first and the most effective is leadership through consent. And the second is leadership through Force. Forced leadership is effective however the citizens will not willingly follow Forced leadership indefinitely. And this Russian Forced invasion of Ukraine will end in failure because Russia doesn’t have moral influence.

    1. @Owen Mersk funny you say that because within the US CNN is viewed as a left leaning news outlet

  6. Something I’ve not heard anyone mention yet – the thaw is coming. When you’ve seen it in that part of the world you remember it forever – everything changes from snowy hard ground to verdant mud literally overnight. Putin’s force will lose a lot of their advantage when that happens. Vehicular transport gets bogged down. Urban defenders have a mobility advantage over enemies approaching from rural areas. Twice invaders have underestimated the winter in that theater – Putin is underestimating the spring.
    Oh and Ukraine has been getting untraceable deniable munition supplies from ahem anonymous donors funnelled through the black market for months.

    1. “Neutral” Turkey has supplied potential air superiority to Ukraine in a not so subtle way.
      More drones and missiles, please.

    2. Why would you launch an invasion at the beginning of mud season?
      Putin figured it would be a piece of cake.
      I think he is now a marked man. I’ll bet he’s not sleeping very well these days.
      This is his war.

  7. When you don’t know what you’re fighting for and killing women and children, it’s hard to be motivated. It just becomes a “survive till you can go home” scenario. Shades of Vietnam!

    1. @Selix So, we shouldn’t have done D-Day and left Europe under Nazi control. Or perhaps we should have warned the people exactly where we were going to land so they could have gotten out of the way. Brilliant.

    2. @stischer47 my point was that armies are willing to kill a lot of civilians if they believe in the cause, and ‘Nazis bad’ is not particularly controversial.

  8. While I don’t like the suffering, I do enjoy knowing that Russian trolls are eating their words when they asserted that they have the world’s best army. After seeing the war proceed in Ukraine, it’s good to know that from a conventional warfare point of view that Russia really isn’t much of a threat to the countries in the region. It’s quite eye opening that Russia has such huge logistical problems, even though the war is on their border. I hope Putin comes to realize soon that Russia can’t would n this war, and to let the people of Ukraine live in peace.

    1. I follow a number of war nuts online – those guys who know everything there is to know about all-things-military, and there are quite a few ad hoc blogs and webpages springing up to account for events in the war – photos and videos coming out of Ukraine are being scrutinized like crazy and there are guys out there so good at knowing what they are seeing, they can identify Russian tanks and armored vehicles down to the make and model and even variants of each. The chief takeaways: a) Russians sent a ton of older model T-72’s and T-80’s, and examination of photos taken of destroyed or captured pieces show many to be in seriously dilapidated condition – they tapped largely mothballed equipment to pull of this invasion and b) not a single T-90 tank has been seen anywhere in Ukraine. The Russians HAVE NO first-rate equipment available to them in Ukraine.

      I’ve also been busy catching up on projections as to what will happen. Turns out, military organizations have wargamed the invasion of Ukraine so many times, it is universally agreed that there are 15 primary objectives that MUST be achieved in the initial assault before a sustained campaign to take all of Ukraine can begin, and from what I’ve heard, the Russians failed to achieve 13 of these thus far.

      It should be understood too, that the overwhelming majority of gains the Russians HAVE made are in the pro-Russian parts of the country. The further west one travels from the easternmost 1/5 of the country, the more staunchly pro-Ukrainian the populace becomes. If the Russians have largely struggled in vain thus far, then the prospect of the Russians being able to consolidate their gains in the east AND advance west of the Dnipr to complete the conquest of Ukraine is the textbook definition of “fighting an uphill battle.”

      Hitler took 3.35 MILLION troops into battle in France in 1940 (a slightly smaller country with a population of 41M, very much the same as Ukraine in 2022). Putin only brought 190,000, much of it a conscript army, vastly undersupplied, and much of it’s equipment second rate.

    2. @David Himmelsbach First and foremost, the US admitted that it didn’t find WMDs. If it was a cover up, it would have fabricated evidence, something you know very well that a country like Russia would have done. By lying the US could have provided justification for the war, but instead it told the truth. The fact that it admitted not finding any shows that it didn’t create some false flag attack on purpose, which Russia did in Ukraine by saying that the Ukrainians committed genocide against the Russians living in Donbas. Secondly, there were many reasons to believe there were WMDs in Iraq. After all, Chemical Ali had used them on the Kurds in the north before, and under UN inspections not all of the WMDs were accounted for. Sadam himself admitted after getting captured that he tried to deceive the world. He wouldn’t let UN inspectors access to all the sites suspected of having WMDs. He did it because he feared Iran, not the USA, which he never thought would actually go through with the attack. People in Iraq also told US and UK officials that there were WMDS. They lied because they wanted Sadam removed from power. Some US army disposal experts who returned from Iraq also came down from illnesses from exposure to chemical weapons.

      Regardless, even though no WMDs were found, the world got rid of an evil dictator. His sons would have carried on his brutal dictatorship. Even though I think the second war with Iraq was wrong because it lacked UN support, in the long run Iraq is better off than having him and his sons rule the nation for decades to come. In the short run it created a power vacuum where ISIS was able to flourish, but Iraq is now a democratic state. I don’t care what people think, letting the people determine their leaders is better than evil leaders like Sadam and Putin.

    3. @Thetequilashooter1 NOPE. Read the NY Times. WMD were being found all along. The NY Times proudly admitted that they’d been lying all along. It got a full page. I’ll let you Bing for it.

    4. @David Himmelsbach It makes no sense why the US would say it didn’t find any when that was the purpose of attacking Iraq.

    5. @David Himmelsbach I don’t have a subscription to The NY Times so even if I do search I doubt it will let me access the article that you’re referring to.

  9. I am pretty sad Ukrainians don’t translate to English the phone calls of Russian soldiers they have intercepted. Low moral is an understatement when many talk about being cannon fodder, the hundreds of dead soldiers around them, seeing body parts missing, and the lack of leadership. Ukrainians are brave, organized and motivated but they wouldn’t have been able to withstand, slow down and even maybe stop the push of THAT much armor if Russian military were better.

    1. @Sheila Boston don’t be naive..check how parents and wives of those occupants talk and what they say. They’ve lost all morale and humanity.
      But no worries, they gonna pay for it!

    2. @Allegedly Angel yes, I was most shocked by the encouragement to do barbaric things. I can’t believe that women who are mothers, spouses, sisters could utter something so disgusting. I thought I was cured of any romantic notion about humanity but it looks like I was still harboring naive ideas about care for your loved ones and life in general. I know not all of the calls are like that, one or two I heard were pretty normal but the sheer number of the others are making me desperate about the human condition

  10. Things are tough all over, Russian soldiers don’t want this fight, why would they? Tragedy on all sides.

  11. All the credit goes to the Ukrainian soldiers. I have seen good raw reporting on the ground which doesn’t have a tilt. The Ukrainians respect the skill of their enemy, and are attacking them in brave guerrilla ambushes. You can talk about how tactically Russia didn’t win air superiority, Russian soldiers don’t appear to be motivated, how the west supplies the means, drone strikes, etc. BUT it is the brave, pragmatic, defiant Ukrainian soldier and citizen alike who are defending freedom and fighting off the Russians. If not for them, we would not speak of these other variables.

    1. Reminds me of reading”The Winter War” when the Finns fought the Russians with determination and courage!

    2. @Aaron Rose But they did have the will to fight U.S.S.R for ten years (with U.S. support) no army has been able to successfully hold Afghanistan back to Alexander the Great Genghis Khan days they some fighters. Taliban was like the Hatfields vs McCoys they was all family.

  12. The circle in Kiev is completely inaccurate – Russian troops have not gotten over the Irpin river, much further south than the highway west, not taken Brovary or cut off the links south east. It’s not as if there is not significant online open source information on the situation to refer to :/

    1. Just like 80 years ago…
      I have played many a WW2 game…
      Kiev is not an easy nut.
      Not against motivated forces.

    2. The way he was using the smart board it seemed like he was considering reach of weapons into his calculus. It does not make sense to me, but in the sense that it can shut down humanitarian resources and evacuations there is a hint of logic to it. The general did not correct him so I’d imagine it is reasonable at some level. If you surround an area with kill zones it is a wall.

  13. The US knows logistics. That means even getting supplies in a hot zone is something basic the US knows. 😎

    1. Fortunately the Ukrainians who ARE fighting rather than ordering popcorn appear to have learnt things

    2. They do much more, than they ever need tell us.
      That aircraft repair station, is also a landing strip.
      Goodies already in their hands.
      Just be glad pootins lil orange buddy was not around to ask for favors this time.

  14. Those are some brave men in Ukraine! After this war they need to all be remembered & have their names engraved in a wall forever remembered for those that gave their life for freedom! A whole area needs to be dedicated to them. Along with a gravesite. We never seen a 28th ranked military fight one on one against a 2nd ranked military & hold up like this.

  15. “Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable; procures success to the weak, and esteem to all.”
    – George Washington

    1. @Nazri Buang Washington said this, there’s no lie. The only one living a lie is you and your boy Putin, comrade 👌

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