‘Not really a great job posting’: Musk says he’s looking for a new Twitter CEO

Twitter owner Elon Musk confirmed he will step down as the company’s CEO, but only when he identifies a successor, directly addressing for the first time a Twitter poll he created this week in which millions of users voted for his ouster. CNN’s Paul La Monica and Christine Romans report. #CNN #News



    1. Like others twitter is very toxic. However it was being used for political purposes by the liberals and democrats. If there was a way to administer even handed discussions without one party canceling free speech then it should be done. I realize that most that read twitter are very gullible at best, and stupid at worst so misinformation should at least be identified. Still it should be allowed to be on twitter. We allow news networks to publish lies and misinformation all the time and no one is cancelled unless they go against the networks party of support. .

  2. It took billions of dollars and 7 weeks of “Twitter Files” before Musk realized MaGa can’t afford a Tesla.

    1. not only they can’t afford it but they would rather keep spending 100$ instead of 30$ a month just because it makes a vroom vroom sound when they accelerate, yep, they are that stupid.

    2. Musk has realized the ultra mage mega humungo Republicans are the only decent Americans for sure!!!He knows the Demonrats are election rigging pieces of shyt,Bobo.

    3. @generic_republican Remember Dumpy climbing into the cab of that big rig and pretending to drive it and pull the horn like some six-year old? 😂

    1. It’s worst than that! he’s not only foolish enough to be the CEO but he’s the even bigger fool to buy Twitter for twice what it was worth!

    2. @Jeffrey nope, that would be the left and the Dems that lost their mind when he purchased twitter and promoted free speech

  3. What’s funny about this Elon statement is he bought the company. Lol it’s like if it’s so terrible, why did you buy it in the first place? Like a self-own

  4. So glad that he shows his true colors and people do not want to deal with him. Money cannot buy you a sense of class or Style. He is a perfect example. Kicking off journalists ridiculous who is he I don’t care if he has money he’s not God yet or ever.

    1. @Bill Barr there are conservatives and then there are fan addicts of trump. Conservatives are Marjory Taylor green Lauren bobert and other such small minded individuals. I do not agree with George Conway of the Lincoln project very often but at least he talks truth and she talks intelligently. Didn’t have enough guns to please Lauren and I lost my space lasers for Marjorie. Can’t talk to me about conservatives like the proud boys the housekeepers Q Anon and private militias. They seek to do much more damage to our civilization our security our country and our way of life. If you lose now you say it was rigged. Extreme Liberals are not my choice I like people who make decisions based on honest input of facts and don’t try to tell people how to live their lives be in the bedroom and how they should raise their children. And it shows you you have a victim complex how could the left destroy the right. Look at the Republican party today. Lincoln would roll over seven times.

    2. @Bill Barr there is a Irish born reporter that works for CNN and His Name Escapes Me. He was not part for 7 days he was thrown off for good he’s pretty even handed in his reporting. If you are the conservative that supports the behavior of Donald Trump then you’re not a conservative you are a fascist. He is a disgrace to this country he stole files it’s what he hasn’t done. Anyone who votes for him is voting against the concept of democracy.

    3. @Bill Barr my positions are not up for debate. I choose my positions by what I feel is the best thing for us for me and for the future. Nobody’s going to change my opinion my disappointment it’s people I thought could be better is horrible. It’s the old adage so I lied.

    4. @Glorya Kiepper what are you banging on about? seriously, you are all over the place with your meaningless rant.

  5. Perhaps Dr. Oz, Herschel Walker, Kari Lake, Blake Masters, or Bo Hines should apply. They are all looking for new opportunities to damage society.

    1. He scattered his critics to a mixed bag of social media platforms where their voice is much less noticeable, and crippled the main outlet where critical and negative commentary about him and his companies was widely circulated. It was certainly a very costly venture, but he got exactly what he wanted out of it. And now he’s looking to dump the mess onto someone else so it can completely fail under their watch, not his — tho I’m sure he will offer his usual snarky commentary on the sideline.

    2. What are you talking about? Musk has done a fabulous job!! The fact that you liberal wokies are triggered means he is doing great,Jasper.

    3. Given that he paid THREE times what it was actually worth to buy it, I think using the word “genius” to define him is a bit of a stretch! ;-]

    1. @Adam Binnie you have that funny way of saying things out of complete ignorance that makes you sound silly.

  6. He should ask on Twitter if he should also leave Tesla. Would be a reason for me to get a temporary Twitter account.

  7. One thing I could imagine limits his successor pool is that people will have one question: “Am I really a replacement, or just a puppet of the real CEO?”

    1. @John Tyner As I said — the Cheeto has never done a thing to compare to Elon or what part of being a twice impeached failed President don’t you get? Stupid people elected him – Trump didn’t do anything except lie, break the law, ignore Covid and ruin the economy and that’s why he got impeached twice and then fired and now will be indicted. He must be tired of all that losing. Failing is NOT an accomplishment. 🇺🇸

    2. @John Tyner that’s not the flex you think it is. He literally ran the country into the ground and now you lot want to pretend the last year and half didn’t exist. I mean we had a summer of protests… an inseurrection, over 40,000 lies, alienating Allys, a trade war with China require farmer bailouts, a pandemic run amok, unemployment at record highs, over a million dead… come ON

      ALL readily preventible with literal government SOP he ignored

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