Not Surprised Some GOP Senators Left Chamber Early Because That Presentation Was About Lack Of Shame

Not Surprised Some GOP Senators Left Chamber Early Because That Presentation Was About Lack Of Shame 1


    1. @Special People “members present”
      So if 26 GQPee walk out the Senate can convict and prohibit w/just 50?
      I like your reasoning 👍

  1. Some of those GOP members along with the president spewing stop the steal are a clear and present danger to this country, period!

    1. @Aedammair Ornóra Actually only people like your insane self are a huge problem for our country Biden 2024 🇺🇲💙

    1. @Stone Men i dont recall joe biden having an armed militia of lunatics trying to overthrow the United States goverment and murdering cops. But sure keep watching fox trump news

    2. Meanwhile any illegal immigrant committing a felony will not be deported but you all are focused on the dog and pony show… absolute disgrace what’s happening to this country

    1. Yes those on the democrat party incited violence Harris, Maxzine, Scummer, Peloski, they put out inciting to crowds and the democrats did nothing when the states were burning, police officers beaten and literally towns were destroyed cause the democrats did nothing and said they have the right to riots which were bad, and would not allow Trump to call in the National Guard

    2. @Sandra Smelcer
      Democrats and Liberals are HATE FILLED MONSTERS who HATE America and wish its destruction..
      Only armed resistance can save this country from becoming a migrant infested high taxes communist country..🔫🔫🔫🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    3. The 14th Amendment section 3 and 18 U.S. Code Chapter 115 was written specifically for people like these Republican traitors.

  2. Those Dumplicans that walked out of the trial basically said to the American people that they couldn’t care less and showed their contempt for the Constitution, the country, and the American people. They should be stripped of office. Since they would prefer to live in a dictatorship, Putin would probably be happy to have them.

    1. We the people should show them at the polls when they are up for re-election. We don’t want to hear their lies.

    2. They certainly shouldn’t be allowed to vote since they haven’t listened to the evidence. A trial jury can’t just leave when they want

    3. Let’s get them at the box vote them out Josh Hawley Ted Cruz Lindsey Graham Mitch McConnell Majorie Taylor Greene Ron Johnson spread the word they hoping we forget

    1. Trump and his Kool-Aid drinking senators, are traitors to our beautiful country!!!! Payback @ the voting booth in 2022 & 2024

    2. the same people who were cowering in cupboards are now too gutless to do anything about it.. cowards to the core..

  3. Ted, Marco, Josh, Lady Graham and other GOP’s shouldn’t be voting on this round of impeachment. They should be on trial as well.

  4. When the Senators walked out, the proceedings should have stopped until they returned, that or disqualify them from voting altogether. The constitution only requires 51 senators be present to do business.

    1. @Sara Mill : Read the report. It’s the least you should do.
      Votes were not rigged, according to the report. Lawmakers were not bought. There was no funny business when it came to voting machines. Rather, the Time story explains, business CEOs and left-wing activists coordinated closely to influence news media, legislation, state lawmakers, social media companies, and voters via targeted messaging campaigns, get-out-the-vote efforts, and protests. They also recruited scores of poll workers.
      If there was illegal activity in the vote-counting process or anything illegal at all about left-wing activists working hand in hand with business titans, it is not outlined in the Time article. So, you’ll have to look elsewhere for proof of that.

    2. @Aylbdr Madison good ole boy sara’s dont need facts..a messiah figure with bone spurs is wat turns them on..

  5. What the? This just becomes comical – this is a hearing – how do the “jurors” get to just up and leave?????? Disgusting tbh.

    1. @Serafina Calise yes. My flag here in SWFla was stolen by anon neighbor who left a note saying that I don’t deserve it

    2. Amen!…can only hope karma comes to these Senators and their families, supporter, sooner then later. Lines are being drawn

    1. Aren’t they performing as jurors? Since when did jurors just get up and walk out? Rhetorical question. One hallmark of narcissism is the inability to deal with shame, something to do with childhood, tRump is the perfect example. Shame is so important to our humanity, MAGAs now can ignore it, the flip side of their entitlement.

    1. @Richard Barry an impeachment trial doesn’t shut down law enforcement, border patrol, and other agencies that deal with that stuff. The nation can walk and chew gum at the same time.

      Also, did you actually listen to the trial? Because, determining if someone is racist is the last thing that is trying to be determined here. It’s if Donald trump incited a riot, and tried to interfere with the counting of the ballots.

    2. @Daniel Morales Aw what? I missed it! Looks like they deleted their comment😂

      Don’t suppose you took a picture, lol?

    3. @Richard Barry Cheap labor conservative loves illegals immigrants! Trump supporters there in Mississippi don’t like to work for cheap wages. So the chicken processing plants there in Mississippi hired illegals immigrants!

    4. @Sam Crane And they don’t want to raise the minimum wage. “No it needs to be better for me specifically. Don’t help any of the minorities or people worse off than me”. Serves them right. 🤣

  6. Hard to impeach Trump when his co-conspirators are sitting Senators. Rise up. No campaign fund to Senators who were to much of a coward to vote with integrity.

    1. He’s talking to you! If you give them money you are just as culpable for their disrespect of our values.

    1. @Brown Brownn With so many parallels to Revelations in the Bible, looking a lot like the mark of the beast. At least for the trumpers anyway. Think about it, the mark of the beast is on the head(a maga hat) or on the hand(the coin they are so proud to show off). Just saying.

  7. Son: “Hey dad, if the Senate acquits him, does that mean he’s innocent?”
    Dad: “No, son. It means they are all guilty”

  8. Trump said “We love you and you are very special”. Isn’t that giving “comfort and aid to the enemy”?

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