Nothing From Trump On Systemic Racism With Policing Executive Order | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. If t’rump thinks he’s part of the master race, that’s a pretty low opinion of said “master race.” 🤔 😛😝

    1. You must have not read democrat comments , democrats clearly think they are the master race , because they are democrats

    2. ​@Saynoto Socialists Fun Fact: There aren’t enough black republicans in congress to field a doubles tennis team.

  2. I remember when “Systemic Racism” was something only talked about university classes. Now young zoomers are all woke to it and the term is now mainstream.
    It’s really a beautiful thing to see so many people finally accept and acknowledge it.

    1. Ash Roskell sorry that I’m not part of the liberal hive mind and I have a mind of my own. I guess anyone who has a different opinion is either a troll, Russian bot or a trump supporter. I’m actually an independent but I want nothing to do with the democrats because of psycho’s like you and everyone else. You’re all a bunch of lost, emotional empty vessels with no reason or soul and you have to be outraged by every little thing in society.

    2. Now you all have to admit it’s happening in Democrat cities.under Democrat rule for decades.why blame republucans?

    3. AND another Democrat lie. I’m driving in Utah. Right now. It’s snowing. The middle of june.holy smokes

  3. What is systemic racism? I know we throw out that phrase all the time but where is it written in policy or law promoting the systematic oppression of minorities?

    1. r s Okay then imagine I’m not a troll and I’m asking a genuine question (which I am) How would you answer it? Where are the written racist laws and policies?

    2. watch 13th documentary on Netflix and you will learn about systemic oppression and how both democratic and Republican Party are not for black people.

    1. LOL! Has been living under a rock for the past month. I mean really, come on, so killing multiple people is now made up???? KILLING A PERSON IS MADE UP! Are you actually dumb! Racism has been a thing every since white people like you have taken over and people all around the world have dealt with it not just black people as well.

      The definition of racism: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized

      The cops that killed George Floyd decided to put him done because they thought he was some kind of threat that was going to pull a gun out and start firing, this knowledge was based on past experiences and past knowledge.

      You should read this website about racism and how long its has been around

      You probably can’t read so I’ll explain it to you. “Racism was at the heart of North American slavery and the colonization and empire-building activities of western Europeans, especially in the 18th century. ” how is this made up.

      Nice comment kid

  4. Please edit your caption lol in dire need of some ‘grammar fixing.’ And a little redundant.

  5. Most likely the word ”systemic” has been banned by POTUS from being said at the WH, and banned from being said by all Trump Admin people in media interviews. That would’ve been after Trump learned what it meant . . and maybe learned to say it. ‘Shysctemnik’ ?

  6. Ever since Mr. Trump said that he is the law and order president, everyone forgot that he is a criminal.

  7. That law doesn’t help at all. It is absolutely garbage. This is for the pictures. It looks good voor his reelection, nothing more. That’s all that matters. Because he’s going to jail without it.

  8. Well, of course not. What did you expect? Donny has to Keep America Divided Again. He NEEDS that racism. This is an established fact, I hope?

  9. If Trump gets reelected, I will lose all faith in humanity. Probably move to the woods or something.

  10. There is no systemic racism and fake news is very irresponsible for pushing the idea that there is. In America, there isn’t enough racism to keep anyone from being who they want to be. FACT!

  11. I see the comments about systemic racism under Trump. If its systemic, it was there before Trump. Most places with “systemic racism ” and “bad cops” and “bad police chiefs” are in heavy Liberal controlled states. Look at NY and New York City, CA and Los Angeles, MN and Minneapolis, MD and Baltimore, IL and Chicago, MI and Detroit…complete and totally controlled by Democrat governors, mayors, city councils for years. Mayors pick their police chiefs. Problems including riots under Obama, Bush, Clinton but you Liberal knuckleheads cant be honest and accept any responsibility and simply blame your scapegoat Trump. Worthless ideology

    1. Because everything is trumps fault according to the left
      A meteor could strike the earth and it would be his fault

  12. Systematic racism will cause a civil war if not addressed by a sane administration! Trump is just trash & not competent at all to work towards the reversal of all racial divides in the US!

  13. This was a photo op for the obese orange baby, he needed something to hang next to his upside down Bible.

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