Nothing On COVID-19 From Trump In Texas As State Sees 313 More Deaths | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @s 400 You better stay off the drugs my friend. Fauci and Obama created covid? And Trump is blaming China? You are living proof that stupidity in the US is absolutely boundless..

  1. Do you wanna know if Hydroxychloroquine works?

    Let’s look at the facts: The two countries whose presidents love the drug the most, Brazil and the USA, have the most deaths and cases in the entire world. What an amazing drug…

    1. It is an amazing drug. It pokes holes into cell walls. It changes the battleground on which the immune system fights the virus. Is it a change for good or for worse? That’s impossible to predict accurately. The data indicates in real life patients it’s a change for worse.

    2. Hydroxuchloroquine is immunosuppressive agent, uses to treat Lupus. USA and Brazil use this immunosuppressive drug in Covid-19 case that needs much more immune.

    1. I blame his supporters which includes the Republicans , He would have no power if it wasn’t for these mentally constipated simpletons.

  2. when he says “our people” he’s pandering to the white supremacist and the very ignorant.

  3. Did he really say that the democrats are, and I quote: „sick”? Standing without a mask in a room filled with people who should not even be there? That is hysterical! 😀

  4. He just presented himself as a fascist just like Mussolini and Hitler at his beginning time.

    1. @chad Joice Trump was not democratically elected. He was appointed by the electoral college. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a landslide.

    1. @Tommy Nygaard Jensen Learn the English language and then text me back. You need to go back to 1st grade with Trump.

    2. carla mannon – Off hand I don’t think he can do that, I mean pardoning himself or an individual within the administration would mean a huge conflict of interest for which the laws weren’t designed for. I would love to get some input from a couple of lawyers as this posting bring up some interesting point of both the law and people’s opinions.

  5. That’s rich: 5 time dodge drafter with a lifetime history of crime and fraud, preaching to his cult about Patriotism and abiding the Law.

    1. All this illness, death and misery we are experiencing merely annoys him. It eats away at his power, re-election hopes and stock assets so it must be ignored. Everyone else must be blamed. I’ve wondered for awhile how he has been able to get away with such vile behavior. But he has surrounded himself with toadies and sycophants to keep him upright. And of course his Mini-Me children who may well share his devious personality disorders. But watch how people continue to distance themselves from him as he becomes even more undone. John Kennedy was our first Catholic President, Barack Obama our first Black President and now Donald Trump our first Psychopathic President! Only in America!

    1. and now he wants to postpone the election im sure he does because he knows hes going to loose and he cannot postpone the election its the law the gall of him though

    2. @deborah geane he can not decideit alone. He needs the approval of the house, he would need two thirds of approval. Not gonna happen

    3. @Billithekat If this bill to delay the election goes to the House, Nancy Pelosi will declare it *Dead on arrival*

  6. Trump and his followers are indeed sick, emotionally, mentally and physically as Covid spreads.

    1. @Herman ten Klooster IDK about that. Considering how the Nazis looted, moved into and took over Jewish funds. I diffently think greed paid a large part in getting people to follow. Look at Trump.

    2. @Jeni Toten ….151,821 dead in 5 mos! That’s 30,364 per month, 7,591 per week or 1,085 per day. Wow, that’s the first time I ever have broken it down like that, and it’s really scary!😱😨😧

    3. @Paul Ferrante is the population of the town I grew up in. A city of 160,000 dead, empty. That’s how put it in propective. It’s terrifying.

    4. @Jeni Toten Yeah. I didn’t say I agreed with that statement. i said it had been made. Anything can be justified if you hate enough.

  7. He never does anything that isn’t for himself so why the big push on hydroxychloroquine …stock investment? Flush The Turd November Third.

    1. You know hydro is a stock investment! That was reported when he first started being the medicine man. Now he’s got the witch doctor to back him up.

    2. @Lisa Garrison Those and many more! But he has no interest in Harvard’s world medical instant results testing methods. No interest in any tests at all. I’ve asked in the past, what is his intent?
      It’s painfully clear, and it’s being ignored as unbelievable!

    3. were counting on it with everyones help we can get some law and order back in this country and our sanity

  8. I’d say Trump is the dumbest person in existence, but in actuality the people who LISTEN to him are. No functional brain could listen to what he’s saying and hear it as rational.

  9. “These People?” “Our People!” That’s Dividing To Conquer. That’s Putin’s Agenda.

  10. “These people” it’s amazing how divided America is. Now segregation is based on political views. Country full of hate.

    1. @Lonely 1 I mean yes in reality….but literally seeking according to the voter pamphlet for WA. There are candidates where it specifically said Trump Republican Party and others that just say Republican.

    2. Donna Cosey the trump republikkkan party is the new “Whig” party. Soon to be able n the history books.

    3. Lonely 1 Many Republican politicians are starting to shy away from him… to save face. Too slow and too late in my opinion. Only one I got some respect for is Mitt Romney, believe it or not, the _only_ Republican they voted against Trump during his impeachment.

    1. @Lee TV Nope. Some say that Americans have a death wish, which makes Trump the perfect president.

    2. @Lee TV (Edited) Well, technically he has (He’s been impeached by the House of Representatives) but the no one in the Senate was willing to convict a sitting president, not because he’s “innocent,” but we just don’t like to see ourselves as throwing stupid people out of office because they’re stupid. That’s sort of how Senator Portman explained it to me in a letter. Of course I’m paraphrasing. Any normal person would have resigned by now but he faces too many lawsuits, cause once he’s not the president, they’e gonna put a bag over his head and we’ll never see him again. That’s why we don’t “oust” presidents. He’ll be dealt with by other means.

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