Notley blasts Kenney: 'Premier has enabled' COVID-19 surge in Alberta 1

Notley blasts Kenney: ‘Premier has enabled’ COVID-19 surge in Alberta


Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley is calling on Premier Jason Kenney to announce restrictions as COVID-19 cases continue to surge in the province.


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    1. @albertannationalist Absolutely!!! I’m so sick of paying for pensions and thousands of duplicate union jobs with my taxes.

    1. You want to end up like South Dakota or Idaho? No one likes restrictions but trying to live in a fool’s paradise isn’t an option unless infirmity, healthcare capacity and mortality aren’t concerns for you.

      “Sorry ma’am, we have to cancel your life-saving heart surgery because ICU resources are being used for acute COVID patients”.

  1. Oh come on like no one seen that coming. All politicians are playing the follow the leader game. Whatever Thug Fraud gets away with in Ontario the others will cut and paste

  2. What FRIGGING difference does shutting down business do for the Long Term Care Inspectors who were operating under the safety net of the individual provincial unions who refused to look after those facilities?

  3. Just checked the numbers…. Ontario 23,615 and Alberta 21,694 typical opposition LIE….of course she was available to slag Kenny

  4. notley should stop sour graping, help what you can, not put blame on somebody else, we know that if you were in that office you will miserably fail. So better shut up!

  5. Evan spends the first few minutes stating his “expert” denunciation of all things he views Kenny has done. He and Notley are simpatico …. what a surprise!

  6. Just imagine if covid enables her to get back in office. What a parting shot from covid would that be.

    1. That would actually be great. Crooked Kenney and the UCP (still under RCMP investigation) needs to get kicked out of office.

  7. My wife and I along with our newborn baby will soon be homeless. Because of lockdowns I can’t find work. We refuse to go into debt because of the CCP virus. We are currently selling all our belongings on Kijiji to pay the bills. Trudeau Thanks for leaving the boarders open. I will never forgive the Liberal Government.

  8. She didn’t totally succeed as premier at destroying Alberta’s economy. So she’ll screw the premier by screaming to shut it down now. I live in Alberta and I care and take precautions when I go out. All this woman cares about are the union votes.

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