Notley calls Kenney a coward for suspending legislature, tells him to 'get back to work' 1

Notley calls Kenney a coward for suspending legislature, tells him to ‘get back to work’


Alta. NDP Leader Rachel Notley blasted Premier Jason Kenney's COVID-19 response, saying he's 'actively undermined' health measures.


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  1. None of them ever work. If you think the government is going to do anything for you read a history book.

    1. It looks like we really took that bet here, that a McDonald’s manager could do better. Now we all have to deal with Kenney until he’s voted out.

  2. Chinook Center has shoppers waiting inside the mall to get into
    The stores that have reached the allowed limit in Step 1 .

    1. You’re the only one to mention Trudeau, as you needed to attempt to deflect Alberta’s incompetence to him. Failed.

  3. The international flights should have been shut down months ago. That’s how the variants are getting into Canada!

  4. Alberta suffered Notley’s NDP government once, I think once was more than enough. Liberal is a non option, and it’s increasingly hard to see the difference between the Liberals and NDP at the federal level. Is Notley also a Liberal in a NDP costume?

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