1. Never drive again! Especially with all the car accidents & 1 person hogging so much space with the vacant van.

    1. That’s because none of them are originally from Vancouver. They come from places you have travelled to, and think are better drivers.

  2. Headline could be ,” Lack of use of consumers installing snow tires” caused chaos in Vancouver. Plus do you think the city services could have been more proactive on sanding the roads quickly?

    1. @RobboElRobbo Vancouver temps still get below 7 degrees Celsius in the winter which is the point at which all-season/summer tires become significantly less grippy due to rubber hardening in the cold. Even without frozen precipitation, winter tires are the smart thing to do. They are winter tires designed for the cold season not designed solely to tackle snow.

    2. @Westerly Winds pay the $30 to store them at a tire shop or dealer. You’ll save more than that $30/year on your insurance. I think it should be illegal to drive anywhere in Canada without snow tires from Nov 15th to March 15th, specifically cause of stuff like this. Too many unprepared morons on the road these days

    3. @RobboElRobbo That’s true however, ICBC shouldn’t cover accidents that result from snow if you don’t have snow tires.

    4. @Westerly Winds you like possibly getting into a car accident? the accident is not annoying and expensive??

    1. Agree. Its only the lower mainland.
      Lack of snow equipment, staff and lack of preparation. They had months to prepare and do they even have budget for the snow season ?

  3. Why is it BC seems unable or unwilling to accept that they are starting to see more snow in the winter (so you need snow tires) and more hot temps in the summer (so you need AC). It’s called adapting. You should try it.

    1. greg b …….. this has been happening in Vancouver for decades, every time it snows a few inches it pandemonium because all the idiots that think they can drive in snow with summer tires.

  4. This is everyday weather in Canada. Why are we making this big deal, South Alberta has been covered in this for weeks. Winter Tires and check road conditions this time of year.

    1. The biggest obstacle on my way home were spun out buses. Either snow tires weren’t enough to make up for the city failing to salt and plow the roads, or the government failed to install them.

  5. BC drivers truly suck at driving in snow. It’s honestly hilarious to someone who lived in Winnipeg for a decade.

    1. @WolfeCanada Agree. But there is no mandatory winter driving courses that newcomers must take in order to get their 1st license.

    2. Alberta drivers have issues with corners in BC. Perhaps we should have them all take extra lessons.

    1. I haven’t seen this much snow in Vancouver, ever. An inch or two in January happens on occasion. Vancouver has a lot of hills so any snow at all creates chaos, let alone several inches. For the Fraser Valley is may as well be August.

  6. “a whole lot” … Guys, I know it doesn’t snow there often, but I wouldn’t call that a whole lot of snow. Over here in Ontario that’s nothin’. I put snow tires on a month ago. I thought we were Canadian? that sucks, but com’on😆

  7. The rest of Canada sees this and laughs at you guys. Slow down for crying out loud! Use snow tires. What the hell would you do if you got snow like the other provinces? A massive cleanup? Quit describing a daily event in some places as a cataclysmic event for you! It isn’t even a lot of snow! If your citizens cannot adapt to these driving conditions they should stay home. All they do is make it dangerous for everyone else. Period.

  8. This is nothing for Atlantic Canada where I’m from but I understand if you’re not used to it, and not prepared for it, it can cause a lot of havoc.

  9. North of the province and the rest of Canada “Yeah and???”

    Also this happens on lower part of the island as well and snow tires are not magic, you still have to be careful while driving.

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