'Now Is The Time': Texas Democrats Implore Congress To Act On Voting Rights 1

‘Now Is The Time’: Texas Democrats Implore Congress To Act On Voting Rights


Texas State Representative Trey Martinez Fischer talks with Rachel Maddow about the need for federal voting rights legislation to stop state Republicans from rolling back voting rights across the United States.
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  1. I hope that happens!! Abbott is just following others and for What? There was no fraud in Texas!!

    1. _The GQP makes a valid point about the mail-in voter frog. I dunno who this frog thinks he is, but a frog has no business voting. The only way he can do it is by mail, where he can impersonate your old Uncle Grandpa or Aunt Teefa. If a frog showed up at the polls, he’d be locked out. And this is no laughing matter. It’s no longer politically correct to make a poll lock joke._

    2. Actually it was. There’s an interview where one GOP said that if mail in ballots were permitted, Traitor-trump would have lost Texas. That’s shenanigans if I ever heard it.

    3. @janie camacho; Yes, It might have been an AG that blocked mailing out request to vote. It’s ironic an American would want to stifle the vote, when that is who we are!!!

    4. @janie camacho Your comment is the tip of the iceberg. There is video of Trump stating something to the effect that Republicans would never win another election if mail-in voting wasn’t stopped. You know how he would often say the quiet part out loud? I know it is on video and probably not hard to find. And other MAGA weasels have said the same. These idiots don’t know how to cover their tracks, and we still haven’t stopped them.

  2. *_”You’re not the boss of me.”_*
    ~~ GQP, to America _(and reality)_
    _At what point does the GOP stop acting like children?_

    1. @jones Trump will go to prison right around the time donkeys fly. We don’t normally jail people for tax evasion. Ask Al Sharpton, who still owes the IRS millions and is on TV.

  3. So the republican GOPs want to re-invent America into…..another Russia? One successful sweeping suppression will lead to another, and then some more. People has to push back, not only depend upon brave Democrats like those in Texas, as they are tied by the legalities and bipartisanship and whatever in the constitution/Amendments that are not helping democracy at this moment of time.

    1. I’m sorry but Obama and Biden were exponentially easier on Russia than Trump. Russia is not a threat……China is the real threat

    2. @Angela Siegfried also for you to act like Biden isn’t bought and paid for by China is HYSTERICAL

  4. The caring output strikingly identify because value socially detect afore a absorbed sheet. enormous, simplistic jasmine

  5. State employees need to have a full time coffee break in their offices until they get a pay raise!

  6. Why don’t the Democrats just DO this? They don’t need ay Republican votes. I’m calling my Senator first thing on Monday.

    1. if we don’t they plan to bring what they do in the south … nationally. democrats could have won GA long ago if not for cheating and voting suppression. Trump supporters are NOT the majority. We out number them.

    2. Ur side is the only one destroying democracy. Who censors? Who doesnt want honest debate? Ur side. Ur side tries to impose their ideas on others. But you cant tell others what to think. You cant tell others not to think even if you refuse to do so. Ur side hates America, our side wants to defend it. Get it right lefty

  7. Texas folk’s you are good people there and payed the price last winter. All Americans felt your pain you had to deal with. Stand up and get rid of these 45 left overs trying to commit fraud on the voteing Rights. Are you will see Cruze and Abby maybe go to Cancun this Winter .

    1. Thank you. I know many good folks here in TX, but they are caught up an echo chamber of lies told by [mostly] Republican politicians and right wing propaganda from FoxNews and squawk radio. It’s really frustrating.

    2. @J Tex thanks for your reply. Texas is a great state, and deserves better from there government offices. Get two work and put and end to it. The rest of Americans are with Texas.

  8. Just set up a special election for the people,by the people to every citizen. Do you want the “for the people act”to protect your voting rights.


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