NPTAJ & Coach Weigh Champs Pros & Cons – April 21 2021

NPTAJ & Coach Weigh Champs Pros & Cons - April 21 2021 1


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3 Comments on "NPTAJ & Coach Weigh Champs Pros & Cons – April 21 2021"

  1. 1.) I am sure that even if the organizers did tell the NPTAJ all the protocols in place, she still wouldn’t be satisfied.
    2.) Sponsorships aren’t only financial.
    3.) Athletic ability is not linear as academics. Fitness changes rapidly. You would be surprised how much a few months can change an athlete.

  2. John Beefcock | April 22, 2021 at 6:28 PM | Reply

    Without champs I had no chance of getting a degree. After highschool I’d probably go to a call center my parents couldn’t even afford to send me to sixth form. Champs changed my life drastically

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