1. “Come to America: we arm our teachers.”
    “Come to the UK: we don’t even arm most of our *police* !”

    1. @Donald Lamont No, we won’t regulate our guns, and I won’t comply with any regulations. Get bent.

    2. @Donald Lamont, listen up, boy, most other countries don’t have near the diversity of the United States. Therefore they don’t quite have the parts of society that celebrates the subhuman culture of being a criminal. There are a handful of areas that are responsible for the vast majority of homicide.
      Where are you from, boy?

  2. The irony here for me is I’m old enough to remember the protests outside the NRA convention after columbine (keeping in mind columbine happened during the original assault weapons ban) and I think the greatest moment is when Chuck Heston reminded the attendees the protestors rights of free speech were just as important as the 2nd amendment.

    1. Excuse me Sir/Madam
      Are you saved?
      If you died tonight are you going to heaven?
      Jesus loves you

    2. My issues with the whole “guns don’t kill people” and “mental health issues” EVERY time there is a mass shooting.
      I’ll start like this:

      1. I’m NOT in favor of taking guns. There, I said it. Keep your guns. Taking your guns won’t come out of my mouth or come up in the conversation. Cool?
      Now…..what do we do about massacre after massacre?

      2. We’ve heard video games for 20 years. What had been done by every politician who blamed video games, over the last 20 years? Neither party has gone up against video game makers in the past 2 decades. So, what’s been done and/or, what’s going to be done about the excuse that’s being used?

      3. Mental health. I work in family medicine and infectious disease. So I see and deal with patients with mental health issues, everyday. It’s an amazing shortage of mental health professionals out there. I’m also an Army veteran and mental health issues are extremely high for soldiers. Despite the knowledge of active duty, veteran and civilian mental health issues, NOTHING has been done by anyone over the past 30 years. They just blame mental health and move on. Almost like stating mental health issues is an automatic get out of jail-free card.

      4. Lastly, there were PLENTY of armed police and federal agents there who say idle. They had the training that the shooter did not, as well as the numbers, and still did not breach the premises. As a vet, it doesn’t get more “good guy” and police and federal agents. Despite all this gear and all these weapons and all this training, people still died and people with weapons failed to react.

      A sword is not a shield. This ideology that just having a gun will prevent or drastically reduce carnage, is foolishness. My brothers-in-arms are the greatest fighting force in the world and we still can’t stop an ambush or coordinated strike. People with guns get shot all the time. So I get frustrated with this notion that simply having a gun will mean nothing will happen. Those cops and federal agents had the best weapons and things still happened. People still died.

  3. Old guy, for God’s sake the kids and teachers were in deep trouble, no one came to their aid and they were slaughtered so badly they needed DNA to identify their bodies.

  4. Oh of course they’re there blaming people who had nothing to do with it. Guns aren’t the problem.

    1. Ah, guns aren’t the problem in mass shootings.

      Must be those damn semi-auto hammers I keep hearing so much about.

    2. @AndrewDeLong The Boston bombers must have left their guns at home that day! I’m surprised the grandstanding democrats haven’t tried to pass laws banning pressure cookers!

  5. I own plenty of legal guns and ammo. Never once have they left my house and shot someone….🤷‍♂️ Guns are not the problem.

  6. In a land of freedom and rights, a lot of people take it for granted. They have become obsessed with their own problems and numb, forgetting that other people in countries still have no rights. Then we have people that use our own freedoms against us because one day, if we are not careful. We will legislate those freedoms and rights away to appease a political mob.

    1. So, 19 kids is worth the price of your freedom to publicize your insecurities? Good to know.

  7. Have they not figured out criminals do not care about laws, current, or future. They will break them. Every one of them if they want. Protect yourself, your family, and your community, gov services will not be there to save you in time of need

    1. The shooter didn’t need to break a single law in order to get those firearms.

      The Texas state legislature and governor saw to that.

    2. @AndrewDeLong So using your logic, if he obtained a valid drivers license, then decided to run down the kids on a playground in a truck at recess, that would mean he didn’t break any laws in getting a license? Texas has background checks, the fact that this nut was able to get a gun is clearly problematic, but if the laws aren’t followed or enforced what’s the point? We have multiple laws against people entering our country illegally! Obviously there not enforced, so I guess we just need more laws to fix it! Yeah, that’ll work! I mean, it’s not like our porous border also acts as a conveyor belt to transport smuggled weapons and drugs into the US that end up in the hands of people looking to do societal harm! Its Walmarts and the gun shows fault! And those 200k drug overdoses we have each year, we’ll at least they weren’t killed with a gun wielded by a nut who should be in an institution, or a criminal who should be behind bars!

  8. “Activists protesting at car fair calling everyone a murderer after completely unrelated drunk driving car accident”.
    Same thing 🤡

  9. Here’s a piece that irony. It’s an argument about guns, but the cop makes an issue about sticks. (The stick used to display the flag). 🤔

    1. That’s a Houston city ordinance. I know because I looked it up before going to a protest with a slung rifle years ago. Blame the Dem mayor, as usual🤷‍♂️

    1. Thank God those kids could sacrifice their lives so that you can continue to carry your boom stick.

      I guess you find the price they paid for your freedom to be entirely worth it?

  10. I always blame inanimate objects, keeps me from having to take responsibility for may actions.

    1. No. We blame the idiots that want to make it easy for psychopaths to access tools whose entire design is in killing.

    2. @AndrewDeLong That’s all fine and dandy, but maybe somebody in authority should ask why these senseless school shootings didn’t happen 40 or 50+ years ago when guns were just as available as today, and schools were wide open! I would think trying to understand the pathology behind these events, specifically, the cultural rot, moral decay, and societal shifts, which might provide some legitimate answers, instead of taking the intellectually lazy route of blaming an inanimate object!

  11. This conversation should focus on the police officers incompetence and whether they should be charged with negligent homicide.

    1. What about the community that didn’t do anything to report this nut job. You blame cops? It never should have gotten this far. This kid was demented. Nobody spoke up. Just like buffalo.

    2. @Seewulf the officers on scene definitely f’d up. No argument there but like I believe the community did far worse. But let us not forget who really pulled the trigger.

  12. With crypto-marxists trying to capitalize on this, now is the perfect time for an NRA convention!

  13. Under their premises, all cars, all knives, all hammers, and all tools need to be made illegal. They could hurt someone so they must be banned. This is the stupidity of their argument.

  14. ironic how the same people who called for defunding and abolishing police want you to get rid of your guns and live in a police state.

  15. The teacher shouldn’t Have propped the door open either!! There’s a lot of flags that were raised well before this happened! Seems to me no one did anything!! So Sad!!😎

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