Number of Unaccompanied Migrants Drops—Along With Border Media Coverage | All In | MSNBC 1

Number of Unaccompanied Migrants Drops—Along With Border Media Coverage | All In | MSNBC


Since the middle of March, weekday cable news segments on immigration have plummeted. And so has the number of unaccompanied migrants held by U.S. Border Patrol.
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  1. This was not a particularly difficult problem to solve. It’s mostly logistics and hiring more immigration judges and personnel. The Biden administration is doing that and it’s getting resolved.

    1. SHHHH! You’re not supposed to dispel the Conservative myth that government doesn’t work. If the government is allowed to do their job properly, how is the GOP ever going to reward their cronies by funneling government services to the private sector ?

  2. seven out of ten of which Americans? Fox viewers don’t represent a cross-section of Americans.

    1. @Shad Rock It just feels like it to you. You know, you are allowed to leave your echo chamber, right?

  3. I think Biden / Harris should set up a work visa program for these seasonal migrants. It would help our farmers and speed the process at the border.

  4. So to recap:
    1. The Stable Genius’ plan to just shut the border didn’t fix anything, only made it worse.
    2. Biden re-started the process of asylum for people at the border, but DHS was so hollowed out they were quickly overwhelmed.
    3. Biden’s administration saw the problem and then fixed it, in about a month.
    4. Meanwhile, fox news has moved on to whether or not America will survive a ban on cheeseburgers that isn’t happening.

    1. Of course fox wont report on anything good dems are doing..

      Such a disgrace to our country

    2. Don’t forget Trumps 2017 tax cuts slowly roll back on the bottom 90% of taxpayers starting this year.

      And they’re crying about a Disneyland ride currently, because Matt Gaetz ex GF is sad about her favorite ride…

    1. @Mark S I hear nothing but pure projection when it comes to the GOP. Rest assured, if they are screaming about radical, leftist, violence, they are merely trying to distract from Right-Wing Extremism. Since WWII, you can take almost any operation’s code name and you can almost guarantee the opposite is happening. Extraditing Noriega is known as Panama’s operation ‘Just Cause’, the subjugation and murder of thousands of Iraqis, is “Iraqi Freedom’, to name a couple of recent examples. I am always amazed when I hear the Right claiming and getting away with claims that the left are the depraved killers, when the vast majority of assassinations and real violent acts, in this country, and in fact, around the globe, have originated from the extreme Right.

  5. All Biden had to do was restart the process Trump shut down which created a crisis. A crisis that continued during his presidency till he botched COVID-19 and created a bigger crisis that stopped all immigration.

  6. It seriously makes me sick to see these pundits suddenly pretend to care about the children that they viewed as collateral damage a few years ago.

    1. @smokecrack antheystink Trump Supporters donated 207.5 million dollars to fight the steal when there wasn’t anything stolen, guess what little sheep, he pocketed the money.

    2. Dementia seems to be a common thread among people that inhale mainstream media kool aid.

  7. “Bad parts of slavery”? I thought all the parts were bad. Now I know. Thanks, Chris.

    1. @Knight《☆》Bishop I know right . People just don’t get it government and the media know best. There has never been any history of any government doing anything to harm their citizens to push an agenda. These people are crazy.

    1. Unlikely. The Biden Administration inherited quite the mess at the border, but they have it back under control.

      We’ve seen this for decades now. Republicans tear down our economy, take away our rights and protections, and Democrats always swoop in and repair the damage. Rinse and repeat for at least the past 60 years now.

    1. The sparks of the tempest rage a hundred years on
      The voice of the dreamer screams, the cause of the pawn
      The King and the Queen are gone, each piece is the same
      The difference between us is a part of the game

      Darkness is spreading like a spot on the sun
      The dead are the living in age of the gun
      While everyone clamors for the justice they seek
      The world is corrupted and the strong take the weak

      They mold you and shape you, they watch what you do
      The sparks of the tempest are burnin’ you through
      Spreading like wildfire, fallin’ like rain
      Though they may promise, they only bring pain

      The future is managed, and your freedom’s a joke
      You don’t know the difference as you put on the yoke
      The less that you know, more you fall into place
      A cog in the wheel, there is no soul in your face

      Run for the cover, Millennium’s here
      Bearing the standard of confusion and fear
      Spreading like wildfire, fallin’ like rain
      Though they may promise, they only bring pain

      Blood in the sand, cry in the street
      Now the cycle is nearly complete
      Ten thousand years, nothing was learned
      No turning back, now the wheel has turned

      Big brother is watching and he likes what he sees
      A world for the taking, when he’s ready to squeeze
      King and the Queen are gone, each piece is the same
      The difference between us is a part of the game

      Soothsayer saying “now tell me no lies”
      What is the madness that is filling the skies
      Spreading like wildfire, fallin’ like rain
      Though they may promise, they only bring pain

    1. patricia sherman WHITE America MURDERED both the Tribal Nations people and the Hispanic/Latino people for Real Estate.

      Take a look at what’s still going on in Eastern Washington, Montana, and the Dakota’s… Indian girls and Women come up missing or found dead nearly every day.

  8. So where are all the children going? If they’re only in custody for 20 hours where do they go after that?

  9. We took the land that the border rest son from Mexico 175 years ago. We have had immigrants coming over the border for 175 years. It only becomes a crisis when Republicans want to make everyone fear it. There is no crisis there never has been a crisis. There is leakage over the border just like there is over any border that was taken from another land anywhere in the world.

  10. The “crisis” was obviously the result of only the annual seasonal increase and the backlog of the Trump policy mess

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