Nurse in COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Experiences '104.9 Fever' | MSNBC 1

Nurse in COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Experiences ‘104.9 Fever’ | MSNBC


The most common potential symptoms include pain t the injection site, headache, fever, chills and muscle aches. UCLA Psychiatric nurse and health services researcher Kristen Choi joins Alex Witt to talk about her experience during the Pfizer vaccine trial.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Nurse in COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Experiences '104.9 Fever' | MSNBC


    1. Ignorance and fear will keep many from the vaccine. In very few cases there are some legit reason for some people not to take it and i understand and support that. People who dont want to take it because theyre stupid sicken me.

    1. @4Ever Young so our body’s immune system can fight it. The vaccine is pointless. Why not just get sick naturally like every other virus before covid? Smh..

    2. @Drunk Spock Because side effects of a vaccine usually do not persist more than a day, unlike actual virus that can stay in your body in a few weeks and cause much more damage to your body. Vaccine only trains your body how to fight the virus, so the side effects tend to disappear quickly. On the other hand, the real viruses do not wait for your body to get used to fighting them. Moreover, many people rather pay for a vaccine than paying for the medical bill after getting sick.

    3. @LL Ok, fair enough. is there any scientific evidence or reason to believe that if this patient got covid – they would have also had an identical 104.9 Fever? Because if not, then I would rather take my chances with the virus. Most people do not fight it for a few weeks – usually people get better in a week or two at most – usually less – and the symptoms are mild. Again, 99.9% recovery rate for the vast majority of normal healthy people. I don’t know why one would risk some potentially severe side effect from the vaccine over just getting the more probably mild virus. And that’s if you even have symptoms from the virus.

    1. @smc130 she was alive and well before that so the vaccine is pointless. She got a high fever, woopeee! Smh…

    2. How not to get the vaccine go to a new doctor and check mark you have allergies, diabetes,and other ailments in you family history , doctors will refuse to give the shot because of liability issues ,and for women just keep telling your doctor your pregnant

    3. @Steve Stroker not going to point out that it’s not too bright to lie to a healthcare provider because you are scared of a vaccine to a virus that is important everyone becomes immune to because natural immunity only last 9 months. But that trick would have worked 20 years ago.. information is easily accessible nowadays by doctors.

    1. Yeah I get the same vibe. And I suppose for a news outlet like NBC, why not be anti-vaccine? Let the pandemic fever stay in the psyche of Americans for a few more months that’ll get you ratings. What’s another 100,000 deaths between friends?

    2. There always conspiracy theory when the media trying to reveal something, in this case, to ALERT people what not to worry in case some symptoms happen. And it’s individual choice should they not favoring to get the injection based on their own free will, NOT your assumption.

    1. But it didnt persist and as she said and i agree its actually a good sign that this vaccine seems to be working which is great news.

    2. A Tylenol and a cup of water solved it.

      It’s great the doctor said this, crucial really as a big enough number of people would needlessly get too scared off.

  1. I may get it eventually but will wait til the ‘kinks’ are worked out. Obviously first responders, health care workers, etc will be the first to receive it.

  2. i got a fever from flu shot about 6 years ago, could not sleep the whole night after getting it. chills and sweats all night

    1. You have no idea how vaccines work do you? What about the long term effects of covid? People that were Asymptomatic have reported lung, heart and brain issues. Its going to be hilarious when all these anti mask and anti vaxx morons start dropping dead a few years from now from covid related illnesses. It amazes me how people are more worried about long term effects from a vaccine than from covid itself which has already has been shown to cause problems longterm. smdh

  3. If I get ‘Rona (like Trump did) and feel “terrible” then the whole county has to lockdown. Get a vaxxx, feel “terrible”, no big deal.

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