1. Tricking them into giving her $10 just so she can tell them “I’m not a crisis actor and Covid is dangerous” is the smartest and most awesome slap in the face move to use against these idiots I have ever seen in my life

    1. She should have filled a stadium. $10 admission Saying “Donny “May” drop in” and she could give her speech . Yeah, real. No, could not get the Crisis actor gig. Thank you for your ears willing to hear the REAL NEWS. Next act will be appearing at any moment. Slip out the back way and collect your loot and haul azz out of there. The people will realize that there is no second act eventually.
      . By that time you are in Cancun with Ted Cruz.

  2. This is so unsettling to see people in violent denial abusing and threatening healthcare workers.

    1. @T/A Plus Hemi the only reason we know of one anothers existence is because you wanted to be a jerk….I bet that’s how most interactions go for you. Did you ever think when you made your ever so clever comment it would lead to this? This is what will happen everytime you when you look to pick a fight around here… you will get the fight you want.

    2. Why don’t you write a letter to Santa about? Oh, may be you’re already informed that it was a barefaced lie of those betrayers you call a mother and a farther?
      Leviticus 19:11: “Ye shall not steal, neither deal falsely, neither lie one to another.”
      But they lie! The pandemic of pathological lies goes unnoticed by doctors.
      But why do liers feel so good and protected? Devil rules the world (1st John 5:19). He is liar and marderer (John 8:44). His style is deception and violence. It can be recognized everywhere from family to international relationships.
      Massive betray in powers leads humankind deeper and deeper in deadly dangerous troubles. Solding clergye supports betrayers by dispersing false teachings. Hatred among people based on their race or nationality was Blessed by clergy too!
      That’s why we have the Gospel: the True god, Jehovah, will maintain His own Heavenly Kingdom (Daniel 2:44). The anointed king, Jesus Christ, will put everything in order and solve all humankind’s problems. 🙂
      The way it will be done is an education. (Isaiah 54:13,14; 1st Corinthians 1:21).
      All are we relative through the Adam and every time human kills human he sheds the blood of his brother! This depends not of our race or nationality. (Genesis, ch. 1; Acts 17:26).
      Acts 24:15: “And have hope toward God, which they themselves also allow, that there shall be a resurrection of the dead, both of the just and unjust.”
      So, we will meet our beloved ones again! 🙂
      Zechariah 14:9: “And the LORD shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one LORD, and his name one.”
      Jehovah’s Witnesses organization experiences a lot of problems and there are many betrayers among them.

    3. @T/A Plus Hemi you see that alexej weirdo?….one of yours….that ricky dude…one of yours…you must be so proud!

    4. @Michael Hannon Why did you respond to me? I’m not an anti-vaxxer. I’m fully vaccinated.

  3. Funny how they accuse her and others like her of being a liar BUT believe the politicians! Amazing.

    1. @Psibug I’m sorry but if 90% showed no signs of infection ie asymptomatic…then the count for actual infection is much higher….even unreasonable estimates reach as far as .2 %. But simple math equals this…..370,000,000 million people, 600,000 deaths. Do the math for motprtality, based on population….not on confirmed cases, because of the high rate of asymptomatic people, you must use overall mortality….please don’t oversimplify…..

    2. she really is a amazing person and truly sorry and shocked at how her people treat her. Why are they not listening to health care people, and they listen to idiots like orange trump. Nurses really care about there patients, orange idiot trump only cares for himself.

    3. @Why liberals should burn This a prime example of a wack job and its just not worth the time to read the bs past the handle or listen to them.

    4. You believed Veggie Biden when he said he would “shut it down”. That was 220,000 deaths ago. He lied. You bought it. Feel kinda dumb?

    5. @Victorseafog the comment of Donny needs to go to jail and his family and blah blah gets real old. That’s what you get when them idiots don’t have anything positive to say about child molester Biden. Same as Obama did with bush.

  4. The irony, these people who don’t trust “the government” but trusted politicians instead of actual doctors.

    1. @H2 Lo — the numbers they give are not accurate. They are Exaggerated. If somebody dies in a car accident they will check that person for covid. If that person happens to have covid then they claim that as a covid death not somebody dying in a horrible car accident. Then that hospital gets paid for that covid death in their hospital. I don’t remember the exact amount but that is true. A nurse in a hospital told me that.

    2. @Dan2314 Wonderluck even doctors and scientists can be politically motivated. Do you trust everybody that says he is a dr. Or scientist. How can you trust them all if they have different beliefs and theories.

    3. @Danial Hillmann wrong. I work with a girl that her and her husband are fully vaccinated. They both got covid. The husband is in the hospital. He got it bad.

    4. The funny thing is the people like Tucker Carlson they listen to already got the vaccine on the low-key

    1. My god this Woman has DEMONS in her, take a look at her nastier then Crooked Killary!!! May God save America from These Demons including Chinese News Network CNN

    2. Spanish Flu was first found in America, but they call it Spanish Flu bc Spain was the only one covering the news of it

  5. “If its so communicative, why am I still standing?”

    Because you didn’t die… so you’re still here to ask that question. 609,000 Americans did die and arent here to ask that question. They arent still standing. Those 609,000 silent dead speak louder to me than you do.

    1. @EmeraldView and I hope we aren’t heading toward another lock down with hundreds of thousands of additional preventable deaths because it’s “their body their choice” when it comes to putting some cloth on their face to save lives.

    2. @Hannah Church I lost my Mom to covid and I’m sick of these idiots , I’m seriously considering leaving the country for good. Too many imbeciles per capita in the U.S sadly.

    3. @Hannah Church imagine being told you can’t go to your loved ones funeral because of the pandemic then seeing thousands of antifa/blm protesters and not social distancing

      So it’s ok for thousands of ppl to protest but we couldn’t go to a funeral because the risk was to high

      Its up to ppl if they want to get the vaccine you can’t force them to take it

    4. @Mike Appleget you mean like saying 10 months of riots was peaceful you have been brainwashed by the radical left wing media and you all say every trump supporter is a white supremacist even black trump voters that’s how brainwashed you are

    5. @3RDGENDODGER it’s not just happening in America so I don’t know what planet you live on

      It’s up to ppl they can take it if they want to take it you can’t force them to

  6. “It was the way we were raised. They’re not bad people”
    Well the way you were raised sucks.

    1. @Jens Raab No. an administration and a party are two different things, dimwit…

    2. @Covid is a Chinese Biological Attack

      Be sure to pick up your Darwin Award at the ER before you’re treated for Pneumonia.

    3. @Robin Dale GTFO with any notion of these WILLFULLY IGNORANT people being “victims”. Serious.

      I was “raised” the same- deep south, racist, republican, Texas. But I can tell right from wrong and so can they.

      They are victims of nothing but their own pride and ego- and pride in willful ignorance- aka STUPIDITY- does not actually make anyone a fing “victim”.

      The VICTIMS in this situation are the children with no choice who’s parents don’t protect them, they are the breakthrough cases of vaccinated with poor immune systems who will get sick and be left disabled or dead- and their families. The VICTIMS are the people who will fall to yet a worse variant that these willfully and utterly STUPID people help incubate.

      “I don’t trust the gubment”. Ya, except to keep the lights on, fuel flowing, manage the largest military in the world with over half of your tax dollars going to it. Except to educate your kids and pay your social security and generally ensure your standard of living is possible for such a stupid person.

      You know how to get shots in arms?
      1. Allow insurance companies, medicare and medicaid to reject all Covid-related claims for anyone unvaccinated without a legitimate exemption.
      2. Make any disability claims void that are related to COVID for those who chose to remain unvaccinated after it was fully accessible everywhere.

      3. And here is the coup de grace- allow ERs and hospitals to start turning away the unvaccinated. For ANYTHING. PERIOD. Who wants a “crisis actor” treating them anyway? Amiright?

    4. @Robin Dale That is a bullshit claim, people are not raised stupid, they just are. Baby they were born that way.

  7. Devastating for this nurse and others. Love that she’s made $100 pranking these horrible, hateful people.

    1. @markypro57 So, basically if you go to a hospital sick with Covid and they intubate you. You are dead.

    2. @Covid is a Chinese Biological Attack That 97% was a study of 32 patients you are referring too? If that’s the study you’re referring to, you also know there were other circumstances that led to their deaths. Please try again.

    3. @Covid is a Chinese Biological Attack that’s your study? a single centre pilot study with very few people with massive amounts of comorbidity? In February 2020?! Even if the study was of gold standard the idea that nobody who was not obese died should stand out. If you’re going to quote a study at least learn how to read one and the data.

  8. “It’s a freedom issue.” Yes indeed, these people are free to die. My parents didn’t scream about freedom issues when they took me for a polio shot. I had a cousin who contracted that horrible disease and it plagued her all her life. I have the freedom to walk on my own, and I walked right into a vaccination center for my Pfizer covid shots.

    1. @bargainbassist By your own statement a person can still die after taking the jab. What’s the point of a “vaccine” if it does not protect you against the disease? Just because everybody’s doing it doesn’t make it right and everybody is not doing it doesn’t make it wrong!

  9. This is incredibly sad I feel particularly upset about the children. Adults can do what they want but they shouldn’t be putting children’s lives at risk. That women is so selfish.

    1. @Roo Lenoir Tell me, if that same non vaccine taking mother. Had say TB and refused treatment and was endangering that child’s health would you have the same reaction? Just curious if you still feel it would be an assault on your freedom.

    2. @Roo Lenoir I never said convicted I never talked about walking into a person’s home without the proper warrant and I’m not talking about your kids unless you’re the one putting them in danger. I have kids as well. I also love the way that you like to drop an f-bomb into a comment that a child May read. Your intellect astounds me.

    1. @Old Aunt Zibby are you saying you don’t know who Mona Lisa or Shakespeare is? If you do, then are you saying that you are smarter (according to your test) than an average person? Just curious because my 7 years old does know who these historical characters are. As stated before these aren’t actual questions on a real IQ test. What is asked are questions pertaining to numerical reasoning, logical reasoning, verbal intelligence and spatial intelligence. You know, square peg into round hole questions.

    2. @James Tragle corporate welfare is different. Business give you jobs at least, people on welfare, college assistance, other handouts are just takers. Don’t agree with corporate welfare either, though. 10 or 15% federal flat tax would be great. If we hold them accountable that would give us military, infrastructure, and the basic government functions. This country was founded for freedom, hard to get their when the government wants money to give to everyone.

    3. @Old Aunt Zibby Last time I looked there were no hunter-gatherers on the electoral roll in the US but if there are I’m sure you post up the link.

      Thanks for the rest of the (unrequired) mansplaination, should you ever have something to write that doesn’t make you look like a patronising bell-end please be sure to post it up.

  10. “The underclass suffers but doesn’t learn from it.” -Noam Chomsky. They’re going fight for their limitations. Fight for the right to be ignorant and contagious.

    1. It’s mind boggling how ignorance can take hold and makes getting sick seem like a walk in the park. I just pray they get a glimmer of reality and get the shot.

    2. i don’t know who you are but i will tell you right out you are the ignorant and contagious one because you have you butt up your you know where that you can’t see straight . i could stand with confidence and say test me for covid and you will get a negative test but can you .? i am so darn sure you took that you know and your making that spike protein so can you tell me who have covid now .

    1. @NoChance WithoutPasta wow. Ok well my father in law is a farmer and has about the thickest Texas accent you will ever come across. He got the vaccine the day it was available. He said why not get it? If I give vaccines to my animals to protect them, why wouldn’t I protect myself?

  11. They told her that she killed people on purpose?? Being a nurse in Arkansas is not an easy gig. May she stay safe and blessed all the rest of her days.

    1. Anti-vaxxer: You killed people on purpose to say covid killed them.
      Anti-vaxxer: I will kill you!

    1. that’s the thing I don’t get is them asshats want for us to GIVE CREDIT to Trump for the vax BUT yet refuse to take it…

    2. Yes. And the funny thing is – you don’t even have to believe the government. You can listen to the medical experts who say the same thing.
      Frankly, that is who one should look to for medical advice: medical experts.
      Of course, a normal government will generally be in line with the experts (provided that *they* listen to their medical expert advisers). It is rather rare to hear total bullshit medical advice coming from the government – like injecting disinfectant…
      Of course, these are the same sort of people who demanded for Dr. Fauci to be fired (or lynched in some extreme cases) so there’s something seriously wrong with their idea who does and doesn’t give good advice anyway.

    3. An odd kind of proof that they will do as he says but not what he does. Where does that end? He really hand-selected these and it totally worked… For him.

  12. My son got COVID, he was really sick, he’s still sick, we’re not going to get vaccinated.
    The defense rests its case ….…

  13. The guy getting up from the barbers chair, ” I wore a mask for about an hour”, didn’t think he could count that high

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