Nurse Says Hospitalized Patients Are Begging For A Covid Vaccine 1

Nurse Says Hospitalized Patients Are Begging For A Covid Vaccine


An Alabama nurse shared heartbreaking stories from hospitalized Covid patients who decided they wanted the vaccine after it was too late to receive it. We discuss that, plus the uptick in Covid cases in Florida with Dr. Aileen Marty from Florida International University in Miami.

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    1. @kwai shiu More people that die with Covid have 2 or 3 comorbidities. So yes, in general you have to be in poor heath to start with to die from Covid.

    2. @Matthew Benoit I’m sure it will soon become a felony to possess red pill. I suspect some of these comments are written by paid trolls.

    1. @Kit Cumbie right, causes she’ll only have a 99.9% survival rate if she should be “infected”….. how bout you buy yourself some more hyperbole, drama Queen.

    2. @Carolyn K I enjoy schadenfreude just reading these ignorant antivaxxer posts and knowing that many won’t be around next year. What fools you are.

    3. @Jonathan Norman Yes they do. When you are too stupid to follow medical advice you get what you begged for.

    4. I know 3 people that have had loved ones die from COVID-19
      1st is a couple who’s son was diagnosed with leukemia years before the pandemic and ended up in the hospital dying from the leukemia (it was pretty much expected) and hospital ruled it a COVID death .Even worse is they wouldn’t let the family in at all to sit with their dying child.
      2nd – guys brother was admitted to hospice for cancer that had spread all over his body-yep you guessed it -COVID killed him!
      My neighbors 99 year old mom perfectly healthy died in her sleep-yep-COVID strikes again! Lol
      There were almost no flu cases last year-kind of odd hey? As a retired firefighter I’ve seen many many healthy elderly people just die-no warning- up until 2020 that was called “ Natural Causes” but now it’s COVID-19 and everyone should get this experimental vaccine that list non of the ingredients- NONE! You people wouldn’t eat a sandwich from someone if they refused to tell you what was on it but a RNA altering vaccine – no problem. When you incentivize any medical issue with $13k for any COVID-19 case and $39k if ventilated then you’re asking for trouble. If you think I’m full of it go research Medtronics Infuse Synthetic Bone graft protein and the many lawsuits because Medtronics was paying doctors for every ‘positive test result’ which skewed the numbers- letting them use it in areas they shouldn’t have leading to severe injuries to patients.

    1. The know the Truth is out. Protect your Child & Loved Ones, learn the Truth About Vaccination Programs, read the Historic, “This Is A Bio-Attack Alert”, by Dr Robert B Strecker & Attorney Theodore A Strecker.

    1. Kamala Harris On Vaccine: “If Donald Trump Tells Us To Take It, I’m Not Taking It.” – NBC News

    2. Oh how short people’s memories are! Trump called it “his vaccine” and took credit for Operation Warp Speed. Look it up.

    3. But it’s amazing how the multitude of individuals who are smart enough not to take an “experimental” vaccine are Trump supporters. Wonder why that is? Maybe because they know how to read behind the lines and understand why the vaccine was created and pushed. Plus “warp” is actually occurring, just in and different manner- minds are warped, bodies warped…. just sayin

    4. @JD I remember operation warp speed. It’s a pitiful shame these major issues affecting all person’s health and wellness turn into a political debate and partisan tug of war because neither politics nor any political figure did not and does not have a single ounce of importance where a treatment and resolution is concerned. The hate for Trump by his faithful haters is the most blinding detriment I’ve ever witnessed. I could care less either way, he wasn’t my favorite president during this lifetime nor did I support his narcissistic way of leadership, but luckily I missed being mesmerized aboard the Pelosi hates Trump train! So, I can’t help but wonder from your statement if it wasn’t Trump who was the sitting president at the time operation warp speed came about and when the vaccine was developed, then who was it? I could have swore it was Trump. It doesn’t matter either way really because it was a challenge for the entire Administration to meet and stop the deadly spread, but we all know Trump likes to take sole credit of such accomplishments!…oh well…let go of the anamosity…. it’s not important.

  1. Can we stop talking about how easy it is to get the vaccine. The unvaccinated simply don’t want it.

    1. @imakoo sis Yes they do. Of the 35 million cases in the US, about 29.5 million recovered, about 5 million are still active and about 600,000 victims have died.

    2. @heavenly flame please let me know where you got that statistic from. is it from anyone who can make a qualified statement due to their studies research or education, or from your friend bubba living in the trailer next to you. im guessing the 2nd. its amazing how many experts we have in a very complicated field on youtube.

    3. @heavenly flame You have no response so just ignore everything I wrote and deflect with nonsense. Classic.

      600,000 Americans have died from COVID. According to the change in death rate over 900,000 people have died. A couple million are now living with life-altering damage from barely surviving COVID. This event is easily the biggest loss of life over such a short time span in US history. Yet all you lunatics can do is downplay it endlessly.

      Other countries handled the pandemic vastly better. South Korea for example acted immediately with massive widespread testing, contact tracing and clear recommendations for social distancing and mask wearing. They had extremely short and limited shutdowns only at the very beginning of the pandemic because of their good and quick response. As a result only 2,000 people have died in total. Local businesses were also able to stay open basically the entire pandemic and the government didn’t need to bail out the entire economy.

      The US handled the entire thing as catastrophically as possible. The government (the Republicans specifically) did absolutely nothing in the beginning and even claimed the entire thing was a hoax or a minor issue even though it was already killing huge numbers of people across Europe and China. Then only after it got completely out of hand did we issue lockdowns that had to be way worse than the rest of the world – all while Republicans still downplayed the threat and the death toll rose into the hundreds of thousands.

      Now we have about a million people dead and idiots like yourself are saying, “Well that’s like not even 1% of the population!” Is a million deaths really not enough for this to be important?

      If it weren’t for the right wing media constantly brainwashing the population we could have had a couple weeks of limited lockdowns right at the beginning of the pandemic, did basic contact tracing, mask wearing and social distancing, not had to close down businesses for very long, and maybe 5,000-10,000 people would have died. Then everyone would have gotten vaccinated 2-3 months ago and this whole thing would be completely over. Instead we have a million dead, countless businesses closed down, and no end to the pandemic in sight. Thanks for that.

  2. “Spike” Uptick” Increase” sorry to bother you journalists but could we trouble you for some numbers? Also where is the death counter?

    1. It’s not soo much the current actual numbers, it is the rapid change of direction .. You don’t understand that?
      Come back in a few months ..

  3. I’m going to cover myself and family under the blood/vaccination and letting death pass me and mines by. I feel bad for the children.

    1. @peremptory expression geez, I just read in another thread off this same video how he is proud to take credit of operation warp speed. Can all the haters just let the petty crap go? Does it really matter? No, not right now and it has no relevance to the priorities we need to focus on regarding Covid19 during the current administration, and the freedom of medical autonomy over the emergency released vaccine that bypassed all strenuous tests and trials all other drugs of that nature have required!

      The main point of focus is whether or not this poor excuse of a valid news story is true or not, (judging by dislikes exceeding likes suggests most say NOT) and the authoritative fear mongering filled with real misinformation diguised as truth that continues to plague the people worse than CV19 could ever accomplish. It’s truly sad to see some of the heartless sarcastic statements regarding those battling for their lives, especially if that were truly the case. I would bet my life that dying patients are not holding their doctor’s hand begging for the vaccine that does not give immunity to the virus just moments before they go on intubation.
      I’d hope the people don’t fall for such crap and appear to be as stupid as we are believed to be to have this crap thrown at us. I swear the White House must have hired one of the long-term Days of Our Lives writers to come up with some of this grade A pure fear invoking shyt.

    2. @peremptory expression – perhaps warp speed was a military operation under the guise of flu injections.

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