1. @C T it’s not a great option because “Orange Man Bad!!!” really isn’t a platform……

      Especially if it’s delivered by a dementia patient…………………..

  1. The combination of Trump and Barr make Nixon and his AG Mitchell look like a couple of Boy Scouts.

    1. Jeffrey Dahmer
      Trump ; “Epstein and I have a lot in common. He’s a great who likes to have a. good time but, he likes them on the young side.”
      I guess Golf Digest is fake news too.

  2. Isn’t it ironic that Trump was spouting off at his rally last night about kids being locked up in cages because of the Obama administration? That’s like Jeffrey Dahmer complaining about his food at a restaurant.

    1. @Rich Mann it was one of the first things he took a red pen to!LOLOLOLOLOL
      Within the first two weeks in office he trimmed something like $23 billion in waste…

    2. @Rich Mann WHAT??? No….NO!!!
      IT CAN’T BE TRUE!!!!!
      The CNN poll told me it was a crap point!

    1. @treverfox Konservatives show how much they think all lives matter by cutting welfare programs, axing unemployment benefits, and supporting the death penalty.

    2. You idiots will praise her and then stick a knife in her back if she dares to say the wrong thing.

  3. Things despite these flareups are relatively cool. We got about 4 months to turn the tide. I’m sweating it out not for me, but for our nation.

  4. Attorney General Latisha James takes her duty to protect and serve the entire community of New York State very seriously. I applaud her professionalism. I hope the good police will not be intimated, and will join in the public discussion about effectiver and measured policing.

    1. @Jeremy Mettler My basic reply to creatures like you is that you write words just like dogs speak words. The funniest thing is that most of you do not comprehend my words. You actually think I am complimenting your use of the English language.
      Bark bark—–howl howl.

    2. @Seigel Stifftung born 100 1/24/75 Aquarius known age golden age of Aquarius wheels a rolling to the endless age of Aquarius ends meet beginning of no ends known to the Father I already have my pearls then some

    3. There’s a troll and about 5 sock puppet identities in this thread that appear in most MSNBC/CNN etc. threads–see if you can identify them above. Same person-multiple identities. They are paid to do this. Right Dave Schulz?

  5. Ms. Letitia James, keep up with the trump investigations and bring state charges against him, his cronies and henchmen, because the most corrupt U.S. Attorney General In U.S. history never will. Hold trump and his evil administration accountable PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!?

  6. She does good work. It’s time to break the backs of the police federations and unions. Unions are good for labour until they are bad for public safety. It’s time to demilitarize and de-radicalize the cops across North America.

  7. We are me to investigate everything with Donald Trump and everything about the White House is doing all Republicans Bill Barr investigate him to

    1. You pukes have already had endless investigations and you always turn up with nothing.

    2. @Whitey McPrivileged The Mueller report ALL BUT proved collusion between Trump’s people and Russia. Can’t indict your boy tho. His AG said so. You could read the Mueller Report but there’s no pictures to color. 😪

    1. Which any police officer is going to be by the way she got so angry toward the end just talking about them.

    2. I love that she’s going about her sworn duty, which is bringing justice to those who commit crimes against the state. 💜

    3. Tough and strong attorney general… she’s not playing around that’s for sure.. good for her!!

  8. If New York Attorney General weren’t an elected State office, Mr “t” & USAG Barr would likely “FIRE” Letitia James. The trumplemeister would probably tweet it anyway, out of stupidity, but Barr knows better, so has likely put on the brakes on trumple. GO LETITIA !!!

    1. @Carol Williams Pardon me, but USAG is in name only. He is Donald Trump’s AG aka Trump’s Roy Cohn. Barr behaves criminally just as Roy Cohn did when he was alive. Before Roy um, Barr came into the picture, when Sessions wasn’t breaking the law to please Trump, he would call out for his Roy Cohn. He found him in Barr. Barr isn’t serving the Country. He’s serving only Trump, but is still paid with public funds. It is not only Trump who’s pulling BARR’S strings, there are outside forces as well. Hope this comes to an end real soon.

    2. @Diane Owen Exactly! He is indeed Trump’s personal lawyer, and stalwart protector in every evil deed.

  9. women like Letitia James helps restore my faith in the American people given the actions of the racist bunker boy battalion

    1. dana arnold. Spoken like a true niggah. Don’t worry Pelosi & the Democrats want cowboys & niggahs. Do you want to be a proud blackman, or a niggah. Only you can choose.

    2. Please do not take the bait. You know who you are and do not have to defend yourself to a stranger on social media. I always feel pleased when I see a troll’s comment and no one is triggered and responds to them. Why? Because what they think and say is immaterial, it does not matter. 💜

  10. We have invested alot in their education. We have some valuable young people contributing to country

    1. Diane…..Some fool has put Honourable in front of BARR’S name, but here’s a person, Letitia, who truly deserves that honour.

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