NY Gov. Hochul Will Do A Full After-Action Report After Ida Slams Her State 1

NY Gov. Hochul Will Do A Full After-Action Report After Ida Slams Her State


Following the devastation from the remnants of Hurricane Ida in New York, Governor Kathy Hochul says she is not satisfied with a number of things involved in the response in her state.

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      You’re on the rotisserie of lies gramps.
      Pretty soon your chicken feathers are going to ignite.
      Your time is up.
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      Stupidity and exaggerated commentary is all the ownership you have in your favor.

    2. @B. T. keeps calling me gramps it only makes me laugh… fyi your hostility only means I’m right….

  1. Hopefully she didn’t order the seniors to stay put to add to the death toll like her predecessor…

    1. @Geff Joldblum but resigns for sexual misconduct, yet our president and vice president have done worse because he included minors and the same, her knees suffered more than her jaw…

  2. The world says: “Thirteen soldiers tragically died.” Biden and his voters said: “Hey, it’s just thirteen .”

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  4. Hopefully the rains can wash away some of the Republicans and clean up some of the trash polluting our cities now.

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  7. Reports don’t help much, how about congress getting their tucking act together and passing both infrastructure bills. All of them have known this was going to happen, yet to add insult to injury Manchin and Sinema want to play corporate donor games. Joe needs to put his knee on all their necks instead of giving stern speeches. What’s going to happen when the subway collapses in the next flood, cuz it will. Manhattan is a tucking island, goodbye Wall Street.

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