NY State Assembly Ramps Up Cuomo Impeachment Probe 1

NY State Assembly Ramps Up Cuomo Impeachment Probe


The New York attorney general's office concluded on Tuesday that Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed almost a dozen women. The Morning Joe panel discusses the AG's findings and what could happen next.

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NY State Assembly Ramps Up Cuomo Impeachment Probe


  1. There were 16 sexual allegations against Trump and He served 4 years even with the Access Hollywood tape that was played across America, the Law and Order party did nothing, what hypocrites.

    1. @joandollie Doyle Your mind is polluted by the propaganda that Fox News feeds you, truth doesn’t equal trolling.

    2. @SR FH I was referring to the other person trolling. I agree with you. No support for predators or bullies whatever their politics.

  2. Democrat eat theirnown always doibg the right thing as Republicans avoid right and do what keeps them in power.

  3. Cuomo had a comment prepared before the NY AG report which means someone in the AG office was in contact with the Governors office so he knew the specifics in the report that he could specifically address. Articles of Impeachment could be drafted solely based on the report within a week if the NY legislature had the political will to actually hold Cuomo accountable. His using his age as an excuse only makes Cuomo look like a dirty old man who abused his authority for many decades.

    1. It’s more expedient if he resigns, rather than a messy impeachment. I assume that they’re giving him the opportunity to prevent all of this being presented on the record in public. I have no doubt that they have the will, they’re just reluctant to have a circus if they don’t have to.

  4. To bad you don’t check out the USPS?!? I had 9 women, myself and 2 others after me that came forward for sexual assault and sexual harassment! Guess who left and were paid off as nuisance claims!

  5. I was so impressed with Andrew Cuomo during the beginning of the Pandemic. So sad for all those women.

    1. What about the seniors he sent back nursing homes to die? To busy at the time patting himself on the back while selling the lie that was his book! His Brother all the while covering for him? Democrats in a nutshell!!!

  6. do you know the length they would go to cover it up?…. how about murders, stalking, death threats, arson, dead dogs, dead animals, dead fish…… and much more!

  7. You mean an official of the government can be impeached with allegations only?? Why is rump not on prison then. He had many more unproven allegations. Dems eat their own.

    1. Well thats the diffrence right. 1 is attacked on assumptions and allegations. But with the AG confirming that what Cuomo is accused is actually true, is something diffrend.

      5 years and still only allegations on Trump. But on Cuomo it took them a month to confirm it and media dont even talk about Bombshell news haha. Meanwhile nothing on him hiding over 15k covid death, that his actions caused… Sending covid patients to nursing homes.

  8. One woman is an instance, 11 it’s a hobby. You guys gotta learn to keep your friggin hands to yourselves!

    1. @murray1575 Hi Murray. Listen, because this is a worthwhile thing to learn in life. You made reference to Trump and lies. Calling you out on that, guy. Listen and let me ask you, what is a lie. Philosophically, what is the thing (a lie in this case) in itself? Coming back down to your probable pay grade now: let me tell you about the two necessary and sufficient conditions to prove a case of perjury in a Court of Law: Mens Rea & Actus Reus. Latin. Real old. The former speaks to what was in the mind at the time. The later pertains to the act. As you may have gathered, there is a very stringent requirement to prove ‘intent’.
      1. Trump makes a statement.
      2. Someone claims he is lying, when they ought to be saying words to the affect of, ‘that is not true, and here is the proof.
      3. Provided that the person can prove a statement false, we move to intent, and the question looks like this one: did Trump intend to deceive those who heard his words?
      4. If you cannot prove that true, then there really was no lie, but rather differing people with differing opinions on a host of topics and matters.
      You may not have known better, though now you do, when media outlets with lawyers on staff, who do know better, peddle this garbage to the unsuspecting, with the hope that it will be regurgitated, then they have been dishonest visa vie you.
      5. Case in point: Anderson Cooper said, Trump said, people should ingest “bleach”
      6. Everything I have written is researchable.

  9. He has repeatedly lied trying to change the forces on other things, for sure he had a good teacher in lying the Ex President

  10. Maybe Republicans can learn something about how to treat someone that has broken the law instead of excusing them, calling it fake news and allowing them to keep their positions.

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