NYC Announces 'Profound' Changes To Police Department | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

NYC Announces ‘Profound’ Changes To Police Department | Morning Joe | MSNBC


NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio joins Morning Joe to discuss a new city budget that includes significant changes to the NYPD. Mayor De Blasio also says the city will have 'Black Lives Matter' painted on Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower in 'a matter of days.' Aired on 07/01/2020.
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NYC Announces 'Profound' Changes To Police Department | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. I applaud you leading the change charge. Ending solitary confinement i believe is an actual effort on the part of government to ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING. First time i have ever seen anyone go above and beyond outside the realm of talk. I am happy i saw this video.

    1. …Ending solitary confinement is good that way your cousins do not have to endure that any more.

    2. @MrDavidaslv The words of someone with experience I suspect. Ok, it’s 8pm …time for you to switch over to Fox and Propaganda to get your latest intel.

    1. ..your cousins are happy about that. They have more time to escape the police now and they know they cannot get shot now.

  2. I hope it works. This is what “defund the police” means. It doesn’t mean disband the police.

    Something had to change.

    1. @Red Planet

      Good.. Because they are all BS… We need Cops not pats on the head.. People want drunks to be driven home..

    2. Violent crime was up 44 percent in NYC this year last I saw. Let’s see what happens. Maybe being Mr. Nice Guy will work. Maybe not. Time will tell I guess.

    3. M L. 👉🏻”hope” in this instance is a total myth, at best, extremely remote. Bill De Bozo Blasio is mr. Bill De Ruiner , wrecking NYC by the minute.

    4. And if it’s done properly… reducing the funding by the amount the responsibilities and calls the police are sent out to resolve also go down, it has not even consequences for policing at all… well of course the numbers of calls answered will go down, but the balance will be taken up by new departments better equipped to resolve categories only pushed on the police as it was there anyway and the rest had beenc ancelled out of the budgets to PAY for the police. To revert that makes a lot of sense seeing as it’s often these borderline cases that lead to excessive use of force as the officers are not trained for the situations.

  3. That money will disappear. Just like the money that was allocated for psychiatric care… disappeared.

    1. @Mike Dolphgren Isn’t that convenient. These two should be the’ poster child’ of graft and corruption.

  4. This is the ‘dynamic’ of economy, which is so dear to every republican, when they are cutting social expenditure.

    1. @Paul Next??? How many looters have ever been in your house? How many of them were your own relatives?

  5. A budget cut won’t help, we need qualified immunity reform and to demilitarize .. period. We need accountability

    1. This is one step toward change and keep working for those other changes. Poverty is the issue behind crime and police brutality is partly because cops are scared of poor people and those who shouldn’t be cops don’t have other options and those who should be cops wont be cops. Accountability should be there, but often accountability doesn’t stop the violence. I think eliminating poverty will remove violence.

    2. I was thinking the same thing,When will that happen or is that being left to the uniondogs that protect the police?

    3. @SorbusAucuparia police behave badly because they are not held responsible for their ACTIONS they are held above the laws that they in force them.

    4. @MAE Gary and has giving people long jail time eliminated crime? I’m not saying there shouldn’t be accountability, but removing police immunity wont stop police brutality and corruption, nor does it eliminate ptsd or gun violence that police face. Eliminating poverty will make bigger impact than anything else.

  6. We can achieve both. Why is there a perception that we have to sacrifice one over the other,? Safety and community relations!

  7. It’s pretty extreme but this has to be done to have permanent change. We having only been talking and talking and talking. Now something it’s finally happening.

    1. Good attitude and you you guys will be apart of history 😉 for turning it all around and making it right

    2. @?everything just say how are you going to these guys and just more on and l hope that the African Americans are moving forward as you can’t hold On to it and every one needs to change together good luck guys

  8. Over the past decades US police have been assigned only for the following duties:
    1. Feeding the industrialised mass incarceration complex by unlawfully arresting people with the help of quotas.
    2. Suppressing any kind of public opposition by use of intimidation and paramilitary force.
    3. Sustaining their own executive overpower by maintaining a closed environment of gang mentality and thus protecting themselves from any potential accountability.

    1. Ion R.: Don’t forget to add everything that Hollywood has been pushing on us all of our lives.
      What you’re saying can be overcome by simple, ordinary people who become heroes in their lives,
      even if they will never meet anyone they watch or be able to afford anything they are seeing.
      The rest of the world watches while American dominance with weapons and military soldiers
      is propagated non-stop, as if every problem can be solved with bigger men and bigger weapons.

  9. Dumb to cut 1 billion off the bat…I feel bad for anyone on the receiving end of a crime over the next few months…police will not help, and I totally understand why.

  10. lol Willie just sitting there with his mouth open at the shock of putting BLM around New York

    1. cause of how dumb it is. BLM are avowed marxists. The campaign is now to silence any whod disagree with them. Disagree with BLM – labelled racist – life over. This is how BLM and their followers plan to gain power in America. Notice how he said “those 3 words”. BLM is becoming a religion, with religious offerings, protestations, and prayers.

  11. Paying attention to the youths will help eliminate crimes. Having them involved in positive social activities is welcomed. The police won’t be paid tax payers money nor have time to abuse innocent people.

    1. Social activities such as? This generation of children are different. They have no interest in the “social activities” as of yesterday. They’re more interested in social media.

    2. Maria Brown 👈 this America, this naive imbecile and those like her is what’s destroying society

    1. superdivemaster 👉🏻Reality, Mayor Bill De Debacle is simply diverting attention from his Mr. De Dastardly lousy De Democrat ineptness & anti- police attitude.

  12. After buying the worlds supply of remdesivir, according to the Financial Times today July 1st: Trump is allowing Gilead Sciences to charge the US government $2,340 for remdesivir. A U.K. report states that Liverpool University research shows that a ten day course costs $9.32 to manufacture, that includes a ‘fair profit’.

  13. Mayor Bill De BACLE , de blaster disaster of NYC, claims that Marxist lead “important message” resolves chaos in NYC. Indeed “storm on the horizon” calamity to be direct result of Mayor’s ineptness.

  14. De Blasio your description !
    “cowardice” indicates a failure of character in the face of a challenge. One who succumbs to cowardice is known as a coward

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