NYC Board of Elections Releases New Primary Numbers | MSNBC 1

NYC Board of Elections Releases New Primary Numbers | MSNBC


The New York City Board of Elections released new numbers from the Democratic primary on Wednesday after it rescinded the results a day before because of a confounding tabulation error. WNYC reporter Brigid Bergin joins Morning Joe to discuss.

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NYC Board of Elections Releases New Primary Numbers | MSNBC


  1. How can you eliminate anyone if you haven’t counted all the votes first? Ranked choice is a great way to vote but you need all of them first!

    1. The last placed Candidate is eliminated and those Votes are given to those Voter’s 2nd Choice, and so on until there’s only 1 left…

    2. @David Goldman it’s actually quite the opposite. It helps stop power grabs, creating for greater diversity of ideologies, and makes sure the political that gets elected has optimal approval. In electoral college and popular vote, a person could literally have 35% of the votes and still be elected. Ranked choice makes sure each candadite has some sort of >50% approval

    1. @Michael P That’s because you know nothing ans don’t want to know anything. You are the perfect little liberal lamb.

    2. @Trapped in America
      If you are “trapped” in America why not cross the southern border? Sure they will welcome you.

  2. There’s a Hollywood writer out there working on a script based on this story. Don’t expect Matthew Broderick or Reese Witherspoon to be in it. The guy who just got fired is going to get a payday out of this script. 😆

  3. Keep showing different numbers before they are all counted,then no byody believes the numbers when they are. Premature counts and polls mean nothing but confusion of the actual vote. Can’t wait for the truth,so everyone’s off on an if.

  4. Why has New York always been such a s***show when it comes to counting votes? It takes ages and is so dang annoying 😂
    Just seems like they’ve allowed incompetency to reign for so long now.

  5. How can you Americans expect to taken seriously when everything, even simple errors are politicised and advantage sought rather than clarity. For goodness sake grow up and act like responsible adults.

    1. What you’re describing is a minority of Americans, consisting of a good percentage of the Republican party in this country, who have been transformed into a Orwellian partisan cult by Reich-wing politicians, media, demagogues, plutocrats, and Christian nationalists, who seek power at any cost to exert minority rule over the majority. They are essentially all corrupt grifters, and they exploit the gullible and the ignorant. There is certainly legitimate cause for concern, but it important to distinguish that it is not all Americans, or even most Americans. You got an upvote from me, because your comment is otherwise spot-on.

  6. Ranked choice is fine, the only thing that requires fixing is the gross incompetence and corruption of the people running it. As for speculating on the winner based on partial results, this isn’t really any more or less valid than it was without ranked choices, you just need an extra layer of analysis to figure out the probable distribution of Nth-choices.

  7. if they lose, blame the computers, and when they’re proven wrong, blame human error
    there is a pattern here
    it’s blaming everyone but yourself

  8. It angers me that these overpaid talking heads misrepresent Rank Choice Voting- you know why? Because done right, Rank Choice Voting eliminates the problem of a candidate winning by a minority of voters. It makes the election a much more representative count of the real preference if voters. News hawkers don’t want that! There’s no ratings for them when the results are fair and clear. They WANT conflict and turmoil- YOUR TURMOIL AND MINE! That’s their paycheck!

  9. Really appreciated WNYC reporter Brigid Bergin’s clarifying of the situation. They definitely need to clean up the nepotism and incompetence in NYC’s election board and enact laws allowing the board to conduct elections in a timely manner, but this is NOT a case of election fraud or anyone trying to manipulate the vote.

  10. You’d think somebody would have the sense to set up the testing votes to be a wash, just in case they’re accidentally included.

  11. MSNBC, CNN, and the Liberal Media were attacking Eric Adams after he questioned the results…The ONLY Reason it was uncovered WAS BECAUSE people and candidates like Eric Adams were questioning the results EVEN after he was being attacked by the Left Media…Gaslighting at its finest by the Left.


    Everyone then sees people off loading boxes of newly found votes…

  13. They need people who are trained properly to run things. Hiring friends and relatives are not who should be running this.

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