NYC Delays In-Person Classes, De Blasio Eyes Oct. 1 To Start | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

NYC Delays In-Person Classes, De Blasio Eyes Oct. 1 To Start | Morning Joe | MSNBC


New York City will delay the start of in-person classes for most of its students which was set to begin Monday, and students will be allowed to return on a rolling basis. Mayor Bill de Blasio joins Morning Joe to say he's confident most students will return by October 1. Aired on 09/18/2020.
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NYC Delays In-Person Classes, De Blasio Eyes Oct. 1 To Start | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. They have had compulsory masks in Thailand Schools for a month. One of the lowest death rates in the world. Masks are the key.

    1. @Deborah Freedman
      Sweden spared European surge as coronavirus infections stay low

      Chief epidemiologist puts low number of cases down to light-touch ‘sustainable’ approach

  2. Good. It’s just not safe. Especially with flu season ramping up. I wish the other states would follow NY’s example. They weren’t perfect but they’ve done a great job.

    1. New York has done a great job of recovering after getting hit hard.
      The work continues this is not even close to over yet.

  3. Kids can and are getting Covid.
    While the risk is lower to children, they can infect others.
    Like good old Grandma.

    1. Considering the number of obese people in their 20s and 30s, it is more likely mom and dad are at risk of dying. Anyone who has had school age children, knows elementary school children bring home one cold after another.

    2. Recovery ain’t as simple as sounds either. Just watched a report here in UK about underlying conditions after covid heart and neurological illness’s. We got a way to go yet. Stay safe pal.

  4. The size and complexity is mind-boggling in a district of this size. Once they are started..monitoring will be critical.

    1. Who supports the 1619 Project school curriculum being taught in U.S. classrooms about systemic racism in America? Do you support that the POTUS has ordered public schools to stop teaching anti-American history classes? If this BS is being taught, then Parents will find other options to teach their children. Maybe Trump 2020 will give funding directly to the student’s parents so they can have school choice?

    1. I’m sure when flu season happens…they will just add those to the Covid cases. This whole thing is BS, Covid has 98% survival rate among healthy. This is a joke and Deblasios and his wife can’t account for the billions she was in charge of that is Missing! It’s criminal.

    1. @Deplorable Centrist More Americans die of covid every eight hours than have died in South Korea in total since this all started. SK is a democratic republic modeled after us with 51 million citizens. Let that all sink in. How’d they do it? Their president took decisive action while Cuckold J. Trump and Fox “News” were still calling it a Democratic hoax.

    2. Don’t be so ridiculous. It is not ridiculous, it is inevitable. This is how things are during a novel contagion Pandemic outbreak. You knew this was coming&you knew it was impossible to eliminate the risk entirely. Stop being such a cry baby.

    3. @Pink Freud and its been totally blown out of proportion !! This is a strain of the flu . Who has died ? 98% older people with underlying conditions ,just exactly like the flu.
      More people will die today of cancer or heart attack than from CV .

  5. Willie why you stressing him?
    Do you realize how frickin difficult getting the schools ready is? Especially without a federal response. After they lived through the crush of the pandemic.
    The schools have to be safe for the children.
    Stop pressuring him we have no idea how the virus is going to be in the fall.

    1. azusa b….getting schools ready is a responsibility of the state you flippin moron. The government can give suggestions but just like with corona, the response is ultimately up it the state. No worries buddy, just blame everything on the administration.

  6. Where are the N95 masks that are far superior to the masks currently available to the public? Don could easily invoke the Defense Protection Act to require manufacturers to produce these vital protection devices. Apparently, the very stable genius wants to create as much chaos, death and illness as possible in order to claim instability and the need to cancel elections.

  7. Bill DeBlasio has had the worst response in all of America….. Why should anyone listen to a word this man has to say?

  8. When whistle blower start coming out against these Mayor’s and Governors for illegally withholding information on C-19 it will be the end of the DemoKKKratic Party

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