NYC Healthcare Workers Required To Be Vaccinated Or Have Weekly Tests 1

NYC Healthcare Workers Required To Be Vaccinated Or Have Weekly Tests


All New York City health workers will either be required to be vaccinated against the coronavirus or receive weekly COVID tests. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio joins Morning Joe to discuss.

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NYC Healthcare Workers Required To Be Vaccinated Or Have Weekly Tests


    1. @Qanon is a suicide cult run by Ron Watkins the Boomers ONLY retire in RED States to save money, with No or Little State income tax.. while those same RED states are thus underfunded, and highly dependent on Federal funding paid for by Blue States. Those “RED” States are truly Red, lol.. without social communism their Red States would collapse, so ironic!!

    2. @Scott Manerez isn’t that great? I applaud those brave enough to move so those states can be flipped away from red.

    3. @JAMES C
      I don’t even need to mention the seat loss. I see moving vehicles every day, businesses are abandoned, crime is going up, NY is dead, this outcome was inevitable considering who runs this dumpster fire. I can only hope it’s even still possible for me to make enough money to move as far away from here as humanly possible

    1. Good. Nobody wants a nurse or doctor who can spread a disease to them. Are you completely out of your mind?

    1. @Anotherbloodyfanwriter They’ll just steal more of our money to bail them out. Secession, on the other hand, would be great.

    2. @Anotherbloodyfanwriter It’s probably going to happen. They’re not going to stop until they’ve forced vaccinations into everyone on Earth. So if you’re surrounded by a bunch of cult members, you might have to move. Fortunately, there’s over 100 million of us in the USA. Anywhere with low vaccination rates is going to be a good place to move to. So get at least a vague plan in place, and get ready to move in a hurry. I’ve been selling my unnecessary possessions for the last 6 months or more.

  1. What happens to patients if in consequence, city hospitals find themselves shortstaffed if doctors and nurses just go to other institutions?
    Also FYI, by requiring this the city is basically admitting the health care workers would not have taken it otherwise!

    1. Yup I’m a healthcare worker, been working throughout the pandemic around many “covid positive” patients… have never gotten sick, never gotten vaccine… still won’t.

    2. A lot of healthcare workers never took a virology, epidemiology, or immunology course. While I was getting my degree in microbiology, I tutored RN students in chemistry, and they weren’t very good at grasping scientific concepts. Half of the people in my aforementioned classes were med students, and as they were taking the classes pass/fail, they weren’t the best students. Thus, whether or not an orderly or nurse lacks the basic risk assessment skills, to decide to get vaccinated, never entered into my decision to get vaccinated. I did so as soon as I was allowed to. I also recognize that it would be extremely unwise to allow unvaccinated workers in a hospital setting. People too stupid to get vaccinated, should not be allowed to infect patients, who are often in a weakened condition. Any hospital, that employs the unvaccinated, is leaving themselves open for a malpractice suit. So, any unvaccinated worker should be furloughed, until they rectify their error in judgement.

  2. When kids have to depend on the school system to eat, that speaks more about the dysfunctional society than it does the virus.

    1. You actually thought someone was blaming child hunger on the virus?? LOL.. did you get your Epistemology at Walmart??

    2. @The One And Only!!! The better solution is to get everyone vaccinated, and kids back to school.

    1. @Mister Schubert de Blasio using a fake name? Kind of like going from Drumpf to Trump. Or Rafael Eduardo Cruz to Ted Cruz.

    2. @Leo Peridot You just named a bunch of Republicans lol you must be a Democrat at me either so I assume on

    1. All Ds in high school = “D”iploma
      All Ds in college = “D”egree
      All Ds in med school = “D”octor

    1. Good. That is a good place to start. No company or person should employ an unvaccinated person, they are too great a liability. And since the unvaccinated would be fired for cause, they will not receive unemployment benefits.

    1. that actually IS a “choice ” YOU get to decide, It’s up to YOU. That’s what makes it a choice .lol by “we ” are you implying this affects YOU ? Im already vaccinated, btw, Im smart.

  3. “Why not just require vaccination?”
    “Because the temper tantrums have worn us down. We’re doing the equivalent of giving a spoiled brat the choice between eating vegetables and taking vitamins.”

  4. It’s simple fellow nurses, just say religious believes prevent you from getting it. They will move on so fast .

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