NYC Hosts ‘Hometown Heroes’ Parade To Honor Covid Frontline Workers

Thousands of people are gathering in New York City to honor the city’s Covid-19 essential frontline workers and first responders with a ‘Hometown Heroes’ ticker tape parade along the famous Canyon of Heroes. NBC News’ Rehema Ellis reports from along the parade route. 
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    1. why we praising people for jobs that they did willingly and they get paid for all the time? they’re not special that’s their job

    2. so you’re saying you are one of the sheep who fell for the covid lies and bs? did you take the jab? there are over 700K dead so far and this coming flu season there will be huge numbers b/c the immune. syst can’t fight. off infection.

    3. @Blue Lagoon If you’re calling people sheep for taking basic precautions to avoid contracting a contagious virus and passing it on to others, you might want to consider that you’re the sheep.

  1. No minimum wage increase, no healthcare reform, here is a parade now shut up and get back to work.

  2. Weren’t “frontline workers” paid to do their jobs? They didn’t do it for fun or out of the goodness of their hearts. Everybody wanted to keep working when the pandemic hit, but alot weren’t allowed to or were forced to work from home.

    1. @Jock Young THAT WAS THEIR JOB!!!! Just so happen that a once in a century pandemic happened.

    2. Yet you end up licking the boots of whoever says is a police officer 🤣🤣 isn’t that ironic.

    3. @Blue Lagoon
      I’m grateful for the people who showed up to work and took the chance on catching the disease so that some semblance of our lives could continue.
      You’re not. You’re one of those guys like I said.

  3. How come tRump wasn’t the Grand Marshall? “The numbers and attendance would have been tremendous.”

  4. how do you have a parade and not let people know ahead of time that there will be a parade… see I missed this parade, because I did not know about it.

    1. It’s more fake news. search Brace yourselves climate lockdown. Unless we ALL take a stand , we’re screwed.

    2. @Blue Lagoon According to Tuckers Lawyer nothing he says shall be taken seriously only idiots would believe his bs. You seem to be one of them idiots , stay or go back to school and make yourself proud.

    1. And the Biden supporters don’t believe the TRUMP vaccine- floats would be rolled out until 2022 scoffing Trumps nov 2020 announcement (like biden said in The chris Wallace debate, right? )

    2. @Luntershaptop Fukinov
      You mean the vaccines Trump Supporters won’t take because they believe they’re full of magnets and spoons will stick to their heads?

      Oh yeah, those vaccines.😆

    3. @Ralph Boyd You dodge my point QUOTING Biden, Harris, and Pelosi et al schizophrenia on TRUMP vaccines, but to your deflection, It’s all over the board who is leery of the vaccines.. The ONLY consistency is from black democrats (and GOP conservatives, who challenged the vaccine’s safety created under their own party’s president)..
      YOUR side are the lunatics ( or corrupt asf) with the polar opposite positions on both sides dead against, juxtaposed to militancy IN support on either side of the Nov 3rd election
      Honestly, you’re not smart or informed enough to have this debate with others and myself with such an inane reply.

    4. @Ralph Boyd facts (LoL)
      Biden said trump was lying about a nov 2020 vaccine roll out and said NO WAY possible until late 2021 or even 2022 (quoting Fauci-Wallace debate)
      Biden, Harris, and Democrats then said the vaccines rolling out in Nov 2020 were “dangerously rush through and unsafe”..
      Biden can’t even get the damned name straight! LMAO “covert 9”.. “covax” .. etc.
      And then Biden tries to sooth the vaccine hesitancy amongst Black democrats by his historical expertise and stories about the Tuskegee (“AIRMEN”) syphilis experiments?
      And all you can counter the PRESIDENT and democrat insanity with is some tabloid allegations of unknown kooks on the internet? LOL

    5. @Luntershaptop Fukinov
      The point is Trump Supporters won’t take the Vaccines because they believe goofy Conspiracies that float through the Anti-Vaxer QAnon Trump Community. As seen by MAGA Anti-Masker mask burnings and MAGA Anti-Vaxer testimony.

  5. According to Republicans, the virus isn’t serious enough to do anything about it. No doubt, they are wondering why these people deserve any kind of praise.

  6. Too bad Cuomo spent all that time doing press conferences ..writing and promoting his own book…instead of helping the people of New York

    1. To bad the president at the time spent all his time golfing , throwing Klan rallies and lying as 600k Americans died

    2. @Oppressed Speaker of truth 😂😂😂 you’re still acting like it’s not his fault 🤡🤡🤡🤡🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑

  7. Remember when tRump yelled at those nurses 🤤🤤🤤 maga kids eat lead paint chips

  8. The American people will NEVER forget what the shameful Democrats have done to America concerning the Shamdemic and stolen election

    1. Sources on a “stolen election”?? That sounds like something a domestic terrorist would literally make up.

    2. The stolen election was in 2016, when Hillary was cheated out of her win, because Russians hacked voting systems in 21 states to install Trump. You don’t honestly think Trump won in 2016, do you? If so, HOW? Every poll said he would lose to Hillary. Even after Russians hacked those voting systems, he still lost to Hillary by three million votes. There is no chance Trump won in 2020. Not possible. Democrats have won the popular vote in the last seven of eight elections. That means normal people outnumber Republicans.

  9. I’m an essential worker. I worked today for the same pay I worked for during the scamdemic.
    A parade for the essential workers is SO INSULTING!
    They were giving JUNKIES $600 a week.

  10. Where was and what happened to the Andrew Cuomo NY state nursing home float?
    (Nobody left to drive it? )

  11. Oh they’re getting a parade 🙄. I’ll say it like I said it when I was in the military and they wanted to pin medals on my chest. Big deal about the medals, give me some money. Give every one of them $10,000 instead of a cheap little parade!!!

    1. As a healthcare provider, I agree with you. Parades are fine. Spread the word to get more people vaxxed, but uhhhhhh, frankly, as someone who was hip deep in this crap since jump street, I’d rather get a check.

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