NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Calls On Gov. Andrew Cuomo To Resign

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is among top Democrats calling on New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign following a report by the state attorney general's office that Gov. Cuomo sexually harassed almost a dozen women.

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NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Calls On Gov. Andrew Cuomo To Resign


  1. Most powerful people have no shame ….they look down at others as objects they can play with, use and manipulate.

    1. Now you understand the nature of corruption and tyranny. Good. That means we’re one step closer to revolution.

    2. @Ghost of the Tuskegee Experiments Most of the population has known this for decades. Still no revolution

    3. @Ghost of the Tuskegee Experiments you people are still crying over the revolution of Jan 6 .
      So you don’t want to see a revolution. Unless it’s your side doing it.

    4. @Veganpotter Thevegan
      You’re right. That’s the problem, too many are apathetic and indifferent about the loss of liberty. But that’s changing, albeit slowly.

    1. Where’s the fire? I hear a lot of fire trucks but see no smoke and no flames 🔥

  2. Bill de Blasio is much more than willing to have Cuomo removed. He’ll be another step closer to the governorship.

    1. Stop voting Democrat!! Look at how their states turn out. Look at Illinois/ Chicago, California, New York, Oregon/ Portland, Washington/ Seattle. Then look at Texas, Arizona, Florida, Tennessee all ran by a republican majority… is it really that hard to see?

    2. @Taylor Jensen still doesn’t provide reasoning why we should vote blue. Also stop with the partisanship. If Nancy and Biden two people I know you guys hate, would urge Cuomo to resign who is also a Democrat then why wouldn’t that be bipartisan? I bet you republicans want him to resign. Therefore we have a common enemy. And more corrupt Richard Nixon. We are in this together…

    3. @Terminal Impact we are. I’m not actually partisan. I live in arizona and we have a good mix of blue and red. These places I mentioned have been 90% blue for over 50 yrs. They need more of a mix. But yeah Republicans have wanted him to resign ever since it came to light his lying about covid deaths in nursing homes, he had his nursing homes accept covid 19 positive people and the virus ran through those old homes like a buzz saw. Then he made money off it.

    1. “Voice of the people” the controlled opposition, let the crocodile tears flow into the river D Nile D Nile D Nile. Kennedy Camelot, green demon dream theater and celebrity toe sucking, Joseph, Rose and the drug & gun runn’n Nazi war criminal money laundry. Irish Mob, Italian Mod and endless city state power struggle, the demonic drama for you mama watching the thin ice skating.

  3. So governor’s aren’t entitled to a fair trial and the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise ?

    1. Listen, you. Cuomo had his due process and the Attorney General concluded that he sexually assaulted 11 women. He is guilty. The Attorney General has spoken and that is the end of it. Cuomo made his bed and now must lie in it ALONE. No self-respecting woman will get in bed with him after this. The dark era of the aging nepotism Cuomo Brothers are over and it is about time!

  4. Snoopy licks Lucy’s face how many times and got away with it. She was all freaked out and upset. Dog Germs !

  5. Bill De Blasio’s daughters slip of the tongue comment says it all: Joe was able to steal, no, win the election.

  6. As same with Matt Gaetz everyone gets their day in court so far for the Gov and Matt Gaetz it’s been hearsay to make the man resign. Let both men get their day in court.

  7. Bill de Blasio seems heavily biased like he genuinely dislikes Gov. Cuomo. He has grudges. And so do a lot of other people.

  8. The most incompetent Mayor in history calls on the most incompetent Governor in history to resign! Now THAT’S funny!

  9. If we could get rid of Cuomo – and also with loser DeBlasio’s term ending – this would be a great thing for the people of New York!

  10. Anyone else think it’s weird that de Blasio goes by an alias? It’s not even his real name.

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