NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio On Vaccine Mandate For School Teachers And Staff 1

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio On Vaccine Mandate For School Teachers And Staff

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks with Aaron Gilchrist about his vaccine mandate for school teachers and staff.  

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  1. The massive health care industry loves the extra business. Ever hear of follow the money. I am a capitalism buff, but insurance and government and big pharm is such a complicated mess. The little guy hopes he will be treated right, there are no guarantees in life

    1. All the sane people who can leave Nyc have already left. They knew this authoritarianism was coming. Next is tax hikes for unvaccinated. Welcome to class segregation, out with the old usa stain of racism, in with the new one even hitler predicted, authoritarian facism.

    1. Tuberculosis is one that is required by most large businesses MMR is required for children before they start to school

    1. You forgot the end of your sentence, ‘if you want to greatly enhance your chance of catching, hospitalization, and death from Covid-19.’

    2. @Roland Lytle You are seeing the effects of antibody-dependent enhancement right now. The breakthrough cases are just the tip of the iceberg. Millions of people around the world will soon suffer from fatal infections.

    1. Jesse Jackson took a jab and now he’s in the hospital. If he dies, that will encourage minorities to protest the white commies pushing the mandates.

    2. Pushing it on kids, I know that death is not the only negative from virus but at 400 deaths over 74 million, barely more than 1 in 200,000

    3. Look up Kim Iversen… She exposed how Pharma bosses are working directly with the CDC and FDA … Do not trust these people

    4. @D P There’s not much to prove. The commissioners of FDA’s past are lobbyists for Pfizer and other big pharmacies. It’s right on their LinkedIn!

  2. Are you gonna vaccine mandate the homeless? Illegals crossing the borders? Animals(pigs, cows, cats, dogs, horses AKA AOC)? lol

  3. Imagine wearing a mask once you enter a restaurant to protect yourself from a virus so deadly that you have to take a test to know if you have it…

    And then removing it 30 seconds later once you’re seated… because Science!

  4. Yet it’s ok to hold a concert in the middle of Central Park with 60,000 maskless people who can certainly contract and spread. Please explain…

  5. There is no actively-monitored/accurate vaccine adverse event reporting system … but it’s totally safe because, trust us!

  6. REMOVE the Liability Protection drug companies have enjoyed……
    Time to put their money where their mouth is.!

  7. School is a joke when it comes to learning how to make and manage money. Financial education is something that is completely neglected until only a few of us decide to pursue it in our adulthood.

  8. Much like mandating medical professionals to get the vaccine, teachers (especially those in the public system) who don’t follow the science and refuse to get this life-saving shot to protect themselves and the kids, should rightly have their teaching credentials called into question.

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