NYC Mayor Eric Adams calls to remove all homeless encampments | USA TODAY

NYC Mayor Eric Adams calls to remove all homeless encampments | USA TODAY 1


  1. got an idea but not sure if it’ll work :
    let the homeless people stay in a shelter or sorts of place that takes care of their wellbeing while training and helping them to be able to get a job so that they can get a place to stay on their own in future.

    1. A lot don’t want that. Most of the homeless in NYC have mental health and addiction problems. Shelters don’t let you drink or use drugs.

    2. A) that takes a lot of money and people that doesn’t come easily.

      B) many homeless would rather remain homeless and be able to do drugs and live freely than live in a shelter with rules.

      I think clearing out the encampments and getting them out of the city is the best option.

      It makes life harder for them and narrows their options down, almost forcing them to rehab or a facility of some kind.

      Think of it like that intervention show, but on a larger scale.

      It’s proven to work.

  2. Has it occurred to this lady that some of them CHOOSE to be homeless? Some of them rather keep their drugs and alcohol, and not have the responsibilities of being functional in society?

    1. Which doesn’t change the fact they need help too. Plus that’s probably 5% of all homeless people.

    2. @THE___TRUTH that 5 % figure sounds plausible.

      Most people on the streets are there by necessity, and not by choice.

  3. Congress just passed a great law children of America in schools in high school marijuana let’s begin an early career for homelessness by giving marijuana drugs for free this way will eliminate our educational system and create a wonderful society of homelessness drug addicts the Democratic party dream of the future it works in California it will work all over the USA drugs instead of books

    1. First of all marijuana’s is not a drug is not addictive cigarettes and alcohol are real drugs that actually kill

      Second of all if someone enjoys and wants to smoke pot bro 😎 they are going to smoke it regardless

      You have 2 type of people people that want to smoke 💨 and people that don’t that simple

      You can’t have both you love to smoke or you don’t that’s a person soul regardless whether you legalize or not bro cause is not legal that means you not gonna smoke 💨 you fool kids get it easier in the black market anyways simple

  4. Mayor Adams saved NYC and brought it back to it’s former glory.
    In many ways Mayor Adams is a lion.

  5. Wow this mayor means business – the days of Deblasio’s “Laisse-Faire” are in the rear view mirror now !

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