NYC Mayor: It’s Time For Mandates; It’s The Only Way To Protect Our People 1

NYC Mayor: It’s Time For Mandates; It’s The Only Way To Protect Our People


New York City is requiring city government employees show proof of vaccination or have a weekly negative coronavirus test by the middle of September. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio joins Morning Joe to discuss the move.

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NYC Mayor: It’s Time For Mandates; It’s The Only Way To Protect Our People


  1. Who foots the bill for the weekly testing? I hope it’s not the taxpayers, because that just seems like it would enable the unvaccinated’s bad decision making even more

    1. Bad decision? Why is it a bad decision to avoid an unapproved, unauthorized clinical trial vaccine with no liability apparently made and mass produced in under 3months.?

  2. This entire debate falls squarely on one horrific phenomenon: Donald J. Trump. Absent that monster our nation would be prospering.

    1. Pretty sure Democrats were the ones who fought to keep the borders open and let the sick flow in.

  3. The sad way it seems to be going, looks like maybe the protests from the anti-vaxers will slowly die off.

    1. @George Hackett that reminds me of fauci. His opinion and his words gets challenged or questioned. Then he jumps to the victim of hate card. To hilarious

    2. @George Hackett and you can thank Fauci and his gain of function research at wuhan for releasing this on us.

    3. @Censorship Is real You refuse to be vaccinated when that affects other Americans as well as the economy. You’re an absolute waste of space.

    4. @Censorship Is real You forgot and have been replying to the wrong message. You’re just a spite machine. Enjoy the life that leads to – short.

  4. This should’ve happened before we removed our masks in June. We will never make every one happy but , we can save their lives.

  5. the twilight zone made a few episodes just about trump!! ha ha”Logic is an enemy and truth is a menace”rod serling

    1. To the lefties freedom is tyranny and tyranny is freedom. They won’t ever fight back. They are slaves.

  6. What about all those businesses in Florida that have “No Shirt, No Shoes, NO SERVICE” ? Who is rioting about that infringement on freedom?

    1. It is called a private business that has the right to their own rules..
      So, what’s your point?
      This “mandate,” is just forced socialism..

    2. @James Barrett Now you’re delving into public law based on morality..This was determined and created by the people..

  7. Let’s see if the police are as Brutal with the White protesters as they are with BLACK LIVES MATTER

  8. I remember when most businesses had signs that said “We reserve the right to refuse service”. If these businesses want to keep employees & customers safe by requiring patrons to wear masks, I say they have the tight to do so. If they choose not to be vaccinated, they need 2 pay for their weekly test. I’m not up 4 paying for their idiocy.

  9. I have close friends and family, with auto-immune issues and another with a transplant. They cannot get vaccinated.n Let’s be clear and practice a bit more compassion. Yes, there are those guilty of continuing to spread harmful misinformation, but Not Everyone who is not getting vaccine is doing so willfully.

    1. when the doctor put that lifesaving gauze on my wound my rights were infringed that’s what you sound like

  10. health insurance companies need to stop paying for hospital bills for covid if u dont get vaccinated after a certain date. when people have to pay themselves things will change

  11. Breaking news
    CDC: New data suggests vaccinated people could transmit delta variant

    Conspiracy theories are nothing more than spoiler alerts

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