NYC Mayoral Candidate Kathryn Garcia: We Are Facing Serious Challenges 1

NYC Mayoral Candidate Kathryn Garcia: We Are Facing Serious Challenges


Kathryn Garcia, Democratic NYC mayoral candidate, joins Morning Joe to discuss her rise in the polls, her views on policing, the recent spike in crime in the city, working with Albany and helping the city rebuild after the coronavirus.

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  1. Quality of life is # one in the majority of New Yorkers. The only union that matters right now is the Police union and who they decided to back up. I don’t see anything good coming from her.

    1. The union of the “internal investigation”?
      Yeah, that’s the ticket.
      Back each other in crimes against those whom you’ve sworn to protect.

      All cops are is the enforcement arm of the oligarchy that owns everything and keeps others from joining the club.

  2. “People need to get back to work, can’t commit crimes if you’re working a 9-5” yeah tell that to CEO’s, Wall Street, and politicians. I don’t like her already.

    1. Regular working people who are actually subject to going to prison can’t commit crimes like the oligarchs do from their private offices.

  3. You guys talk about mental health for people on the streets I’m a disabled veteran and I asked for help from the VA and it’s taken him three months to get me mental health help by then I might be a dead disabled veteran the VA also does little to help veterans get off the street and get mental health help it’s little to nothing or slow as all get-out

    1. Sorry to hear that. Meanwhile I hope you have some resources to get some help without them – don’t wait if you’re really desperate.

    2. And that’s AFTER the VA system was overhauled in favor of the vet.

      Back in the mid 1980’s through the mid 2000’s it was almost impossible to get any real help from a VA was “here’s your pills, now go back to living on the streets”.

    3. Sorry to hear, brother George. Was the holdup with Tricare or the medical provider, out of curiosity? Either way, your point is well-taken, mental health treatment is an important need, especially for vets!

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  5. The idea of free childcare is nice, but it should be for all, or at least offered on a sliding scale. Middle income people are tired of paying for all the services they can’t use. Really well off people won’t use the free childcare anyway.

  6. On the back side of this Pandemic crisis, NYC IS going to have an eviction/homelessness crisis. The fallout is going to be ?

    1. Nor just NY. The evictions are about to be crazy. There are allot of words, but no real ideas for solutions.

  7. There is a terrible video out there of a young, impatient, ignorant police officer who literally handcuffed a deaf person (who communicates with her hands) and showed total disregard for her disability. He kept escalating the situation as the woman wailed and her two children cried out loudly. Videos like that just anger me to no end. Cops have a long way to go before the community trusts the entire field.

    1. You’re obviously not familiar with career, professional law enforcement techniques. The good agencies have in-house forensic people. Prosecutors often call mental health witnesses, to oppose bogus insanity defenses.

  8. Vancouver Canada has had a specialized team called, Car 87… that is specifically there for Mental Health calls. A psychiatric nurses or social workers team up with specially trained police to manage the mentally illness calls. I suspect we could use a couple more cars like it here…. and looks like there’s a whole bunch needed there.


  10. You said a lot of truth in that last statement about how many different agencies we have to deal with and licensing pay off in order to get a simple restaurant open.

    My rent, payroll and bookkeeping costs along with taxes takes the lions share of any profits left over from the 24% increase in the cost of materials that has came about after the pandemic year… But my customers will also have to bear the additional price increase because without it I’d have to close up.

    As for myself, I haven’t seen an increase in my income since 2015. I recently upped wages for employees which actually comes out of my own current salary since there was no other viable source for this, but I’ll survive and look forward to the day when things equal out again.

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