NYC Mayoral Candidate: We Can Invest In Kids And Keep Streets Safe 1

NYC Mayoral Candidate: We Can Invest In Kids And Keep Streets Safe


NYC mayoral candidate Scott Stringer discusses his plans for addressing the city's homeless crisis and his approach to policing and crime in the city.

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  1. Why worry usa
    You ve got Avengers Robo cop
    Most of all you ve got superman….you know the guy who wears his undies outside or those who put on their undies over their heads

    1. it’s a whole new world now. there was not much internet in the late 1990’s… the iPhone didn’t come out until 6 years after he was in office.

    2. worked how? That all depends on what your goals are. If you goal is to murder black people, then yes it worked.
      If you goal is to lessen drug crimes, then no, it did not work.

  2. Best investment in children is to un-rig the system so skewed against THE PEOPLE in favor of the wealthiest few. Start with the appalling abomination called the tax code.

    1. DING DING DING, WE HAVE A WINNER!! People with money don’t commit the kind of crimes they are talking about.

  3. Secure Wellness Clinics with early childhood education are needed in every community. Have day care available for short periods of time so young mothers can get a break and have community. This would SO cut down on social/health problems down the road.

    1. @Bat Boy Absolutely! I live on a modest Social Security and had to choose between driving or eatting. My town has a fabulous bus system.

    2. Community gardens should be a priority. I put an urban garden in my back yard that yields enough to feed me and my neighbors.

  4. This Guy’s Living In A Bigger Fantacy World Than Donny. You Can Throw All The Money In The World At This Problem, But Till We Fix Systematic Racism On ALL Sides Nothing Will Improve. Sorry For Any Hurt Feelings.

  5. Social inequity, jobs and pay is tied to crime rates. Also over policing having quotas on arrests and where it’s targeted are the main reasons.

    1. @Deborah Freedman We have poverty and we have crime. So what is it? Something in the water? Something in their DNA? Why don’t you tell us? Other first world countries don’t have these problems to the degree that we do. Maybe the United States drives people crazy. You know what statistics do say? They tell us that the cost of things has steadily gone up while pay has not.

  6. More jobs and better pay will help stop some of the violence. Until our government moves to help everyone, we will always have these problems.

  7. so is this a discussion with a mayoral candidate, or a forum on crime?

    or, excuse me, what “morning joe” says people tell him about crime?!

    finally, and this just has to be said, because scarbourough complained that those not actually in the inner city weren’t being sensitive. as he at the same time made himself an entire sample, for the entire city of new york!!

    omg get this chest beating bozo off the air!!

    he’s a noise pollutant, period!!

    1. @Lloyd Little lol, they were slightly advanced compared to average.

  8. The mayor candidate sounds promising. Fixing large cities societal problems is a dawning task requiring each individual to change his/herself across many objectives at the very bottom and move on up to groups, communities, institutions, local cities, states, and federal.

    I bet the Orange supporters and circus will seize this moment of coming together to improve the society for a brighter future with their own selfish political agenda with a sense of down in the dump, dreadfulness, depressing, end of the world attitude….

  9. To my parents, the president of America, Joe Biden, whom I love and respect, I have treated like my own parents, not other people and American citizens, I am an American, a failed product of America. and I don’t want to be disobedient to parents, Indonesia has a bad impact on the world, they have no sense and their minds are still young to build a function that doesn’t have a bad impact on the world, they can’t yet, this will cause chaos in America later, to the parents of the American President Joe Biden and our American citizens must act more to maintain good world relations, we are looking for a solution to stop the Indonesian economy until I return to the house I bought in Indonesia, rest assured that regret will come later, hatri, there is my previous comment on msnbc nbc abc youtube news america , facebook ade munandar munandar be diligent to read on the facebook wall ade muna ndar munandar is very important, translate it into English

    SERGEANT Robert Justin alford green where is my two daughters karee and Jahmela and their 7 children and what have you done to them.

  11. I work for a mortgage company and what I see is all the same rich people or companies buying all the property. They will pay more than the property is worth so to strengthen their monopoly and will charge more and more to rent it. The market is supposed to keep prices in-check but not when the market is controlled by a shrinking number of people.

  12. I really don’t care if you alter my color put it red, pink, yellow, green, whatever you lousy cheats

  13. You know what you politicians and white ppl need to do: go into the neighborhoods and meet ppl. Talk to ppl and get to know them as humans instead of just saying, the police are over policing. Of course they are, but how many ppl see ppl as humans instead of ppl to fix?!

  14. Joe should let other ppl speak. he starts shows talking over his wife than also guests especially if do not agree with him.
    This new maybe mayor makes sense and spoke the facts he has. Joe and his friends do not seem to understand that poverty is a big cause of crime and supports gangs. Duh. Give the ppl jobs that pay a living wage. If minimum wage was equal to cost off living it would be 22 bucks an hour. Poverty should be a crime of the state against the ppl especially in the richest country in the world.
    Billionaires pay literally no taxes but you cannot pay a living wage???? Cause and affect. deal with it.

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