NYC Pride Co-Chair Explains Ban On Uniformed Cops Marching In Parade

NYC Pride Co-Chair André Thomas joined Stephanie Ruhle to explain why his organization decided to ban uniformed police officers from marching in this weekend's upcoming pride parade. He also reacts to criticism of the move by President of the Gay Officers Action League, Detective Brian Downey.

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NYC Pride Co-Chair Explains Ban On Uniformed Cops Marching In Parade


  1. Why are the people that most often say they are excluded always the ones that are the most exclusive?

    1. To show that they are member of the police AND members of the LGBTQ community, to show that they support that community and to try to create a more harmonious environment with that community. If there is fear of the police, then 1) cases of abuse need to be address and treated harshly ( the unions need to be reformed or removed) 2) the officers themselves should not be punished for the actions and abuse by some or events 52 years ago.
      Ill refrain from more.

    1. @Puggles McWardog no worries, I never would. You’d be dead long before you knew what hit you.

    2. @Puggles McWardog you wish I would try to defend my home from you?

      Then you would need to invade my property.

    3. @Kathryn Elizabeth you can’t defend yourself. You’re a liberal woman. You are weak and helpless

  2. Hum. In Sweden, the worlds most friendly country towards LGBTQ people, the police march with pride in uniforms. It is important as it show that LGBTQ people is everywhere, as police officers, as military, as lawmakers etc etc. I see it as a way to counter misunderstanding and preconceptions against LGBTQ people. One of my nabors is police and lesbian and she march every year in uniform at the Pride parade. It is also a way to show that I as a police officer stand on your side.

  3. But they’re ok with police officers wearing their uniforms and driving their cruisers in other parades… Tell me again how this isn’t discriminatory?

  4. They can’t very well go named.
    Stop thinking you get it both ways.
    Oh you want them there..but no..

  5. They can certainly take pride in showing the world how to discriminate against their fellow man, specifically the ones who willing put their lives on the line every day to protect them. Foul and shameful..

  6. So much for tolerance of others. So much for diversity. How expected . It’s what we’ve come to expect from the left. Tolerance and diversity only for themselves. No others need apply .

  7. They did this in Auckland, not sure that I agree with it… but then I didn’t experience what they did……

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