NYC Restaurant Owner On Vaccines: ‘Fight The War With Weapons We Have’ 1

NYC Restaurant Owner On Vaccines: ‘Fight The War With Weapons We Have’

Co-owner of the world famous Sylvia’s restaurant in Harlem Tren’Ness Woods-Black discusses her support for the move to require vaccinations for indoor dining in New York City.

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  1. This has been normal in many countries for some time now. People might as well get used to this.
    Within a year, travel by airline, ship etc. may not be possible if you cannot prove you have been vaccinated. That restaurants introduce this is only a logic step.
    If you don’t like that, don’t visit restaurants.

    1. @What about numbers and notes ? my work place tried to enforce masks while eating. They wanted us to pull it back down while chewing.

    2. TheChiefEng is the sort of person who would have rounded people up for the Nazis. ‘Yes sir, whatever you say sir…’

  2. Sylvia’s food is not soul food so of course she bends because black peoples are not the community that loves to eat their food. She doesn’t represent me, at all!

    1. @Wigit Nobody ever told me not to get the jab. I think if you want it, go get it. I’ll save mine for people who actually need it. The rest of the world is not so spoiled as people in the USA, they need the jab. If you’re generally in good health, you have a very good chance at not contracting the disease.

  3. I haven’t sat in a restaurant in years ..There’s something fun about eating in private front of my TV and my computer screen …

  4. *Allows millions of illegals to enter the country*

    “I’m so shocked by the rising case numbers!”

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