NYC Restaurants Struggle To Stay Afloat During Pandemic | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

NYC Restaurants Struggle To Stay Afloat During Pandemic | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Restaurants nationwide are struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic, and it is projected that half of New York City's restaurants may close in the next six months due to the virus. Morning Joe looks at two Manhattan locations struggling to stay afloat. Aired on 11/16/2020.
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NYC Restaurants Struggle To Stay Afloat During Pandemic | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Congress isn’t struggling…. Mika….. the Republican lead Senate doesn’t give a s***. Calling a spade a spade is best!

    1. @aBoogieNoHoodie You can go as high as you want, but that doesn’t mean that the plan will cover what’s needed for Americans. Don’t tell me I’m lying, DO YOUR HOMEWORD boy.

    2. @wily wascal I was simply pointing out that everybody was blaming the Republicans but in a fact it was Nancy playing politics. She was on record of saying she did not want trumps name on stimulus checks going to Americans before the election. I don’t care who’s name is on the chat I could give a rats rear but apparently this was a big deal to Nancy.
      The rest of your argument makes no sense regarding what you referred to as a stumbling block. You talk about me making a cognitive argument, there is no argument whatsoever.

    3. @wily wascal Again there is no twisting of the facts, this is all in your mind. I explained that I really had no position on trumps name on the stimulus checks, I really don’t care who’s name is on the checks. It was Nancy who had the big deal over trumps name.
      You are very correct that we did retain control over the House however, we lost a lot of seats. A lot of seats were flipped and now these Republicans can side with moderate Democrats. This is critical in getting legislation passed. While we still have a majority we don’t have a lock on it.
      I think people voted against Trump more than they voted for Joe. we recall early in the campaign a lot of Joe’s early positions were not received and he had to backtrack. He had to backtrack on his position on energy and he had to backtrack on tax increases. He also had to backtrack on the green new deal. He kept making terrible Gaffes. So I think more people voted against the Big Orange Meany than they did for Joe.

    4. @wily wascal By the way you’re referring to me as a Doc. I do not have my PhD. I have a Masters in Political Science with a Minor in Psychology. I also took a meteorology certificate class at our local JC because I am a pilot. But I do not have my doctorate.

    1. Putin didnt really abandon him, it was just not enough disinformation.
      I mean, 70 mil. votes for Trump even though he failed so hard and got impeached etc etc..thats tough!

    2. The election is far from over… Just today glitches found in key swing States! Fraudulent Biden votes getting tossed

    3. @John David Dream on.. dream on~
      Just know…
      You and the rest of your xenophobic cohorts who suppprt trump blindly have hurt our nation with so much hate toward just people. We are one nation, under God. God does not see color. Just human beings that he created in his image to live harmoniously with love and kindness. You can love somebody as you do trump or your child. But you have to be able to see their good and the bad points to see them clearly who they are..
      I am truly sad for you
      and all of us

  2. Consider this would America go down into Astarte like Belarus not accepting election – protects ++++ until elected gov give in to new election.

    1. @Amanda Reiche yeah.
      …I would like to know you more and be close to you, like to be with you just like bread and butter used to be. I hope you don’t mind. Are you married? I’m a single parent.

  3. Trump “You’re fired”
    Hopefully you will pay accordingly.
    Law & Order along IRS
    will be awaiting for you with arms wide open

  4. Maybe this shows our culture became way too focused on spending our dollars on frivolity and luxury, misaligned values?

    1. @john mac Yeah, trump is only about making money and the fact of Americans are dying, even after recovering-have continuing medical problems from being infected-he plays golf, obviously in denial and incompetent.
      While Biden wants to save the American peoples lives by getting this Covid-19 crisis under control & over with, AND help businesses, the overworked medical and other people out there trying to save lives, for starters.
      It is obvious who is the best person for America-Joe Biden

    2. @john mac They are truly that stupid. They can not fathom that a establishment stooge would work against their interests. That’s the Dems.

    3. 4 years ago I was not sitting here typing a bunch conspiracy theories I just said Trump is going to be a horrible president for the nation it’s all right you always have 2024 assuming he doesn’t get in any trouble for anything he did while in office

  5. This is what happens when you let an incompetent person in the white house he had no clue on how to run the country!!!

  6. Republicultists have lined their donor class. The only thing on their agenda is liability coverage for big business.

  7. We need a 3 week shut down of the country and emergency funding going to small biz quickly prior to 3 week shut down. It makes sense.

  8. Remember when t’rump told America to inject bleach as a cure for the corona.
    Whatever happened to that brilliant medical strategy?

  9. Trump said that he’d talk about a stimulus package “After I win”, he lost. He hasn’t cared about people going broke or people dying if COVID.

    1. Read it and weep and remember what is helped and what is hindered come 2022. It starts NOW for all you people in the Senate!

  10. Trump was always good at killing businesses. He’s at it again, now, with his refusal to deal with Covit 19.

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