NYC Schools Chief: Pulling Our Funding Could ‘Further Traumatize’ Students | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


    1. @laksh nayyar ihave35cents and Qu812 are trolls. Their posts are designed to draw you in, if they engage you at length they get a bonus. See Malcom Nance.

    2. @Kathy Weis Add Tweatles and William H Music (pretty certain they are the same person), to the list.
      As with Crystal Gibbons.

    3. @Reg U yes, sir they are on the list. Stay healthy, stay strong, fight on!πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘βœŠ

    4. @Kathy Weis Good to hear they “made” the list.
      You also stay safe, healthy, strong and vote.
      Best wishes from Montreal.
      🍺 🍺

  1. Isn’t it peculiar how the “Pro-Life” party doesn’t seem to care if we live or die?πŸ€”

    1. the people who demanded we reopen the states without putting proper precautions in place are the same people now demanding that we reopen the schools without putting proper precautions in place, because reckless and stupid doesn’t magically cure itself overnightl

    2. @Devo covid 19 cases are going in full swing .it is better to declare zero academic year for 2020.

    3. @laksh nayyar CDC chief says Northerners heading South for vacation may be to blame for surge in coronavirus cases, not state reopenings

    4. ihave35cents 🀣

      Surrrrreee…you all set for Biden 2020, Comrade?


  2. These are the People’s tax dollars-NOT Trump’s. Don’t trust your kids to these fools. Devoss testified 15,000 dead, which is BS. Who wants to sacrifice their child for Putinism?

    1. That’s right. Don’t do it, people! We love our kids & our teachers. We are *NOT* sending our children into schools. *KIDS DIE FROM COVID19 EVERY DAY.*

    2. There is a TON of great curriculum out there, speaking from experience!

      A lot of it comes with videos and/or online streaming.

      I bought 3 second hand math curriculums for my son to try, and he selected 2.

      Get an easel white board and a small hand held white board (Dollar Tree).

      When concepts are beyond me, I use Khan Academy to teach him.

      When school shut down, I immediately began to search for online classes. He did not stop learning. We kept going.

      As I said, lots of curriculum is out there, some expensive, some inexpensive. Tons of free teaching videos as well. Religious curricula, secular–the options are endless!

      If you are able, take charge of your child’s education and have fun!

    3. Today we took his fraction homework, made a pie chart showing what it would take to run a business. I called a local business for real life numbers. It was fabulous, and my son learned his fractions with a real world scenario of running a business.

    4. We do silly fractions like “if you had 478 warts, and your wart cream removed 1/5, how many would you have left?”

      I have a friend who teaches advanced mathematics. She said is is EASIER to instruct from home because all those distractions and time wasters are eliminated. The kids who were messing around on their phones in class still do, but that is their choice to make.

      But at home learning can work. My parents travelled the globe, so I had to teach myself. It can be done.

      We have the internet now and so many learning options. People do youtube reviews all the time on curriculum.

  3. I know I have to keep this clean we have a bozo running our country it is hard to do so he opened the country too soon he has done nothing now he wants to put our children in danger do you want a buffoon running a country make sure you vote let’s clean the house

    1. @Pam Deshane = more deaths for teachers and other elderly relatives, more money spent on medical and in the end jobs lost and lives lost, children living in broken homes, does that sound familiar?

    2. Seriously, could anyone have imagined that Harvard University would go fully online for one full academic year? I sense that the changes coming in our education system (University and Schools) are not going to be fleeting or temporary, but medium- to long-term.

    3. @Pam Deshane covid 19 cases are going in full swing .it is better to declare zero academic year for 2020.

    4. Depending on the school district. In violent schools, kids would be safer learning at home, especially if officers will no longer be in the building.

      Kids get bullied and threatened at schools shockingly often. I work at a school. Kids can be naaty to one another. Sometimes toward teachers too. School isn’t a utopia either, and especially going forward I foresee major problems.

      However, in safe areas in relatively good schools….πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ If there haven’t been issues in daycares, then why not?


    2. Should look at how the daycares have fared over the past months.

      What are daycare COVID numbers? Of the deceased? They kept running these past few months, so those are good places to look for how this affects children.

      Also, consider that current antibody testing ALSO shows past and present antibodies for HKU1, NL63, OC43, and 229E coronaviruses, which are the common ones that circulate each year. That is according to a local lab report.

      So, you may test postive, especially when fall arrives–and have the flu, not COVID. Obviously this is confusing.

      Current antibody testing is not yet FDA approved, as COVID is a very recent phenomenon.

    3. Another thing we should be looking at is the death rate of COVID. What percent of children who contract it die? Compare that to flu and pneumonia numbers. Need to see exactly what we are dealing with. Hopefully a test will be developed to SPECIFICALLY isolate COVID so other viruses don’t get lumped in, as is happening now.

      The lab report I refer to also says the current tests are only 20-40% accurate.

  4. $500 billion went to a list of corporations that t’rump refuses to disclose, while at the same time he’s threatening to withhold funding to help keep our kids, teachers, and their families safe.
    Cool cool. πŸ™„

    1. Quid pro quo baby! Quid pro quo! Charter schools that Devos gets profit from will get money!

  5. I hope that they are considering that younger children will need to be in smaller groups but older children should be able to use auditoriums in fairly large groups with still plenty of distancing.

  6. the people who demanded we reopen the states without putting proper precautions in place are the same people now demanding that we reopen the schools without putting proper precautions in place, because reckless and stupid doesn’t magically cure itself overnight

  7. Further traumatized !!!??
    DeVos must be playing with herself just at the thought of it !! πŸŽ―πŸ˜ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

    1. Yeah! 😳 I know. I replayed it to make sure I heard what I heard. πŸ€” I mean, like, it’s hot and humid in January in Australia.

  8. The king of Qui Pro Quo once again.
    And Cruella DeVos agree with her boss, not with her real job. By the way, she already send more money to private schools.

  9. School staff and workers can take control of this whole situation if they want. All they have to do is strike, and strike hard. force state governors and unwitting agents of the Trump campaign to jail teachers. Not going to happen as long as they still need them. In the Trump era, the only recourse left to the righteous is to meet unstoppable force with an immovable object.

  10. Kids need to be outdoors playing and learning. Stuck in a hole looking at a wall is not normal.,

  11. Here’s a city level government official showing more intelligence and leadership the any member of the national leadership. What’s wrong with this picture?

  12. America/MSNBC… None of these professionals can be flexible, when it concerns
    teachers, support staff, bus drvers, children, students, and parents literal lives.
    The “SUPER SPREADER” of COVID-19, doesn’t care about all these flexible protocols!!!
    When parents are at work, God forbid they get that call, from school, “Your child is ill.”
    Who’s going be responsible for making sure, first responders are prepared for an
    over abundance emergency of teachers, students, staff, getting ill… “ALL AT ONCE?!?”
    Will there be enough hospital space, medical experts available, adequate P.P.E.s, medical
    equipment, hospital ICU, COVID-19 beds, financial assistance for healthcare insurance
    and funeral cost, etc., etc., etc., professional counseling, and other hardships which occur
    with the unforeseen devastation challenges of contracting the deadly infectious pandemic,
    Parents, sending their sons and daughters, back to school is… “ULTIMATELY THE PARENT’S


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