NYC Set To Begin Black Lives Matter Mural On Fifth Avenue | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

NYC Set To Begin Black Lives Matter Mural On Fifth Avenue | Morning Joe | MSNBC


New York City is set to begin painting a Black Lives Matter mural down Fifth Avenue at the foot of Trump Tower. The Morning Joe panel discusses. Aired on 07/09/2020.
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NYC Set To Begin Black Lives Matter Mural On Fifth Avenue | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Yeah make it big. Maybe black. I. Excited. Im going three hours away just to visit this. Lol and then take my sorry handicapped butt to a protest with a wheel chair. I hope I don’t get hurt more. Doesn’t matter they can’t break me anymore than I’m already broken. Lol.

  2. Keep changing legislation. Symbolic messages are good, but reform is what is needed. We all need to get out and vote him out too

    1. You need to vote him out, but don’t forget how he got to be president and who has been enabling him. You need to vote out many politicians and rewrite your constitution for once so that a dishonest majority doesn’t continue to take advantage of its flaws and vagueness to get away with anything that serves them.

  3. Everyone should read a great book “The Color of Law”……then you WILL UNDERSTAND why black lives matter!!!!!

    1. @gayle mc Let me get this straight, you are implying that anybody who believes that all lives matter are the racists but the ones who elevate injustices of one race over all others aren’t the racists?

  4. Bravo, NYC!!! This is so heartening to see people finally stand up against this racist, Russian regime.

    1. @libsrtraitors

      You know old Fred loathed his son, yes? He thought of him as a loser. So did his mom (“what kind of son have I created?”). And apparently the rest of the family.

    1. That’s great idea, start at the Breakers and go all the way to Donald’s tacky (mortgaged “Rent Me For Your Wedding”) “home.”

    2. ​@Brian Nave First you need to go BACK TO SCHOOL – You missed history class, second, of course if they don’t know history- they will. Trump said HE LOVES STUPID- UNEDUCATED PEOPLE, HE WON THANKS TO THEM- the only true he said from 2016.
      So it’s sad to be in basket and named as STUPID- but…looking as Trump nothing new.

    1. @Jerry Guerra 70% fatherless children in the black community! Blacks don’t care about Blacks!

  5. Thanks to journalists there is still hope for the USA but a really big overhaul is badly needed.

  6. GREAT SPOT FOR IT…..Make Sure The Letters Are Big And Bold!!!!!!!!! …( BLACK LIVES MATTER) !!!!!!

    1. @Ronda Daniels what point?? That only “Black Lives Matter”……umm…that is what the motto states…..right??

    2. Black lives don’t matter to Democrats who flood our underserved black communities with racist border jumpers and fake asylum seekers who treat black American people like second class citizens. While at the same time Democrats give sanctuary to them. black people , sorry I meant “super preditors ” get locked up in Jail.
      But hey who cares because they painted BLM graffiti on 5th ave today, I guess we should be satisfied now. Well gee wiz thanks Democrats

    3. @Ronda Daniels No I see you’re a racist who elevates one race over another. If it was only black people being killed by police then I would agree with you but the fact is that brown Americans are being killed by police and more white Americans are killed by police. Where’s the outrage about those injustices?

  7. Trump might come up with some stupid idea like paint a Confederate flag on the trump tower steps wait for it

    1. It’s not his home anymore. We don’t want him here and he knows it. He is persona non grata and probably be considered as such in palm beach as well.

    1. About 8 -10 dollars a gallon for a customer as large as the city of New York
      I worked for 20 yrs in the coatings industry, making/selling traffic line marking paint

    2. I love how Sam Stein said exactly what I was thinking… that is bizarre for him to say that the street painting would be expensive. Not that almost everything he says isn’t bizarre. LOL

    1. Yes paint is cheap and its easy to paint over the top of it. Let them do it again and we’ll paint over it again. Simple. WHITE LIVES MATTER!

    1. I guess Trump and Biden can find an assisted care facility to hang out in together. Do we get some real presidential candidates if that happens?

    2. I doubt it. Just goes to show you what a bunch of lunatics DeBlasio, the left and the rest of BLM are. With a city as F’d up as New York, I guess they have nothing else better to do.

    3. You lost it lon time ago ,Trump got patience to u morons as USA worthless element on evo

    1. Maria Romero. Any plans for when he and his party loses ‘bigly’, ‘ biggest lose anyone has ever seen’ and the best for last ‘most people don’t know this’?

    2. This isn’t Obama’s fault by any stretch, but to say he didn’t have years to fix this under his presidency would be dishonesty.. In the same way it is dishonest to act like Trump showed up one day and this just started to happen.

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