NYC vigil for spa victims slams anti-Asian hate | USA TODAY 1

NYC vigil for spa victims slams anti-Asian hate | USA TODAY


Politicians, activists slam anti-Asian discrimination at NYC vigil for Atlanta victims
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Politicians and activists slammed discrimination against Asian Americans at a vigil in New York City for the victims of the Atlanta spa shootings.

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    1. @beGood toOthers more like the white liberal will only be your ally when you’re focusing blame on white liberals. Self-flagellation is their thing.

    2. @The Hermit omg yeah blame Trump. The media done brainwashed you. They always get the weak people like you first

    1. @art anderson social justice is a joke, and not even a good one lol while we struggle over whether or not mr. potato head should have a penis you’ve got other countries training their forces to kill us

    2. And personally, I believe we shouldn’t have cancel culture and we should allow people to say what they want regardless of hate or not. At least that way you know WHO the enemy is, WHAT they want, and who the people are that follow them.

    3. NEWSFLASH: Those who practice racism can’t cry foul when racism allegedly happens to them (caste system).

  1. people say that you shouldnt listen to the killers words when he says it wasnt racially motivated but then took the killers words when that guy was on death row and said he was sorry

    1. Love your pic dude! I also agree with you! If he actually said it was based on race they wouldn’t argue but because it doesn’t fit their narrative they just keep pushing it! They are actually creating the racism because people are going to get pissed off!

    2. NEWSFLASH: Those who practice racism can’t cry foul when racism allegedly happens to them (caste system).

    3. @Mr. Red Nose a man killing sex workers and saying he did so because they’re sex workers, doesn’t make it a hate crime when they all of a sudden turn up the same race and different then the shooter. This wasn’t racially motivated. They shouldn’t be protesting to protect Asians, they should be protesting for stricter laws on sex workers… not only does it crack down on human trafficking but also protects asian minorities.

    4. @Mr. Red Nose NewsFlash every culture thinks they are better than the other culture! Puerto Rican’s don’t want to be called Mexican cause they think they are better, Dominicans don’t want to be called black or Mexican cause they think they are better, blacks don’t want to be called Mexican cause they think they are better, Mexicans don’t want to be called black because they think they are better and think blacks target them to rob. Which of you grew up in the hood like me you see and hear often. Asians don’t want to be called black, Mexican, Dominican or anything else cause they think they are better, whites actually like to tan and think being a minority is cool that’s why they are the number one consumers of hip hop! Some whites don’t want to be considered black or Hispanic cause they think they are better, Jews think they are better than all of them and the chosen people by God! They don’t want to be called middle eastern! Middle Easterns don’t want to be called Indian! Everyone thinks there culture and race is better! I’m Mexican American a Chinese store would not hire me because I’m not Chinese! Blacks don’t like Chinese because they come into their neighborhoods and open stores and don’t hire them! Everybody gets it! When you’ve been institutionalized like me before you see how it really is! People are tribal! Do you go to Japan and say it’s systemically racist against blacks and whites because no blacks or whites are in high gov positions there? No! To just say whites are racist is ridiculous and political! This incident has nothing to do with race and with real racism out there why divide us more for political purposes? The msm is truly the enemy of the people instead of helping us come together they divide us more and more

  2. Seriously? You’re bringing out Linda Sarsour to battle hate? That’s like fighting fire with kerosene

    1. @PhilosophReee Thinking Because it’s a distraction. He’s not the only Democratic Governor to put Covid patients into nursing homes. notice you hear almost nothing about it anymore? Either all claims will turn out to be false or he will be payed to take the fall. Both ways will result in no more nursing home talk and it will just be forgotten about.

    1. NEWSFLASH: Those who practice racism can’t cry foul when racism allegedly happens to them (caste system).

    2. Yes divide and conquer and we understand that they are laughing all the way to the bank and they are controlling the banks they’re controlling the education system are controlling to job market they’re controlling Wall Street very controlling housing they’re too controlling Healthcare they’re controlling the media they’re controlling all the stuff that is stopping us from being reunited

    1. @baba yaga ganoush “If you voted for Trump, you voted for the person who the Klan supported. You voted for the person who Nazis support.” “”Those people voted the way you voted and who you voted for, I’m just saying, It puts you in the same crowd … You vote for people who have common interests. If someone has a common interest, people who vote like you have a common interest as you. That’s just how it is … That’s how political affiliation works.”

    2. @Funnyfresh420  ok but he was exactly completely right. Black Lives Matter protests arent full of actual nazis and KKK but trump rallies are.

    3. @Truth Seeker  freedom of speech doesnit mean freedom from consequences. There is also a hate speech classification for a good reason, because people like you dont see any issue with acting any way you want as if we are all just side characters in your movie.

    4. @Bodarious Bruh sure but there are things are more universally considered hate speech e.g. racial slurs, xenophobic remarks, etc

    1. NEWSFLASH: Those who practice racism can’t cry foul when racism allegedly happens to them (caste system)

    2. @J Tu Mao killed 60+ million of his own people.
      How many did Pol Pot kill?
      How many did the communist regime in Vietnam kill?

      Numbers of Asian “hate crimes” in the US almost become nonexistent in comparison.

    1. @imdb a3 You can’t be serious! They are finger pointing and always do! They are saying that the authorities are lying and that this should be a hate crime! It wasn’t! The guy had sex issues and prob many other issues! Why are we taking crazy people serious anyways? If the msm wanted to be honest they would say how most of these attacks on Asians are from the black community and has been going on and off for awhile now even before Covid! Some Chinese delivery places refuse to deliver food in certain areas and have been before Covid and these areas aren’t white suburbs

    2. What’s interesting is when people pretend racism never exist while acting racist towards certain groups of people. Because you don’t view them as humans so they don’t count

    3. @Erica Williams who said racism never existed? Lmao! What straw man argument is that? Racism exist on all sides! I’m mexicAn American you call a Dominican Mexican they will be offended because they think they are better, you call a Puerto Rican Dominican they will be offended cause they think they are better, you call an Asian black they will be offended cause they think they are better, and are more cultured. You call an African American Mexican they will be offended cause they think they are better! I know Mexicans that hate blacks because they say blacks target them to rob! I go into a black neighborhood the cops will pull me over and ask what I’m doing there. It’s happened! I mean come on! What I’m saying is in this incident it was not about race but about a guy with sexual problems and a mental case! A Mexican was shot as well as a white person! With real racism why are they wanting to make something racist when it isn’t? Aren’t we divided enough? It’s all political with them, they don’t really care! That’s what I’m saying! Why are we making things racist and divisive on issues that don’t need to be?

    1. Actually the white media attempted to scapegoat black Americans as the ones who have been attacking Asians…..but as you see it backfired

    1. @imdb a3 I’d say you’re the ignorant one. He didn’t just shoot asian people. Why did he shoot 2 whites and a Latino person if he was commiting a hate crime against asians? I mean are you really this blind?

    2. @Nevin Caulfield You must be a Blue Anon conspiracy theorist libtard. Too bad, there are only a few of them left. A lot of people are getting cured of a mental disorder called liberalism.

    3. @Justaman Playing video games Blue Anon is real. Just look up the definition in the urban dictionary.

    4. Regardless, it was a hate crime. If not towards a race it was towards women.

      My interest is priorly on his charges and penalty. He’s a white boy so SOME people are going to defend him to get less harshly penalties. “He had a bad day”

      Watch, he’s going to get the “mental illness” free jail card. They use that as excuse every time they can.

      White “men” privilege:
      “He has a future”
      “He had a bad day”
      “He’s JUST a troubled kid”

      Yeah who killed 8 people! Ignorance at its finest.

      Thank you for proving that minority lives means crap in America. Instead of seeing the crime done, they just brush it off and pretend that there’s no problem. WOW

      To anyone who needs to heard this, you do not need anyone to validate you (you’re important, you matter, you’re beautiful, you’re kind hearted). You deserve love and so love yourself. Don’t let ignorance stop you from living your life.

    1. Exactly……..”if you hear something you DISAGREE with…….say something.” Say what? I disagree?
      Then keep walking after you’re told to “mind your own business.”

    1. The elephant in the room that no one will address is that the videos show it is blacks attacking the Asians in Democrat run cities.

    2. If you think is a joke, then you gotta do something to stop this hate instead of being a watermelon eater audience!

  3. Heels Up Harris is, for the time being, no longer black. She’s Asian, and will be until further notice.

    1. She is half Indian and half Jamaican. Her father’s people were slave kidnappers. Her parents came here illegally and she was their anchor baby. Her parents were given free Ivy League education and so was Kamel toe.

    1. The shooter literally said out of his own mouth that the targets were Asian, and the white women were in the way.. just admit you’re racist and go on about your day.

  4. I love Asians, they gave me anime, clothes, food, video games, my job, music, one of my closest friends, simply put STOP HATING ON ASIANS!

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