NYPD Detective Reacts To NYC Pride Banning Uniformed Cops From Marching 1

NYPD Detective Reacts To NYC Pride Banning Uniformed Cops From Marching


New York City Pride Parade organizers decided to ban uniformed cops from marching in the parade through 2025. President of the Gay Officers Action League, Detective Brian Downey, joined Stephanie Ruhle to react to the news and share what he's hearing from other police officers.

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  1. Police: have oppressed LGBT for decades
    Also police: our feelings are hurt because we’re disinvited to the parade

    1. they werent even disinvited just ask to come in civi cloths. I think that’s entirely reasonable.

    2. @Abe Froman you’re still mad they get to have a pride parade aren’t you? how’s it feel to know your kind is dying out and your savior lost the election? I’m genuinely curious if you feel despair or if you’ve tipped into full on madness and brainwashed yourself?

    3. @once upon a dime. This snowflake is more worried about an invisible uppity minority and not the real oppressed of the city.

  2. Wasn’t the whole point of Pride rejecting the abusive nature of cops in general? Stonewall didn’t happen just because. The cops were persecuting.

    1. Republicans are now wishing for you to remember Stonewall in a Pro America fashion and yes in the revised republican version cops actually saved us from Black Trans women’s liberation. JUST KIDDING

    2. @Rhonisa Brown The first pride march marked the one-year anniversary of Stonewall in 1970, first called the Christopher Street Liberation Day March. It had nothing to do with “inclusion” — it was a rebellion, an enthusiastic middle finger to the cops that raided the Stonewall Inn and smashed the place, a showing that the community hadn’t been broken by the efforts of authorities.

  3. A system that was okay with running down protestors with their cars… A system that was okay with beating up protestors… Both during stonewall and then subsequently last year.

  4. I appreciate that law enforcement wishes to participate in the Pride activities but maybe sit it out this year. There will be fewer issues.

  5. Most uniform services public or private are told not to go to marches with uniforms on. The reason for that is because organizations hire professional representatives whose specific job is to handle announcements with the media. It doesn’t seem to say that your personal participation as citizen of the community is discouraged. If your wish to go then by all means go!

  6. Oh no the cops witle feeling are hurt about this please send them some plankys and tedys to help them get throw this trying time.poor tyannts

  7. If you want to wear your uniform then just do it. No need to ask permission if nobody can stop you anyway.

  8. Is this guy gonna say 1 word about the huge abuses of force nypd has? So many racist cops being outted. It’s dishonest of him not to mention the abusive nature of nypd

  9. Another episode of “the downtrodden are the real oppressors actually” – real classy MSNBC.

  10. If you saw a police officer on the parade route, I’d think they’d be worried what side they’re on!

  11. It’s THEIR parade, and NYPD doesn’t seem to go out of their way to protect those individuals, so I don’t see a need for uniformed officers in the parade unless said officers are LGBTQ, which I doubt would be a very large percentage of their police force.

  12. Considering years of abuse suffered by LGBTQI at the hands of Police it is going to take a long time and a lot of good intentions from both sides to overcome the distrust.

  13. Stephanie Ruhle good job on your one sided argument. There’s that balanced news approach everyone loves.

  14. Seriously?.So..if,IF something unexpected happens during that event..to whom these gatherers will call upon?.Since there is no police will be present there..unless,they themselves wanted to commit crimes while participating in a march,who knows?.Since they banned the police to keep watch…

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