NYT Columnist Asks Walmart CEO To Use His Clout To Curb Gun Violence | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. was better when mom and pops existed
    these huge corporations have way too much power and need for money to come in

    it’s wrong

    1. Individual freedom and liberty is human. The constitution is there to stop the evil of power. Power corrupts. That is why the founders wrote the Bill of Rights. To stop the government from taking by force individual freedom.

  2. Traitor trump has taught me one thing…We cannot disarm ourselves,just in case someone like trump that actually is very smart, could be elected and subvert us like NK. We need to be armed …

    1. Good! This mess is what Republican voters think they wanted, then let’s see how happy they are when the bottom drops out and all those GOP leaders slide out with all their cash.

    1. They don’t want to charge Comey yet because it would give his legal team the information on everyone involved before the other charges come out !!

  3. Fisa warrants. Steele’s dossier and the set up of popadapolis, Carter Page and Trump junior should bring down 200 traitors

  4. How about a law sayin……You can’t sell groceries and guns within 1mile and it can’t be Walmart. Walmart should do the right thing and allow mom and pop
    shops to open up again.

    1. Government is the monopoly, I guess you do NOT understand. We the people give the government the power to do something, not the other way around. The government has not been given any power to stop WE THE PEOPLE from buying any semi auto rifle we want.

    1. @Rocky Comet no matter what happens in 2020, Europe and the West will still laugh at your tiny President and your chithole impoverished all white country.

      Jokes on you, comrades.

  5. If you hold the mueller report very close to your ear, you can almost hear shrillery losing again….!! )))

    1. Fist they claim Trump was a Russian agent
      Second they claim Trump is unfit for the presidency and want to use the 25th admendment.
      Third they claim Trump is racist.
      They should ask Hillary Clinton and the rest of the liberals that Proudly accepted a cheque from Trump for their polical campaign in the 1990s if that 3 describes Trump. It’s all political BS

    2. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr
      MSNBC flounders now, they’ve no idea what the best anti-Trump

      message is, given the total meltdown of the Russia narrative, post-

      Mueller,a MSNBC employee told Fox News on the condition of

      anonymity. My internal read is honestly that they’re in despair.

      They so believed in a Mueller smoking gun. I think they’re slowly

      realizing that Trump wins again, and they almost can’t fathom that


    3. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr if trump wrote Hillary a check then he’s not a real Republican.just to get your vote.

  6. The MSM is in it’s final moments of existence, with the crumbling of the DS. The alarm will be sounded at the same time around the world. All forms of capable communications abilities will be shut down, when the takedown begins. It will be weeks before the world wakes up to the enormity of the dark side. The only consolation will be the accuracy in which it’s conveyed to “we the people”. BE PREPARED !

  7. Jim Stone dug up an obituary from 2014…Connor Betts died at age 22, and his mother works in cyber security that contracts out to Gov’t.

  8. A lot of Trumpfarts are here getting triggered go back to Fox news people MSNBC are for smart people. 😆

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