NYT: DOJ Gaetz Probe Focused On Cash Paid To Women | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. swalwell too- gave china information , and slept with a spy – does not matter dem or rep bad is bad .

    2. @Rosie Rose
      It doesn’t matter anyway. In the past, this is how it would go: A person got accused, all the people on his side would scream, “lies, set up, nonsense!” … then more details would emerge, and one by one, the people on the perps side would turn their backs on him.
      On the right, all that has changed with your orange leader. Now, as more details are revealed, people on the right will just scream, “fake news!” or “witchhunt!” and that’s that.

    3. @Rosie Rose
      No, it is not, which has been pointed out repeatedly to you. Right wingers act much differently now from left wingers.

  1. Remember when Matt Gaetz said he will resign from Congress and represent Donald Trump as his attorney.

    1. Who remember when Matt Gaetz voluntary ask you resign to represent Uncle Trump!!!! I see smokeeee
      Or is it that he want secure uncle Trump in order to get his pardon

  2. Matt Gaetz and Donald Trump would look good inside an orange jumpsuit heading into federal prison.

    1. And even while the country goes down in flames, trump is still living in your head smh we don’t deserve this great nation

  3. Obviously the Girl has given a Testimony in relations to what happened between her and Gaetz, so are looking at physical evidence to support the Claim!

  4. To be expected……he’s one of the original swamp creatures!! Hope he gets puts away for along time!!

    1. Trump has set up this florida move for years. Has gov. Marco. All his mimions who will be dedoped of. I feel that trump is like O.J. they cannot take your assets from another state in florida. Why else would trump and his broid all the sudden want to move to florida? Can anyone explain the law about property in the sunshine state?

    1. Yup. Only a matter of time for the other big mouths to come out. And good ole gym Jordan and his big mouth thinks everyone has forgotten about him but we haven’t.

    2. @Jalen Tiara yeah fake investigation started by the Trump administration Mr Bill Barr such a good feeling that you cant blame this on Biden because of all the crap Matt Gaetz said about Hunter Biden looks like all he said about Hunter was actually about himself i guess they call that projecting now its said that he was taking extacy with minors they have the paper trail to prove it oh well bye bye you gaetz what you gaetz

    3. @Jalen Tiara Then Matt would be suing them for Libel, which I don’t see happening. Facts don’t care about your feelings, Princess. No worries, folks like you are so used to Conservative propaganda that you just assume all media is lying. Sorry, but it just your media choices, ours always seem to pan out with actual charges filed.

    1. And all those foolish fool people from Wyoming who rallied behind this pervert need to be ashamed of themselves.

    1. @Sam U. Rai Yeah Trump is associated with Epstein. Ask Trump about the 13 year old girl he had met.

  5. And!! He voted against anti- trafficking laws!! The pieces of the puzzle are coming together

    1. Imagine being the only one to vote against anti-trafficing laws, and everybody knows it, but then being ok with everyone knowing it. That’s Matt Gaetz.

    2. He’s literally the only politician, liberal or conservative that voted against Anti-Human Trafficking law.

      I mean, that should be a crime by itself.

    3. yeah the only one that voted against it i guess he knew it was coming sooner or later what a moron

    1. @Seablack66 Well that’s a good question. I’d like the answer to it as well. Actually, I’d love to know why Biden is involved in all of this. I have my suspicions. Read the letter for yourself.

    2. @Ashleigh K I can write a letter saying you told me you’d wash my car this weekend. Biden isn’t involved.

    3. @mc wm Choosing to not ask questions is part of the problem. Biden is mentioned in an extortion letter and your automatic assumption is “Biden isn’t involved”. How do you know? If this was a democratic politician and Trump mentioned in a letter like that, would you have the same assumption?

  6. For years I have been listening to many and varied horror stories relating Republicans without anything of consequence happening to them. I hope this time is different.

    1. All of his dui’s were dropped because of who his daddy was. Luckily this is all coming out after it’s too late for a Trump pardon

    2. @n k I doubt that it makes a difference. I know he’s not very popular among his peers, but; he’s still a Republican. They’re still going to support him because of tribalism.

    3. @Tommy Smith we’ve seen that with Jim Jordan, but if the evidence is as bad as this sounds they’ll support him until it hurts more to be associated with him. Tucker is already trying to put distance between them, I think they’re looking for an exit ramp

  7. It seems Matt “the Frat” Gaetz may be in trouble so real that even Daddy’s money can’t help him.
    Couldn’t happen to a better worse person…

    1. @poix mire what would his show be?
      “Barbarians at the Gaetz”?
      With Mr Jordan…”The Jim-Matt Show”
      Or simply “Are you Legal Age”?

    2. @Michael Bray,
      💁🏻‍♀️I’ll put my money on:

      *Money greasing palms
      *Winks and High-Fives
      *Business as usual
      *Even more empowerment

  8. Remember how Gaetz committed Witness Intimidation against Michael Cohen on national television? Maybe he should be indicted for that as well, now.

    1. Waiting for Michael Cohen to speak out throwing shade… Now what’s that you said about me Lil Matty? That’s what your name’s gonna be on cell block ‘B’ which = Butt busters!😂😆

  9. Heh heh, this story keeps getting better and better. Gaetz is watching his personal and political life go up in smoke. Let’s hope he gets some serious prison time. The main charge is a minimum 10 year term. Schweeeet!

    1. It would only be better if it happened 4 years ago so that we didn’t have to suffer listening to his nonsense attempts to support Trump for 4 years.

    2. @Brian West I know, huh?! Better late rather than never but it would have even more delicious if it happened during Trump’s reign..

    1. Insurrectionist-in-Thief and Gaetz boyo of Orange, are both responsible for Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection at our Capitol …and now this ironic cruelty. SMH.

  10. I sincerely hope that none of the girls involved in this story suffered any long term harm. That said, this news story dropped down from heaven. Thank you God!

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