NYT: DOJ’s Gaetz Inquiry Looking At Cash Paid To Women | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

NYT: DOJ's Gaetz Inquiry Looking At Cash Paid To Women | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


    1. @Kathleen hammett – Miller has that forehead too – I wonder if it is divine punishment for evil deeds – LOL

    2. and every year kenneth copeland looks more like a cartoon beelzebub. just needs to get a bit redder and grow some horns.

    1. @Alaina Buchholtz – I doubt if this is fake if Barr was investigating him and doing a switch by referring to Biden does not make it go away – That tactic has been overused and no longer gains credibility.

    2. @COLE DREVENJ Coming from a Fox sucking bottom feeder, I consider the source as a skidmark.
      Enjoy the stain.

  1. I think the FBI needs to investigate the whole republican party because I guarantee half of them will be in jail 😂

    1. @Evan Let’s see. The Repubs have, Gaetz, Trump, the Trump children, McConnell, Barr, Graham, Greene and Boebert, and others. What a greasy grifting crooked bunch.

    1. @Doug Dimmadimsdale You keep copying and pasting this. Nothing in this video is about Covid. Are you sure you’re on the right video?

    2. @Doug Dimmadimsdale theres good reasons why Africa was able to keep it under control. If you remember they had been hard hit by ebola. So many of the things they dealt with during that outbreak they were already prepared for it. So all of Africa already knew how to handle something this serious. The same with china they have experience with these type of things so they had many things in place for this and they were much more successful than we ever could. The US is full of entitled people who want to scream “oppression” every time they are told to follow any rules or guidelines for the well being of the whole nation. So it doesn’t surprise me not one bit that were doing so badly.

    1. Very ironic…get him he is sc…..um..he thought he was perfect and don wouldve pardoned him.

    2. @Nick so why didnt trump take his own plane or charter one. Because he was headed there..to baby girl island and besides teump had his treasure trove of women from the pageants…and gave them miney to abort his kids.

    3. @Nick Like Trump??? Trump is a customer of Epstein. Ask Trump about the 13 year old girl Epstein introduced to Trump.

    1. @V. Klasniy – “Sin” is a purely religious concept and so
      it’s a meaningless term in the real world.
      And it’s also pointless for you to quote the Bible until you have demonstrated that the Bible is true. Which you have not done.

      But you must have hated Donald Trump.

    2. @Rene JeanThank you for the polite reply. When you say “religious”, what do you mean by that?

      Also, how do you know that all religious terms have no meaning in the real world?

      I mean if you hold the view, that religious terms are “meaningless in the real world”, you automatically end up rejecting things like the Declaration of Independence, as it is packed with “religious” terms and concepts. Does the Declaration of Independence have meaning in the real world to you?

      Do you hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal? That they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights? Such rights as Life and Liberty? These are rights granted by God, and as such they cannot be take away. Seems the founding fathers explained things very well. Much of the problems today stem from people thinking they are smarter, wiser than the founders that established this great nation. I remind you, most of them had seminary degrees. Do you excuse them all simply because they are religious? Or is it possible, that one of the main reasons this Nation is what it is, because of those very real world applications of religious truths?

    1. @dave someone Trump or Gaetz? Either they’re filthy rich or they’re not; we all know money can buy you anything, even murder.

    2. @Roy Polloi You need connections to get a guy that high profile killed in a New York jail. Trump and Gaetz don’t even have friends lol.

    3. @dave someone As president , you bet he did. who do you think had it done , someone with no influence in trumps 4 yrs in Washington.

  2. “Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. At the same time, none of this looks good.” Brian Williams is a genius! 😂😂😂

    1. @Steven Rogers maybe if we didnt have all of those vaccines we’d have an immune system too!

    2. @Doug Dimmadimsdale what part of the virus not being real do u not believe? If u don’t believe it then why did trump get a vaccine? Tell ur Republican buddies to pay up for their free covid19 tests and tell ur buddies to give back the pandemic money. Why aren’t Republicans refusing pandemic relief money? U should all return it to the big government . u hate federal over reach remember?

    3. Yet the right will say he never made a statement that he was innocent until convicted. But all the news anchors have said so.

  3. His fiancé doesn’t care. She knew who he was b4 this. Everyone does by listening to him for 1 minute. She is in the relationship for other reasons besides love.

    1. @Binova Gurung
      Absolutely…A contractual financial agreement (no doubt).

      The way this is playing out, I see only doom, gloom and much pain in Matt’s immediate/short term future.

      I’m pretty sure he’s cooked!!


    2. @Moogy J Hammond He’s cooked no doubt. Now his drug use is coming out and most Republicans in Congress hate him and they too are leaking bad things about him. He’s close with Roger Stone and Joel Greenberg—-whom both are very bad apples.

    3. @Binova Gurung or in some cases you hear the lies, corruption, bullying, racism and sexual harassment for 48 years, you know, like with Joe Biden..

    4. @Binova Gurung touche, but it’s a bit redundant isn’t it? that’s like saying the Kardashians or Paris Hilton or Ivanka Trump aren’t loaded..

  4. “clap clap clap…another one bites the dust…clap clap clap… another one bites the dust.” QAnon….us unbelievers just want you to know that your pizza gate now sounds like a smoke screen to protect this creep… was he the one taking little girls to a private island after meeting them at a pizza parlor?

  5. If I’m not mistaken, he was the ONLY person who opposed the anti- human trafficking bill or something like that.

    But this doesn’t surprise me one bit…. ijs 🤷🏻‍♀️💯

  6. They got receipts😦😦 That guy will 100% snitch on Gaetz to get a deal. The Government wants gaetz. Serve him up

    1. @triggerguy : No Depends to hold them back any more. America voted them out, and there’s no one there to keep the cork in. Way, way more to come . . . 😁👍

    1. Daddy should have taught his son better. Apple Pay?
      What ever happened to “just leave the money on the dresser?”

    2. I think daddy has a few secrets himself – thanks to the good son – he’s exposed a few things the FBI probably didn’t want him to!

    1. Love is a burning thing
      And it makes a fiery ring
      Bound by wild desire
      I fell into a ring of fire

      I fell into a burning ring of fire
      I went down, down, down and the flames went higher
      And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire
      The ring of fire

  7. He want to marry the love of his life, well that ain’t going to happen any time soon 😂😂😂

    1. @Mixamaka He only JUST got engaged at 39 years old??? And only Jan 2021????? LOL poor girl was a patsy. His buddy got arrested June 2020…..

    2. There might be a prison wedding with big Bob, whether the soon to be Mrs Gaetz likes it or not.

  8. When you are best mate with Joel Greenberg, Jim Jordan, Roger Stone and Donald tRump, it speaks enough on your moral ground.

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