NYT editorial editor resigns after Tom Cotton op-ed backlash

The editor of The New York Times' editorial page, James Bennet, has resigned, publisher A.G. Sulzberger announced Sunday. Bennet's resignation comes after the publication of a controversial op-ed from Republican Sen. Tom Cotton earlier in the week drew significant criticism, including from dozens of the newspaper's staffers.
Sulzberger also said that Jim Dao, a deputy editorial page editor who had publicly taken responsibility as overseeing the editing of the piece, would be stepping off the masthead and reassigned to the newsroom. Katie Kingsbury, another deputy editorial page editor, will oversee the editorial page through the 2020 election.
The tectonic restructuring capped a week of turmoil inside the nation's paper of record, with staff engaging in debate over the publication of Cotton's op-ed and grilling The Times' leadership over the process that led up to it.
"While this has been a painful week across the company, it has sparked urgent and important conversations," Sulzberger wrote employees in the memo announcing the changes.
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  1. Is it just me or does”Tom Cotton” sound like some rabbit from like an old racist southern movie? 🐰🥕

    1. @William H Oh LORD, I was just thinking the same thing…I watched an interview with two Bernie Knuckleheads and they were acting more like PARTNERS instead of college buddies…More proof, this is the sissy generation.

    2. @omfug Iran stopped making nuclear weapons. You so funny. Quit having wet dreams over traitor 44.

  2. Can we please not forget racist killed MLK for his PEACEFUL protest and they even killed Jesus🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ Can’t win with these people

    1. 2 things here that stand out in monumental proportions.
      1) The degree of unsupported, uneducated, ignorance, bias and prejudice expressed by people who have adopted the misnomer of liberal. There is no liberal flexibilty or tolerance in their view whatsoever. It would be more accurate to describe them as fascist.
      And 2) The fact that these morons have the right to vote supports Plato’s criticism that democracy is closer to anarchy than freedom. Majority rule by idiots???

    2. @Johnathon Castro
      Jews killed Jesus. Israel is a neo-aparthied shthole. We give them way too much. And Evangelicals SBs sell out American Christians for them. Can’t talk about that either.

    3. Right…. and now everyone white has a MLK quote… MLK said this MLK said that… you killed the man who was all about peace even while getting dogs sic on him and his head bust.. then the pos who ran a entire gov agency who allowed letters be sent to DrKing telling him to “ take himself out” his name J edgar Hoover has been slapped on the side of a building since… smh its sick f ing sick

    1. Well not only that, small buisness’s also in need of protection, considering that that was what some people’s jobs were, or the only thing they had. Now that the lockdowns and rioters destroyed them, they don’t really have much of a choice but to start over or find a diffrent job and such.

    1. Fatima Castellon……you forgot to mention Natives (red ) and Mexicans (brown)who also are indigenous to these lands……dispossessed of 51 % of their territories and yet have faced not only discrimination but also cultural appropriation by eating tacos, guacamole, tostadas (chips), enchiladas, burritos, chocolate and the list goes on.

    1. @K H
      As someone who probably disagrees with you WILDLY politically, I couldn’t agree with your comment more. Bravo and well said! Let the best argument win, I say. Not wanting to hear what the other side has to say – whether on the left or right – only leads to dulled positions and myopic perspectives and a one-way ticket to the shallow waters of complacency. If you can’t challenge your own perspective, how are you supposed to challenge anyone else’s?

    2. When the editor can distinguish between facts and feelings AND how such feelings/perspectives can influence how you portray/delineate describe said events

    1. @B dub There is freedom and there is irresponsibility. You may not think Journalist have no credibility but they really do and are suppose to have standards, like READING articles!

    2. Are you kidding me? Wouldn’t you want to know what a senator is thinking so you can make an informed decision on who to vote for in the next election? Transparency in government used to be something to strive for. Now we won’t even be allowed to know what these jokers are thinking???????????????

    1. Ima Aven We were. You just didn’t know until Mattis said something you like so the MSM talked about it. The left hated him until he said things about Trump. That says something about you. Not us.

    2. @Mark Benson CNN is played all over the world and fox is banned everywhere because they’re fake and pedal conspiracy theories. Tell me about Hillary selling uranium to Russians. And why did half of trumps campaign officials plead guilty for lying about Russian interference. trump hates trumptards like you he’s just using you to stay out of jail but every protester is voting for Biden so enjoy your con man cult leader while you can he’ll be in jail this time next year

    1. When it misstates circumstances in support of their argument, yes it can be. Have u ever written anything in ur life?

    2. Thing is opinions are fine but if you base your opinion on “facts” that are indeed more “alternative facts” or “lies” then yes an opinion piece can then be considered inaccurate or misleading or like Tom Cotton’s op-ed completely bat crap crazy and criminal. Eh hem… I mean factually incorrect and misleading and calling for friggin murder of mostly peaceful protesters who are by the way protesting effectively human rights violations that we ourselves would invade a country over. I mean didn’t he even see the irony of what he was calling for when we were so close to the anniversary of the Tiananmen square massacre? I mean holy crap Tom Cotton is evil, pure evil.

    3. Yes. Opinion pieces include claims of fact and its the editors job to see that these are accurate.

  3. Yeah keep burning looting and murdering you have evolve into the brown shirts of nazi Germany you all should be so proud.

    1. @David Foster Exactly. Typical trumpers like Joseph French whinging on about stuff they know nothing about.

    2. When your being murdered by the police and vigilantes it is surprising the people have not taken up arms against the government. I remember reading something like this happened around 1775 after a few people were murdered by the authorities.

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