NYT: Feds Probing If Ukrainians Used Rudy Giuliani To Meddle In 2020 Election 1

NYT: Feds Probing If Ukrainians Used Rudy Giuliani To Meddle In 2020 Election


The New York Times reports that federal prosecutors have been investigating whether Ukrainians officials used Rudy Giuliani to interfere in the 2020 election. 
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    1. @Mr Pickles so why is your crybaby champ still whining about a lost election every bloody day? And you guys are so touched by his whining, you whine along!

  1. Rudy willingly helped Ukraine and Russia in election interference……homie is just as traitorous as his buddy!!

    1. I remember when Rudy Giuliani said Obama doesn’t love America like you or me, neither does he been that he worked with a foreign government to try and bring it down. Rudy Giuliani the drunken traitor.

    2. Ukraine was not trying to interfere in our election. They had Russia trying to mess up their election in addition to ours,

    3. @Eric Staples read the Mueller report, dummy. It did not exonerate Trump in any way, shape or form.
      Y’all just mad that TanSuitGate against Obama failed like everything Trump touches.

    4. @dark14life
      The cultists will not believe anything that’s against their political beliefs.
      Trump could rob their grandparents blind.
      They in turn would praise Trump and condemn their parents.

    1. Quite ironic especially considering Q’anon’s perception of veteran democrats being pedophiles.

    1. @BrianI know.. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard them speaking with such fervor on the news!!

    2. @Trumpy so, a fantasy man in the clouds told them to vote for Trump? Gotta love religion, what a waste of time and energy

  2. Ukrainians: If Giuliani jumps in the sack with his cousin, imagine what we can make him do.

    1. True fact…
      I’m still wondering why Eric trump and Rudys kid look alike…
      It’s stunning

    2. And Repubs wonder why we call them inbreds. They’re literally inbred. From the voters to the politicians.

  3. And Trump thought having Rudy as his lawyer…because he knew he would not have to pay him a penny….was such a brilliant idea:)

  4. I wish they would stop crying and calling this a “witch Hunt”. Shady actions are followed by investigations, and Rudy knows that smh.

    1. If the feds had ANYTHING, he would be charged. This is the left attacking political rivals.

    2. If ONE thing the said turned out to be true in 5 years we’d call it legit.. but as always, nothing will happen because they have nothing on trump…..

    1. @Kennedy Suggs lol, you still don’t get it. The video you commented on genius is about Rudy getting played by the Ukranians, you got played too by Rudy n Trump. Nevermind. You’re like Kanye on Southpark. You’ll never get it.

    2. @Kennedy Suggs What happen with Jared’s and Ivanka ‘s emails ? Same crap that they screamed about Hillary.

    3. @Mr Pickles
      And yet here you are komrade?
      Go collect your extra bonus ruble and take a nap

  5. Rudy, you know that “insurance” you talked about? The material you said you have on Donald Trump? I trust you’ve begun your claim. You’re going to need it.

    1. @Dahra Brofford you’re crazy if you don’t think they’re both going down with charges

  6. So America’s Mayor thought he was America’s Player, but just got played?
    Still..Rudy Colludi was pretty willing to play…

    1. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson why does trump have a bank account in China, why does Ivanka have several business dealings with China? Your hipocrycy is blatant.

  7. Well with the feds having all of the traitors cell phones, we will find out one way or another who in congress helped the insurrection

  8. Rudy Colludy, Igor and Levs off the books hit job funded by Dmitry Firtash is going to get them to go through some things.

  9. We watched the meddling by Giuliani in real time, WE ALLLL KNEW he was spewing intentional lies while he was doing it, now we get confirmation…..Yea thanks

  10. Poor old Rudy, flat on his back with his hand in his pants wondering if he can still get wood.

    1. I heard some wild talk that the Rudy raid meant the ring was tightening around Trump. I thought they meant legally, turns out they were talking about Ms Lindsey going a courtin’ to Mor a Lardo.

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