NYT: Health Officials Advise White House To Scale Back Booster Plan 1

NYT: Health Officials Advise White House To Scale Back Booster Plan

Pres. Biden said today that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated as Covid cases and hospitalizations spike amid delta variant. We discuss with Dr. Celine Gounder.

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    1. funny how vaccinations follow the 2020 electoral vote map almost exactly, and how ALL of the red states correspond to the highest case rates and hospitalizations.

  1. Get the freaking vaccine! It’s not hard. High supply!!
    The Delta variant doesn’t need any more chances to spread!

    1. @Nobody Knows OMG…money well spent, huh? T**** is terrible at economics. Multiple business failures and bankruptcies. Seriously, I recall him not wanting his academic records shown either, just like his taxes. Apparently those too are what, “under audit”? Blah!

    2. @Cheryl Pounds Didn’t he once refer to himself as a stable genius? As stubborn as a mule, and almost as smart. Almost.

    3. @Sandi Harris Nobody has any idea of the chance of any particular group other than possibly nursing homes about chances of dying from the flu because mass testing to get an accurate number of cases has never occurred unlike with covi sars2 where there is much more accurate data.

    1. @Nobody Knows again, you only need to get the shot(doses) 1 time. You don’t need to get multiple brands. Good god you people can’t read.

    2. @CIA If Natura immunity would be enough then people would’ve needed a vaccine in the past. Thanks to vaccines you don’t get polio or measles anymore. For many decades vaccines have been saving people’s lives.

  2. I know I’ll have to have a booster after my J and J shot 6 months ago, since I’m in my late 80s and have a compromised immune system. Maybe I’ll just go to the grocery store and get a first Pfizer shot.

    1. If you’re in your 80’s long term consequences don’t apply to you. You probably should go get Moderna.

    1. @Bryan
      Long covid is pretty well documented at this point. Not completely documented, but still quite well documented.
      “Long vaccine” currently has no evidence to say it exists. Once you get past the first month, with the very low risk of blood clots from J&J or (internationally) Astrazeneca, the only known effect of the vaccines is to make infection, sickness, and death from covid significantly less likely.

    2. @OriginalPiMan I sure hope you’re right. But we won’t know for sure until there are years of transparent data on long term effects of the vaccines.

    3. @Bryan
      Considering that I’m pretty sure no vaccine in the last century has had long effects beyond providing protection from disease, and the mRNA technology used in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines has 20 years of research and development behind it (and the tech in other vaccines being far older still), long term effects are exceedingly unlikely.

    1. @FAFO liberal women are hot. Southern women have that short dumpy look with the round head. They have no figure at all. a typical Scotts Irish look.

  3. Why, we have millions of unused doses. Either use them or send them overseas before they expire and get dumped.

    1. FREEEEEEDUMB!!! If I could sell crack pipes and horsepaste at $50 a rock I would be getting filthy rich right about now.

    1. @CIA And what’s the recovery rate for people who don’t get the hospitalization they need because the hospitals are overrun by COVID patients?

    2. @CIA And what’s the recovery rate of people who call the Poison Control Center because they poisoned themselves with Ivermectin?

    3. @CIA And what’s the recovery rate of businesses who are impacted because Delta is spreading rampantly because idiots who can prevent the spread don’t?

    4. @CIA And what’s the recovery rate of children who’s schooling is impacted because d!psh!t governors block all the proven methods for making schools safe to return to?

    5. @CIA And what’s the recovery rate of the stupid people that think COVID-19 is all about individual freedoms? (Sorry, my bad … “you can’t fix stupid”.)

  4. I did the calculations using CDC data for Florida August. Percentage of deaths under 50 just under 12 percent. You are posing theories until I see hard data. Deaths by age is as reliable as it gets. Annualized I calculated for ages 18-29, .019 percent of that whole population will die. So under 30 you might get fairly sick, but little chance of dying.

    1. @Geoffrey schermerhorn Who said anything about My politics? I’m talking about scientific studies Done around the world not Fox news, Newsmax or aquanon TRUMPSTER

  5. I don’t see the point on sticking to third mRNA. We need other formulations like J&J mixed with Pfizer. When is best to administer

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