NYT: President Trump has considered firing intelligence inspector general

NYT: President Trump has considered firing intelligence inspector general 1


The New York Times reports that President Donald Trump discussed firing intelligence community Inspector General Michael Atkinson after Atkinson alerted Congress to a whistleblower complaint involving the Trump-Ukraine scandal. #CNN #News

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  1. Of course Trump considered firing the IG, anyone who his honest and honorable is an enemy of the Career Criminal sexual Predator con man.

    • Web Grep ….said exactly like it’s written in the right wing talking points. Congratulations trump might send you a thank you note

    • Chris Universe ….also donation money stealer, tax payer money treasure hunt right into Trump Corp. nepotism, Ivanka and Jared have NO experience and failed security clearance that daddy overruled.

    • James Chilson … real news? Qanon? You mean that leaker that republicans hate? Oh he’s the one they like! We like whistleblowers and leakers to only leak WH talking points. Funny how Qanon didn’t exist when Obama was in the WH and could of done his supposed job for the country. I guess it’s just coincidence he appeared when Trump did to tell us all about the deep state. Lol

    • Daisy Unchained | November 12, 2019 at 11:33 PM | Reply

      Web Grep reacts to public servants informing a client of their right to seek legal representation in a gvt process: WRONG! WITCH HUNT HOAX! COUP D’ ETAT! FAKE WHISTLEBLOWER! DEEP STATE! HILLARY! NO COLLUSION! NO QUID PRO QUO! PETER STRZOK! TEH SERVER! LOCK THEM UP!!!!!

  2. Therese Martin | November 12, 2019 at 5:22 PM | Reply

    This is what a dictator would do if they deem people are not loyal…

    • Therese Martin | November 13, 2019 at 8:46 AM | Reply

      robert jaworski Indeed, you are right…he told Duarte a n the Philippines who was shooting suspected drug dealers/users in the streets that he was doing a great job…he told Joe Scarborough, when Joe said Putin killed journalists, that wasn’t a bad thing.

    • Darlene Hawkins | November 13, 2019 at 9:39 AM | Reply

      @uncle Ricky doesn’t have anything to do with Trump. Are you going to credit Trump when the sock market tumbles again?

    • Darlene Hawkins | November 13, 2019 at 9:43 AM | Reply

      @uncle Ricky goog God. You have to start thinking. You are a fool. You are one who would get swallowed by any cult leader. And sadly you have. That’s your personality type.

    • Darlene Hawkins | November 13, 2019 at 9:49 AM | Reply

      @Don Williams you can’t post your credible link because you are computer illiterate. Glitter

    • @SPZ Aruba You mean the Billionare that couldn’t even pay a $7 Boy Scout fee out of his own pocket.

  3. Stephen Shullich | November 12, 2019 at 5:31 PM | Reply

    Moscow Mitch and Leningrad Lindsey are enablers.

  4. Firing the man for doing his job. Yep sounds like this administration alright. He only wants yes men and sycophants surrounding him.

    • Pogo I want to show you that you will feel betrayed when you figure out their tricks

    • @Doesn’t Matter I take it you don’t really know much about Watergate or the Clinton impeachment? Nixon had the support of the Republican party right up until he resigned. And a Republican led House impeached Clinton and only the fact that the Republicans did not have a 2/3 majority kept Clinton from being removed from office. Take my advice, turn off Fox News, ONN and the other crap and go to your local library and ask for their Watergate and Clinton impeachment related materials.

    • Pogo that’s just not true. Everyone knew Clinton did at least a good job and nobody really wanted or cared to remove him for consentual sex especially if you could argue he was better than many before him

    • Pogo i dont think you realize or choose to interpret every word from me as a false statement that is designed to hurt you. You can teach me or learn something. Right?

    • @Doesn’t Matter The Clinton impeachment I listened to live on NPR and watched on CSPAN. The Republicans had a 55 to 45 majority and needed 11 Democrats to cross over but got a net 5 on one vote and 0 on the rest. That is why Clinton was not removed.

  5. GAZA all The way | November 12, 2019 at 5:48 PM | Reply

    I didn’t know you can fire someone for doing their job
    Everything is about loyalty to this president

    • Monte Self huh..you lost me..first of all tRump is completely wrong, and corrupt..but the “fact” that he has told 14,000 lies and or misleading claims..and 2 tRump already Admitted to it..!!! We did hear it straight from his mouth..you need to look into it..”fact check” things…how can you not see What..and How tRump is…you don’t find him completely embarrassing..?? Look at all he has Done “TO US” and not done one single good thing “For us” ✌oh yeah he also said..”The Constitution….is Phoney” who says that…and this is Your idea of a President..?

    • GAZA all The way | November 14, 2019 at 2:51 PM | Reply

      Monte Self how can a corrupted person fix corruption????????????
      Just shut up because you make no damn sense

    • @GAZA all The way CNN is Corrupt, Adam Schiff IS corrupt, Nancy and all the reat of the DEEP STATE that’s right say it CORRUPT TOO !if you want to deprive yourself ot truth go ahead FOOL !

    • @Robert Taylor how is he wrong there is NO EVIDENCE of him being wrong just those talking heads you all continue to bough down to like they are your god, the original DEEP STATE SWAMP ! trying to frame someone they dont like and try to convince millions they are right and you all eating like candy from a stranger.

  6. Narcissism, paranoia, drug addiction, habitual lying, man child.
    “Im donald trump, and i approve this message.”

    • Dave's not here | November 13, 2019 at 9:24 PM | Reply

      @killyamomz You see, that’s all they have, personal attacks. Like a pit of snakes hissing in fear of fire. You know, like that Indiana Jones movie. Anyway, they’re all demons basically. No point in trying to explain to them how much better off they are now.

    • Doesn't Matter | November 13, 2019 at 9:41 PM | Reply

      Beverly Botte i asked a simple question that’s not debatable because they openly say it. Why are you listing reasons for anything? I asked if you know it won’t have testimonies or anything?

    • Wow how ignorant can you be?

    • Bob Pen if you told me conservatives were leaving their party, I would ask why. Why didn’t you say anything about that?

    • @Albert Valdez apparently not ignorant enough to be a trumptard. Trumptard.

  7. Mrs. Vixen Sanders | November 12, 2019 at 5:49 PM | Reply

    trump is oblivious to the seriousness of the debacle he’s created.
    The most un-self aware person ever.

    • He’s so used to being boss he doesn’t know America is a company.

    • He really is the most “unself aware person”

      Except for every loon on the left!
      They are delusional

      MAGA 2020

    • BrIan CurtiSmith | November 15, 2019 at 10:21 PM | Reply

      @Michael Moore real oralgynal FAKE nom de brain…us libtards all be ummm…cave-dwelling Trogloditards…but you Republicans are the BaStion of sintellectuality and hypocrisy and an overallack of braincells

  8. HeisenbergCertainty | November 12, 2019 at 6:10 PM | Reply

    Who knew bribing a foreign power by withholding congressionally approved funds, to get an advantage over your opponent in an upcoming election, could be so complicated ?

  9. *I have one Question for All American people, Are you All Dumb? Or just don’t care for your country?*

    • We’re not in control of the government. …trump has been bought and paid for by putin….haven’t you heard the word CORRUPTION? Hence impeachment hearings…

    • Doesn't Matter | November 13, 2019 at 8:56 AM | Reply

      Mohsin Khan are those my only choices? I guess I’ll choose dumb as long as every liberal still can’t answer my simple questions, and the answer is what they believe haha

    • Monique Stuckey | November 13, 2019 at 5:02 PM | Reply

      IL where I live didn’t vote for Trump we went Blue in 2016 but I pray we do it again and I hope among his 50% unapprovale rating, the 50% who believe he should be Impeached and removed are going to be the same 50% that elect him out of office if the Senate fails to do thier Job!

    • Mohsin Khan

  10. Can Citizens Demand Drug Test on This Clown.

    • HAHAHAAAAAA I would welcome the Idea and I bet he would too but only in return of the Deepstate congress that’s trying to destroy America from within. FN WAKE UP ! you all listen to BS and won’t hear it straight from the person themselves, I wonder how you all make it in life ? .. still living with mommy ?

  11. Michael Atkinson should be awarded a medal for being a patriot!

    • he will be one of the first awarded when civil war starts … the lead cylinder award. you all listen to BS and won’t hear it straight from the person themselves, I wonder how you all make it in life ? .. still living with mommy ?

  12. Trump: Somebody is putting the country before ME? Actually doing his JOB instead of following MY CORRUPT WISHES? WHAT?!?

    • you sound like the Schitty Schiffty Schiff Schow reading off Fake news.. lmao.. you all listen to BS and won’t hear it straight from the person themselves, I wonder how you all make it in life ? .. still living with mommy ?

    • @Monte Self Yes, indeed let’s hear it from “the person himself”, for the record. But Trump won’t testify because he knows his inevitable lies on the stand would be criminal. So instead he just tweets his insults and lies (witness intimidation) from his living room, like a sad little coward.

  13. This emperor is truly pants-less.

  14. Tough titty P Diddy | November 12, 2019 at 7:43 PM | Reply

    “smart boy, got a mind like a steel trap full of mice” – foghorn leghorn

  15. Veronica Stewart | November 12, 2019 at 7:57 PM | Reply

    The Inspector General had integrity in this situation so of course, he has to go.

    • Trump has no ounce of morals. Stupid is as stupid does. Trump is really stupid.

    • @Shirley Brown you all listen to BS and won’t hear it straight from the person themselves, I wonder how you all make it in life ? .. still living with mommy ?

    • @Monte Self listen jackass if u want to u can stop being stupid. Do u still live with ur “mommy” sounds like u do. Morons like u and trump need to wake up and smell the coffee and the flavor of the day. (Impeachment)

  16. Very simple…
    If the president says you’re being disloyal to him by being loyal to the Constitution, *you have the wrong president.*

  17. I’m so sick of the orange atrocity and his despicable sycophants!

  18. Marina Guajardo | November 12, 2019 at 8:49 PM | Reply

    For a business man, he sure is ignorant of the fact it’s ILLEGAL to retaliate against someone who files complaints against you.

  19. Magdalis Almodovar | November 12, 2019 at 9:25 PM | Reply

    He fires people that doesn’t agree with his corruption, that’s all to it.

  20. Every time someone says “President Trump” a fairy dies.

    • well then why is Adam Schiff still there.. and Pelosi… Schumer .. you all listen to BS and won’t hear it from the person themselves, I wonder how you all make it in life ? .. still living with mommy ?

    • mickey thompson | November 14, 2019 at 3:22 PM | Reply

      Keep saying it… sooner or later we’ll get to Lindsay Graham!

    • @Monte Self Schiff is there because the dems rum the house, for now but will change when Trump is re-elected and voters relize congress has done absolutly nothing in 3 years while Trump has made Americs great without them. And no o moved out of mommies 32 years ago and bought my own house, yes its paid for thanks

    • BrIan CurtiSmith | November 15, 2019 at 10:02 PM | Reply

      @rich5817 the ladt ل…ت. ………. ….daze are upon us…r€¶€π¥hile you still ¢^π!!! The EnDonDays are the FUCKING BEST!!!

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