1. And so it is to the printing press–to the recorder of man’s deeds, the keeper of his conscience, the courier of his news–that we look for strength and assistance, confident that with your help man will be what he was born to be: free and independent.

    1. @i dont have time 2 reply Awwwwwww trumpie, I feel your pain. You poor thang, do you need a hug sweetie, some tissue?

    2. @sour kush I feel your pain trumpie, it must be stressful watching poopy pants donnie disaster getting kicked to the curb. Fun Fact: Joe Biden is donnie disasters president and yours too.

  2. Manipulating the votes in their favor is totally unacceptable..They should never be able to get away with such BS ..In fact they’re so undeserving of the offices they hold & as far as I’m concerned they should be impeached & removed….I’m so sick of this corruption 😒 In the immortal words of the late Elijah Cummings ” Man, we’re better than this.”

    1. @Aliza Kessler Except Dems never cheated. You want to make an idiotic claim like that… PROVE IT. We’ll wait.

    2. @Adam Taylor yes they did. Some democrats states changed their election laws right before election and blocked Republican poll workers. There were many other ways the rigged it.. Now some of the fraud is coming out now.

    3. @Aliza Kessler That is false. No Republican poll workers were blocked ANYWHERE. Just because FOX tells you it happened, doesn’t mean it happened. In fact it generally means the opposite is the truth.

      There was no fraud. Simple as that.

      The fascist authoritarians tried to overturn a free and fair election and failed. Now the traitors need to be held accountable.

    4. @Adam Taylor yes it’s true. There were videos of it and pictures of it too. Yes there was fraud and did not come from FOX

    5. How are these votes manipulated? No one says. They just claim manipulation happens. No proof. So … what are we talking about here ?

  3. Recall the people responsible for voter suppression and that will put a stop to it without having to go through the Courts or Congress.

    1. @Gato Meow They do not control the Recall Election process at all.
      All that is required is to gather the correct number of signatures on a petition to put the Recall Election on the ballot, then vote them out office.

    2. @aliza Kessler explain why so many changes are needed in the election laws in the red states and no new laws in the blue states except expanding mail in voting due to covid

    3. @Malcolm George That’s just it, they are not needed at all. That is a false pretext for people to wrongly steer Elections in their favor.

  4. It will be interesting to see if their supporters will be so vocal when fascism finally takes hold in the US. There is no freedom of expression for dissenters in a fascist society.

    1. You same people have been saying for over 20 years that the “liberals” are going to take away your guns. Prove that has happened ONCE. You people are unbelievably stupid. Politics of fear and ignorance.

    2. @Linda Neilsen ..are you this ignorant? Provide proof of what you just said. Here’s a question for you. Who silenced Liz.Cheney the democrats or republicans? Now you feel kinda not smart don’t you?

    1. the problem with our laws is that they have been selectively enforced over the years, and the people in charge have been letting each other get away with bending the rules for years

    2. @Casey Sager That’s if Hillary left any for us. Last I heard she ate every lsst one of ’em and headed for the land down under where the babies is plentiful. All I got to say is by the time she gets done, there’s gonna be some starving dingos out back in the outback, boy howdy.

    3. @Sandra Stone In truth, the fake news is the propaganda machine, pumping out inverted narratives, day and night. The Left is the cult,.. a cult of anti-truth disinformation..
      The QAnon people haven’t posted a comment since Dec of last year. If that was a scam the whole time, it should be thoroughly investigated. It may have been a CIA psy-op to lead many sincere Trump supporters into a trap. We will never find out with the Dems running the show. They are too busy trying to bolster their ‘insurrection’ garbage.
      The Trump Presidency caught the globalists off guard. Hillary was supposed to win. Now they are four years behind schedule, trying to play catch up.
      But it looks like Biden may not last much longer, for a number of reasons.

  5. Everybody knows dump is making stuff up in that call. He hasn’t seen the ballots in Fulton Co. Or anywhere else for that matter.

    1. That’s been the GOP policy since Reagan. He was the one that literally started the idea that it’s easier to win with lies and fraud than policies.

  6. They looking to discourage the voters BUT I certainly hope that people will stand when they go low we go higher

    1. a lot of voter suppression attempts often result in higher turnout because voters surprisingly don’t enjoy having their right to vote messed with

      the issue here, though, is that republicans are trying to give themselves the ability to throw out results they don’t like, and that is a whole new fight. it’s going to get really ugly

  7. “You know that. You know that. You have no doubt about that.”: DT’s clumsy technique of hypnotic suggestion is peppered through his speeches.

    1. It’s amazing to me that people don’t see him for what he is. A lying conman.
      And I have no doubts about that.

    2. He took the Norman Vincent Peale, ‘Power of Positive Thinking,’ teachings from his early life and darkened, manipulated and criminalized them as a dangerous coupling with his psychopathic, malignant, narcissism.

    1. Couldn’t put it better, that’s the bottom line. It all about race, power, and money. That hasn’t changed.

    2. It is hilarious and astonishing at the same time. They put innocent names on the bill and Republican doofus never looked at the fine print the bills. Or they do and are just trash human beings and endorse it.

    3. Fulton county is progressive and predominantly black. Black folks showed up and showed out and the Republicans weren’t ready. In fact, 45 telling his base that the election was rigged beforehand helped as well. They listened by not voting! Repeat needed.

  8. Republicans: We should have stayed to fight for Democracy in Afghanistan while we strangle it here in America.

    1. They don’t want a democracy they want a dictatorship. If you only like democracy when it works “your” way you don’t really like democracy.

  9. Ok, instead of giving us reparations like you did with the Taliban and the Afghan people to the tune of 80 mil a day. Resend qualified immunity and give us back 100% of our voting rights and never touch them again.

  10. “ America, the shining city on a hill “ The berth of freedom, the nation that is the single greatest bastion of freedom on earth, is gone. Minority rule, fascism and economic apartheid are the norm. I’ve watched my country die ( I’m 67 yrs. old) I weep for my son, my daughter and my grandchildren.

    1. It was never as you described. It was a nation built on the horrors of genocide and slavery. The chickens have come home to roost.

      As MLK said, the destruction of the U.S. will be its three evils of militarism, racism, and greed.

  11. GqP counting: one vote for you, one, no two votes for me, one for you, let’s do 5 votes for me this time, one for you, i think that’s 50 for meeeeee!

  12. When everyone was freaking out over voter ID and handing out water bottles, this, changing how the vote is tallied, is what had me upset.

    1. @Adam Taylor No. The Dems have been fighting against voter ID laws forever. They need every vote they can get, legitimate and fraudulent.

    2. @Maharajji NKB – 😂🤣😂 Oh my, you have a problem with understanding numbers!!! The Republikkkans are doing this because they don’t have the numbers. Republikkkans are behind all the gerrymandering and are the ones passing these ridiculous laws.

    3. In the moment that you did or will put together in your mind that all of this is not random. It is a coordinated multipronged attack, we will all be better off.


  13. Even if there was a little fraud, why are we letting them get by implying that all fraud was against Trump. All of the fraud I have seen shown has been overwhelming fraud in favor of Trump.

    1. No. There was massive election fraud in 2020, all in favor of Biden.
      Cyber forensic evidence shows that every state in the union was attacked by way of the internet. China helped the Dems install Biden.
      In reality, Trump won both the popular vote and the electoral college.

    2. sadly, there isn’t enough time to refute every lie the republicans say. every lie you debunk, they tell 10 more.

  14. The fear instilled by the loss of elections has turned the hands of democracy into fascist philosophy! It’s time to pass federal legislation to stop the tide of racist laws to repress ethnic votes.

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