NYT: Russians Hacked Ukraine Gas Company At Center Of Trump’s Impeachment | Hardball | MSNBC


    1. modern muscle69, how ironic, you use the little boy who cried wolf to describe democrats when trump has been proven to have lied 15,000 in just his first three years. How does it feel to be that unintelligent.

    2. @Andy Smitty The only thing “incestual” about any of this, is how obviously badly Trump wants to smash Ivanka.

  1. Uh oh something huge is about to come out about who received moneys out of that so called missing $5 billion dollars from Burisma’s holdings because this clown Matthews is trying to already spin it before it comes out!

    1. Dean Nornan You leftist won’t exist any longer when we go to civil war I can’t wait to see you all drop on the ground you deserve it I got your IP addresses and I know where half of you idiots live now it’s also on 8chan

    2. Delmus Ingle Leftist liberals are hypocrites AMERICAN HISPANICS FOR TRUMP 2020 Tejanos for trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. I don’t want to hear Swalwell talk out of his mouth. I want him to talk out of his rectum and emit the usual gas he loves to deliver.

    1. @SpikeFlea I’ve never heard the term “mental midget” before but I’m going to start using that as an insult. Thank you, my friend.

    2. @Stephen Straughan You’re welcome! It’s one of my favorite insults in my arsenal. The first time I heard it was on The Sopranos when Chrissy and Tony were talking about suicide. I never use it in that context, but the words are fitting for small-minded, goldfish-brained individuals like liberals.

    1. @Al 72 I’m only partially afraid that the Russians are not changeable. They always consider themselves righteous. They see their truth

    2. @Al 72 That’s partially true depending on your point of view. The facts are that Ukraine would either “join” or be occupied.
      —Thank you Al 72.

    1. Kinda like how Trump takes a dump on the floor, denies it exists, cleans it up, then gets praised for cleaning it up.

  3. “Do something for the national interest”

    Trump kills a terrorist
    Dems: How dare you!

    Can we not see how you people just spread fear and lies like come on Russia is not this big bad boogie man stop trying to make everyone afraid.

    1. The world is going to become an uninhabitable cinder in less than 12 years if we don’t pay more taxes is a good scare tactic. After 12 years and nothing happens they will have to come up with another scam.

      Maybe “prosperity causes obesity” would be a good way to tax people into poverty. to save the world would be a good one. Bernie would like it. I wouldn’t be surprised if my little joke became one of his talking points.

  4. When this is all over, I hope everyone remembers your names “journalists”, executives, producers, even assistants, so that you can no longer walk on the streets without being publicly shamed. Then again, you’ll all probably be Epsteined by your masters first. 😂

  5. The fake media lost interest in the Iranians real quick. I wonder if their anti-Trump narrative being completely destroyed has anything to do with it.

    1. Pres. Trump consistently turns out to be strategically and tactically effective as well as in the right. It’s been a long term problem for the controlled media.

  6. Let me correct the Head Line. “Russians hacked Ukraine Gas Company at Center of Joe Biden’s Corruption”

  7. Well, can’t trust anything Rudy got out of Burisma now, looks like the Russians have been poking around in their servers planting fake evidence! 😄

    1. – Hunter Biden is part owner of a private equity company that obtained 2 billion in cash from the bank of hong kong. (FACT)
      – Hunter Biden smoked crack in strip clubs 3 blocks from the whitehouse and regularly spent thousands of dollars with credit cards that had no name on it. (FACT)
      – Hunter Biden’s private equity firm invested billions in Chinese Defense contractrors. (FACT)
      – Hunter Biden’s private equity firm bought 30% of the largest mine in Africa before the governments even knew about it fact in a joint venture with the chinese government.(FACT)


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