NYT: Senior Trump Org. Official Testifies Before Grand Jury 1

NYT: Senior Trump Org. Official Testifies Before Grand Jury


David Cay Johnston says the news that Trump Org. controller Jeff McConney testified before the grand jury in the criminal probe of Donald Trump and his company indicates prosecutors want Trump’s longtime accountant Allen Weisselberg to flip “because that’s where he would be most helpful.” Joyce Vance adds this is building for prosecutors to go after those they believe are “most culpable for whatever criminal conduct may have occurred” including potentially Trump or his children.
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  1. So does he just go back to work after like nothing ever happened ugh to be a fly in that office

    1. @The Homeless Travel Network Airways You’re trol-fu is lame. Go back to Russia, stay there.

    2. @greg j Incorrect, trump is afraid because the long arm of the law is finally catching up with him

    1. I agree. One may have slipped under the back door and is finding his way around the kitchen.

    2. Yeah we got new explosive, bombshell ground breaking news that will put Trump in prison

      Said all dems in 2016

    1. Meanwhile, it’s now been revealed that Trump was right to be suspicious about true origins of Covid.

    2. @greg j Nice “whataboutism,” this has nothing to do with Trump’s amateur and irresponsible response to Covid.

    3. @greg j Meanwhile, it’s come to light that you can’t see any. Your brain housing group is parked in your rear loading dock.

    4. @keith2092 Meanwhile it’s come to light that you actually are the biggest Nazi Racist on the planet. And who started the KKK? And who put Blacks on the plantation of victimhood? And who got scared because Trump was making blacks self-aware of your BS? And who responded by heaping truckloads of more victimhood on blacks? You burned any Black owned businesses lately? How do you feel about 57 Black children being killed by guns last year and MSNBC didn’t say squat about it. Socialist Dems are full of sh*t!

  2. The fear of going to jail is worst than being put in jail. keep trump in fear for rest of his life!

  3. Vance isn’t after Trump! He wants McConney to flip on Weisselberg who will then flip on his boss, Trump who in turn will flip on his boss, Putin!
    Vance is gunning for Putin!

  4. No one explains the process quite like Joy Vance does.
    She makes me feel like I can actually understand this stuff.

  5. The long overdue spectacle of trump finally being hauled off to jail in an orange jump suit inches ever more closely to reality and he knows it! His desperation is now apparent as he grasps at straws.

  6. The Orange Pumpkin’s New York Real Estate Business mirror the Textbook definition of a Criminal Organization and will get a date with Lady Justice in Criminal Court.

  7. Trump is now saying: “it’s all gonna go away in the summer when it’s hot.. it will all go away.. like a miracle, believe me.”

    But we all know how realty really works. This will not go away and it will haunt him for ever.

  8. Did he really say The Big Liar has probably been cheated out of a lot of money over the years? BS. The Big Liar does the cheating! The only question is whether he should be classified as a lying thief or a thieving liar.

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