NYT Series Reveals Crisis Mothers Are Facing During The Pandemic | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Could’ve being better if Trump was doing his job but instead he tore up and destroy everything to make it tougher for biden but ok he’s gone so let’s🎶🎶 don’t worry and be happy😂🎵🎼

    1. It could’ve being more easier for Bi-den fr but now Trump left a container ship load on Biden purposely so difficult him to get the important stuff done because it’s overwhelming

  2. This is such an important and relevant story. ‘Calgon, take me away …’ I don’t know how I would have coped with younger kids withought a working farm.

  3. Everything related to kids and home is still regarded as a “mom problem.” Society hasn’t come nearly as far as we thought.

    Try lockdown in a tiny apartment with a girl going through puberty 🤣🤣🤣🥴😫

    1. Try lockdown in a tiny apartment with 2 autistic teens in puberty. One would think that a single mom of 2 kids with autism….1 moderate and 1 severe…would be able to get some help….nope.

  4. Jesus…always about women…what about dads & what we go through…oh yeah just pull up ur bootstraps is ALWAYS the response!!

  5. How can people make the political ? I watch my daughters with there children I feel bad for the kids and the parents. I pray this ends soon.

    1. Not unless they are also parents.

      I knew I’d read a completely stupid beyond unintelligent comment here, because trolls are everywhere. I just didn’t think it would be the second one down.

  6. I read an article about do-gooders building apartments in India that had a family bathroom in each apartment. The women went crazy, because the only adult conversation they got all day long was at the public bathrooms. Without that, they were totally isolated and miserable. Solutions to societal problems must address our basic human needs.

  7. What we need tagged with the stimulus is free mental health counseling. With no free healthcare options. The poorest and hardest hit of us will be the ones to suffer the most die from lack of mental health care.

  8. Tell me about it. It’s a an adjustment for the kids and parents. We all are going through it for real. 😫

  9. Are there singles out there who could volunteer (probably with a single family, probably live-in – both of these for COVID safety), preferably as self-sufficient as possible?

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